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Russian Rocket Fuel

Russian Female Bodybuilder Picture

Its always hard to run across Russian muscle girls over here in the States so I was stoked to find these excellent picture galleries from Dedelas. Even if the gallery thumbnail has a picture of a guy on it click on it anyway, the women are in there. You’ll have to wade through some nude non-muscular girls as well, but I think you’ll survive comrade.

Russian Muscle Girl Pictures:  English Version  |  Russian Version


Sweet Muscle Girl

Nude Muscle Babe Stephanie Rupp Picture

Our patriotic buff beauty here is former NPC Figure competitor Stephanie Rupp who is sporting one hell of a solid physique to go along with that natural beauty of hers.  I’m sad to report though that the website she is modeling for here for has closed up shop. Pich Blaaknes is a professional photographer from New York City and has photographed women’s bodybuilding and fitness since 1982. He started up Sweetmuscle about ten years ago and had a large  catalog of some of the finest photography and video of athletic and muscular women on the net but has decided, in his own words, ‘It’s time for me to move on to other fascinating projects.’

Sweet Muscle Girl Picture Gallery


Muscle Melody

Muscle Girls Music Picture
Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Dina Al-Sabah Picture
Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

Hey check out this music video by Montreal DJ/Remixer Kaytranada featuring three muscle girls going through the motions to the beats, how often do we get to see that? The blonde below is “The Gym Diva” who along with being a fitness model is also a bikini competitor & certified personal trainer. On her right is the renown figure competitor Dina Al-Sabah who along with creating that delicious body of hers also holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s in Telecommunications and Computers, as well as an MBA! Bottom row starts off with a picture gallery from World Class Professional Bodybuilding Champion Skadi Frei and our last entry is Celeste Bonin modeling at FitFoxes which is photographer Dan Ray’s newest online adventure.


Muscle Girl Pornstar Trilogy

pornstar muscle girl picturepornstar muscle girl picture

pornstar muscle girl picture

I’ve got three talented ladies for you today showing off their exotic skills and hardbody physiques in a variety of settings. Inari Vachs, Janet Mason and Jewels Jade do us the honors for our lusting eyes.



Fitness Model Carmen Garcia PictureFitness Model Federica Ortu Picture

Fitness Model Cindi Landolt PictureFemale Bodybuilder Goddess Heather Picture

The cute blonde on top is fitness model Carmen Garcia who has graced the pages of FHM magazine, Ironman, Planet Muscle, Oxygen, Muscular Development, Hardcore Muscle, Low Rider and more. Unfortunately for us she has taken down her site and moved on to following her heart’s desire as The Turista Chef. On her right is Italian muscle girl Federica Ortu who has won 1st place at the IBFA World Championship, as well as the NABBA Italian Championship and the NABBA Gran Prix Toscano. Bottom left we have a few more pictures of Cindi Landolt version 2.0 and judging from the chatter on her blog and facebook page everybody is quite happy with the new look. Goddess Heather takes us out with a few choice cuts as she shows off that rock hard physique of hers.


Muscle Girl Mashup

Nude Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

Fitness Girl PictureMuscle Babe Picture
Nude Muscle Girl Pornstar PictureNude Female Bodybuilder Von Eerie Picture


Marina Lopez

Nude Female Bodybuilder Marina Lopez Picture Female Bodybuilder Marina Lopez Movie

A couple of tasty treats to enjoy today from this gorgeous IFBB Pro Bodybuilder from the Mile High City. Marina is showing off her curves and big muscles as she poses and flexes before she turns around and shows us her hard back, legs and ass. As the Lady in Red Marina is all dolled up in her elegant satin dress and ready for a night on the town. She touches and caresses her big strong muscles and flexes every inch of her hard body as she stands nude.


Buff Beauties

Fitness Girl PictureFemale Fitness Picture
Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

The girl in the red bikini is WBFF Fitness Pro Athlete and competition coach Jeannette Jarnes who is a mother of 2 and just incredibly cute. Our next girl is Katie Chimes who along with being a fitness model is a chiropractor, personal trainer, and life coach. On the second row we start with the delicious Giusy Raffone who is from Naples, Italy where she is an IFBB National Athlete as well as a personal trainer. Since we have been featuring a couple of muscle girl websites going down lately I thought I’d toss in a gallery from Autumn Raby for the hat trick.


Muscle Beauty X

Sexy Female Bodybuilder Picture

This Blonde Bombshell is a national level NPC competitive bodybuilder with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education with experience in boxing and Okinawan style karate. She says ‘I embrace bodybuilding as a lifestyle. I reveal the strength & determination I have within. My body is an art form and symbol of passion for my desires.’ She also does sessions providing semi-competitive and fantasy wrestling, muscle worship, lift and carry, light domination, role play, and strength challenges. If you want to see her nude you’ll have to visit her website to see what she has to offer.

