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Sexy Flexy Russian Nubiles

Pretzel Logic From Minsk To Moscow
Is she made of rubber? While most contortionists have small, childlike bodies, Latex fetishist and contortionist Zlata is a tall adult woman with a model’s looks and true sex appeal. Contortion (sometimes contortionism) is an unusual form of physical display which involves the dramatic bending and flexing of the human body. Contortion is often part of acrobatics and circus acts. In general, contortionists have unusual natural flexibility, which is then enhanced through gymnastic training.

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Erotic Female Bodybuilders

Erotic Female Bodybuilders Erotic Female Bodybuilders Erotic Female Bodybuilders
Big, Bold, Buff & Beautiful
‘Hard massively muscular female bodybuilders modeling soft sexy lingerie, provocative costumes and full explicit nudity!’ 1000’s Of The Raunchiest Exclusive Female Bodybuilders Photos Anywhere On The Internet with Hardcore X-Rated Mpeg Clips tossed in the mix. Quite a few names here you will recognize: Dayana Cadeau, Emma James, Malissa Robles, Rhonda Lee Quaresma, Gayle Moher, Annie Rivieccio, Marika Johansson, Dawn Whitham, Laura Vukov, Tami Frazier, Sally McNeil, Anita Ramsey, Karla Nelsen, Cyndy Jones – and more on the way. 

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Gallery of Muscle Girl Morphs

Muscle Girl Morphs Gallery
When Reality Is Not Enough
Heres a few photo-manipulated pictures of buff girls I’ve found on the internet. Not exactly everybody’s cup of tea, but I look at them as art and fantasy and enjoy them for what they are. Theres quite a large variety in the degree of enhancements you can find in this area, and I tend to like those that respect perspective and at least give a nod to plausible reality, maybe sometimes less is more. Then again the way the girls are packing on muscle these days maybe its all becoming a bit redundant.

Muscle Girl Morph Pictures

Fitness Photos

Fitness Photos Fitness Photos Fitness Photos
Sexy Fitness and Bikini Girls
Another fitness site for you to explore. They have thousands of original new photographs and over 230 exclusive hot nude videos on their website featuring quite a few fitness babes you may have heard of like – Devon Michaels, April Hunter, Dina Al-Sabah, Julie Ann, Bobbi Billard, Chrissy Mountjoy, Alyssa Alps, Leslie Wells, Dina Marie and many more.

Fitness Photos Website

Foxy Fitness Model Chellss

Foxy Fitness Model Chellss Foxy Fitness Model Chellss Foxy Fitness Model Chellss

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Dutch Divinity Is A Dish
Sexy muscle girl Chellss was born in Amsterdam and grew up loving sports with gymnastics, ballet, horseback riding, track and more taking an active part of her life. Besides being an international model she has competed and placed in the top three for the Dutch Nationals IFBB figure competitions these last few years. With a gorgeous physique styling 5’5, 125 pounds and 34DD-25-34 I think this girl is going places.

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Ultimate Surrender: Competitive Female Sexual Wrestling

Nude Female Wrestling Nude Female Wrestling
Nude Female Wrestling Movie

Jade Marxxx, The Trooper, Takes On Vendetta
Heres an interesting site with a cool premise that I think you just might find extremely hot. Totally real female wrestling action, nude, unscripted and raw, with helpless wrestlers getting fingered and fucked – Featuring after all the real knock-down, drag-out girl-on-girl fighting action: "the winner gets to fuck the loser any way she wants!" Apparently, to the victor belongs not only the spoils, but the right to wield a strap-on on her vanquished opponent as well. Incredibly freaking hot stuff!

