Nude Female Bodybuilder Renee Toney

Nude Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder Picture
Nude Female Bodybuilder Movie

We covered this very radical Brazilian muscle girl previously here, and this time we’re back with the nude edition for your viewing pleasure. As noted before any biographical information on her is scant and hard to come by but I guess this movie and the pictures will speak loudly enough for what one woman can accomplish and build her body to a point that almost defies description. You can hear the guy filming the movie say ‘This is the greatest woman bodybuilder of all time’. In some respects he may well have a point .. would you agree?


  1. russ jones says

    I would love to see her clit!!! do you think that there might be a photo of her clit out there? smile…

  2. Stranger says

    I’m a huge fan of this site, but THIS does not even look like a woman! C’mon guys, there is a limit to where femininity and muscles stop working together, and this “woman (?)” is way beyond it.

  3. Jon says

    I agree with “John” and “Stranger” on both comments. If we saw a naked pic below the waist I think we might find something down there that shouldn’t be there and we would not like to see from a “woman”

  4. Lohkie says

    She may be the greatest woman bodybuilder of all time but in my opinion she cannot be put in the category of sexy muscle girl. There is not a shred if feminine beauty left in there.

  5. says

    Guys,…calm down.Renee is GAY.
    She told me during her brief time on FACEbook.
    Her goals of muscularity are out of human stratosphere
    Ms.Toney’s desire is to be on another level of evoluion like the X-MEN

  6. Jon says


    On behalf of every guy out there


    Happy to hear she is Gay so there is no chance she would ever try and ask me out. I don’t care if someone is gay or straight – that is their biz – but as many have posted here (to twist the words of an Aerosmith song), “Lady looks like a Dude!”

  7. Core says

    I admire her ability to to get where she’s at…. but that’s all I can say.

  8. says

    You’re all correct,guys!
    There are way more feminine looking women out in the world.
    Renne Toney is already sleeping with them.

  9. downer says

    Oh, please, how macho can you get? Anyone with muscles looks like a man. Sure. Hate to break it to you, guys, but the one thing about their shape that sets the men I know (myself included) apart from the ladies is that their fat deposits gather on the belly rather than the butt.
    Seriously, associating muscles with masculinity is a sign of low self-esteem, whether you yourself have those manly muscles or not. Masculinity is about attitude, not physique. And that attitude requires the kind of self-assurance that doesn’t blanche when a woman shows up who could tie you in a knot without breaking a sweat.

  10. Gem says

    she is the biggest fbb in history no doubt even though she is very masculine. she must be a lesbian and believe me i bet she has no probs pulling fit girls

  11. ikeomumu chijioke says

    I must confuse u look beautiful in that picture please can find time to chat with on facebook please…? My name is chijioke ikeomumu. My email is bye

  12. Sloppy Zen says

    Truly a magnificent body – many, many hours of hard work have gone into this magnificent female form.

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