Muscle Beauty X:  Picture Gallery  |  Website


Diana Tyuleneva

Female Bodybuilder Picture

It looks like Diana has shut down her website and is concentrating on promoting her own clothing line now. So here’s a greatest hits gallery in tribute to this one of a kind exotic muscle girl.

Diana Tyuleneva Picture Gallery


Olga Kurkulina

Female Bodybuilder Picture

A few more pictures of this stunning statuesque 6’2″ tall Ukrainian bodybuilder who just recently starred in the movie Kick-Ass 2 playing Katarina Dombrovski, a.k.a. Mother Russia, a bodybuilder and former KGB member who has joined The Mother Fucker’s evil army. I always thought movies and television should look more into using muscle girls in their story lines so hopefully Olga’s performance will open a few eyes.

Olga Kurkulina Nude Pictures


The Final Knockout

Female Bodybuilder Picture

It looks like our Kortney has hung up the gloves on nude modeling and put it behind her as her moving to Australia, getting married and taking on higher goals has taken precedent over previous pastimes. And who can blame her when she can say this about herself: ‘I’m a certified personal trainer, level 1 AWF  (Australian Weightlifting Federation) Olympic lifting coach, three time international bodybuilding competitor, author, TV personality, NRL fitness consultant, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu nutter, Australia’s first female arm wrestling champion, CrossFit/Bikram yoga junkie, and above all, an advocate for gender equality’. She built her website devoted to bringing confidence and self-acceptance to other women and interestingly enough she recently remarked ‘As much as I’d like to offer my experience, strength, and hope for other women going through some of the things I’ve been through (body image issues, rape, anxiety, weight issues etc), I realized over time, that men can be just as vulnerable as women. Factually, even more vulnerable than women because they can’t ask for help as easily‘. That is one classy gal there, and remember: a true champion always goes out on top…

The Final Knockout Gallery


Muscle Girl Fever

Sexy Female Bodybuilder Picture

Ol’ Bob “Mr Catherine” Holland had lust in his eyes the minute he saw this picture and left a comment in the previous post pleading just who was this beguiling buff beauty. Only two weeks into his marriage to the muscle girl of his dreams and it looks like Bob is ready to move on to greener pastures … I guess the vow read Till Pecs Do Us Part. My first guess is she looks a lot like Ally Moyer, and do have a look here and see what you think. The photographer is Pavel Ythjall who was married at one time to the gorgeous International fitness model and IFBB figure pro Pauline Nordin. Pavel is a staff & freelance photographer for some of the biggest mags in fitness and health like Flex, Muscle & Fitness, American Curves, Ultimate MMA, Inked and a host of others. He has uploaded quite a bit of his portfolio onto his website featuring over 130 muscle girls photographed in spectacular style, just move your mouse over Portfolios in the lower left corner and your on your way.

* She is  IFBB Women’s Physique Pro Champion Sara Hurrle  (h/t TheRalFan)

Pavel Ythjall Photography


Muscle Milf Pornstar Deauxma

Female Pornstar Muscles PictureFemale Pornstar Muscles PictureFemale Pornstar Muscles PictureFemale Pornstar Muscles Picture
Nude Muscle Girl Pornstar Picture

Her name is pronounced “doe-mae” although she sometimes pronounces it just as “Do Me”. Born in Würzburg, Germany and now making her home in San Antonio Texas she says ‘I love tall men with huge cocks that smell good and slim women that are real lesbians or bisexual females that love to kiss. I’m a girly girl and enjoy playing with women that are pretty and keep themselves in shape.’ As you can see Deauxma likes to keep that body of hers hard and hot as well. Lots more free movies and pictures of this milfy muscle pornstar at the link below.

Pornstar Deauxma at Naughty America


Muscle Babe Annie Rivieccio

Nude Female Bodybuilder Annie Rivieccio Picture

One of the all-time fan favorites in the World of Muscle Girls Annie is just radiating sex, strength, and beauty in this sizzling picture gallery. She started lifting weights in 1986 and began competing in NPC National competitions in 1991 going on to compete every year since then consistently placing in the top 5 of her weight division. At 5’5″ she comes in at a 158lb. contest weight and sports a rock hard 44-28-38 physique that was able to perform a 347lb. bench press, a 503lb. squat and a 473lb. dead lift at the AFP Nationals. Dyn-O-Mite!

Nude Muscle Girl Annie Rivieccio Pictures


Muscle Girl KO Hard As Fuck

Nude Female Fitness Picture

Yes she’s moved to Australia, won 1st place at the 2012 Australian Women’s Arm Wrestling Championship and married the CEO of an Australian professional rugby league football club but here she is back to remind you she is still hard as fuck and she isn’t about to give it up, no way, no how…

Note: On the movie page click on the small silver boxes stating “Close Ad and Watch as Free User” and “Start Video Now” Ignore all pop-ups and warnings.

Muscle Girl KO Movie