Jade & Vendetta’s Match  And More At Ultimate Surrender

Jodi Leigh Miller

Jodi Leigh Miller Jodi Leigh Miller Jodi Leigh Miller

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A Renaissance Woman For All Seasons
Well known in the female bodybuilding sphere and with a strong legion of devoted fans Jodi Leigh Miller is truly a remarkable woman of many talents. Beyond gracing us with that awesome sexy physique Jodi is a fashion and fitness model, powerlifter, bodybuilder, fitness competiter, writer, poet, essayist, with future plans to teach Shakespearean plays and related literature at college level. Don’t let that petite 4’11” stature throw you off, she can leg press 600 pounds, squat 250 pounds, hoist barbell curls at 50 pounds and deadlift at 250 pounds. The total package with this babe! Click on the link below and you will find two more free video previews to enjoy this multi-talented sexy muscle girl with.

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Sexy Contortionist Zlata

Sexy Contortionist Picture Sexy Contortionist Picture Sexy Contortionist Picture

Sexy Contortionist Picture Sexy Contortionist Picture
The Goddess Of Flexibility & Pretzels
Zlata is the world famous Russian contortionist who has been featured in a number of television shows and magazines. One of the worlds’ sexiest contortionist, she can pretty much bend her body anyway she likes. Her talent was recognized early in kindergarten and this blue-eyed blond babe has certainly made the most of her unique talents. She is a very good example that sexy muscles are more than just strength and mass, that flexibility and contortion can be just as erotic and sensual in every aspect.

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Well Constructed Bodybuilder Sheila Bleck

Female Bodybuilder Sheila Bleck Picture Female Bodybuilder Sheila Bleck Picture
Looking So Very Strong, Muscled &  Erotic
Sheila competes at the national level of bodybuilding competitions owning a string of heavyweight trophy finishes, and marveling at her muscled physique it should come as no surprise. Her inspiration for getting into weightlifting was Sylvestor Stallone, and was already pumping those muscles up before she was even a teenager. Her best lifts might give you pause to appreciate her strength: bench press 265 lbs, dead lifts 385 lbs, and squats coming in at 425 lbs. Her off season bodyweight runs aroung 170 lbs and she tightens up to around 160 lbs for competition. What a rock hard gorgeous muscle girl she is, and you can see her nude in all her sculpted glory at Land of Venus.

Muscle Girl Sheila Bleck Picture Gallery

Anime Muscle Girls From Japan

Muscle Girl Anime ArtMuscle Girl Anime Art

Interesting Anime Art From Japan

My interest in anime artwork has been cooling off of late just by the sheer overdose of it all, but every now and then you catch a glimpse of an artist whose individualistic expression makes his creations stand out above the fray. Sorry I don’t have much information on the artist, as his whole site is in Japanese. But the name of the website is Earth Color, and the artist uses musclular girls as one of his main themes. If you are inclined to explore his portfolio futher, the link below will lead you directly to his galleries, which are quite extensive.

Earth Color Muscle Girls Anime Art Gallery .. dead link

Figure Pro Jen Becerra

Jen Becerra Looking GoodJen Becerra
What A Knock Out This Buff Babe Is
She turned Pro at the 2004 NPC National Fitness Championships in Dallas, TX. Winning 1st place in the Short Class. But as fate would have it she suffered a knee injury while dancing for the Houston Rockets Power Dancers, tearing her ACL. She had to leave behind the demanding world of fitness competitions, and has now turned IFBB pro figure. Heres a few photos of her modeling shoot for Images of Venus.

Dynamic Girl Art

Strong Girls ArtworkBuff Girls Art
Expose Yourself To Art
Heres one of the best muscle artist I’ve come across the internet. The fantastic styling and intense expression he puts into each illustration is really something to admire. The girls are hot and sexy, not to mention well muscled. They literally fly off the screen at you, and I would invite you to check out the rest of the artwork the good maestro has to offer you.

Wagner’s Art Gallery at deviantArt

Hot Female Bodybuilder Barbara Fletcher

Barbara Fletcher PictureBarbara Fletcher Picture
The Absolute Sexiest Female Bodybuilder In Her Size
One of the most amazing physiques around with flawless symmetry and muscular proportioning, this muscle girl gives full evidence to the strength and beauty of the female form. Her best lifts chalk in at 215 for bench press, 225 for quats, and 225 for deal lift, pretty damn impressive numbers for such a hot and sexy buff girl.

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