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Marina Lopez

Nude Female Bodybuilder Marina Lopez Picture Female Bodybuilder Marina Lopez Movie

A couple of tasty treats to enjoy today from this gorgeous IFBB Pro Bodybuilder from the Mile High City. Marina is showing off her curves and big muscles as she poses and flexes before she turns around and shows us her hard back, legs and ass. As the Lady in Red Marina is all dolled up in her elegant satin dress and ready for a night on the town. She touches and caresses her big strong muscles and flexes every inch of her hard body as she stands nude.

Christmas In July

Christmas Abbott Picture

Say hello to the first full time female NASCAR pit crew member and she can change two 60-pound tires in twelve seconds flat. Christmas was born on December 20,  close enough to the holiday that her mom decided to name her after it. In-between changing tires for the Michael Waltrip Racing Team she is also a cross fit athlete where she gained her Level 1 Certification and has taken a spot on the CrossFit HQ Training staff. She’s definitely a one of a kind girl and I do hope we see more of this trailblazer in the future wherever her travels take her.

Christmas Abbott Pictures & Video
Christmas Abbott’s Website

A Fistful of Muscle Girls

Fitness Model PictureFitness Model Picture
Fitness Model PictureFitness Model Picture
Buff Beauty PictureFBB Picture

Here’s your six-pack of hardbody hotties delivered fresh to your doorstep. Top-side we start off with foxy fitness model Ranný Kramer who comes to us from Reykjavík, Iceland.  Our slim redhead is Maria Tskiria-Dokuchaeva from Saint Petersburg Russia where she is a Bikini Fitness Model. She sports a very lithe physique I’ll grant you but she is very toned and fit as you can see from this clip and these other pictures. Little Miss Schoolgirl on the 2nd row is UK Female Bodybuilder Linda Gartside who has won Miss Britain 2011 (NABBA) and Miss UK 2010 (NABBA). The torso picture is from the Fine Art Figure Nudes portfolio of photographer Mike Massee who we covered previously here. On the bottom row we start with the captivating Alesya Muscledoll from Budapest where she is a Bodybuilder/Personal Trainer. Our final girl is the former British glamour/tabloid model turned muscle girl Jodie Marsh where we have a fresh batch of pictures to go along with the previous set.

Italian Muscle Pinup

Italian Muscle Girls Picture

Italian Muscle PinUp is the personal vision of Carlo Puzzilli focusing on modern female beauty through his photographs and testimonies of those who want to share this experience. Gorgeous Italian muscle girls pictured in a dramatic stylized tone by one of the fields top photographers? Can’t go wrong there! If your not a member of Facebook check out the bottom link for a partial look at what your missing out on.

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Lets Meet Some New Girls

Female Bodybuilder Nathalie Falk PictureFemale Bodybuilder Estefania Saura Moya Picture
Muscle Girl Yvette Shaw PictureFemale Bodybuilder Ginevra Auletta Picture

I’ve got four fresh faces for your viewing pleasure today that all combine sexiness with muscularity. Starting at the top and working clockwise we begin with bodybuilder Nathalie Falk from Münster, Germany where she runs a small gym when she’s not competing. Next up is Estefania Saura Moya who is an IFBB bodybuilder from Spain who also works as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, as well as a photographic model. The lady in red below her is Ginerva Auletta from Italy who has competed and won in several IFBB body fitness competitions in Europe. Our final muscle girl is Yvette Shaw from the United Kingdom who is one multi-talented lady: certified personal trainer, certified nutrition specialist, published Author, certified make-up artist, actress, Professional International Natural Body Builder and Muscle Model, social media and network marketing entrepreneur and mentor .. a virtual Renaissance muscle girl.

Sex Advice from Female Bodybuilders

Female Bodybuilder Amber De Luca PictureFemale Bodybuilder Shawn Tan Picture
Female Bodybuilder Picture

I recently came across an online article published last year at Nerve Magazine that interviews three female bodybuilders and elicits their opinions on such topics as: Why date a female bodybuilder? Why are female bodybuilders better in bed? What’s the best way to impress a female bodybuilder? Our three muscle girl respondents are none other than Amber Deluca, Melisa Coates and Shawn Tan. Should you have any reservations about the qualifications of these three muscle girls I would ask you to click on the pictures above and you can discern their credentials yourself.

Sex Advice from Female Bodybuilders


Female Bodybuilder Emery Miller PictureFemale Bodybuilder Tina Chandler Picture

Rob Sims one of the top photographers in fitness girl photography has opened the new website Muscularity focusing on some of his most fit and muscular models. Here’s a few sample galleries featuring IFBB Professional Female Bodybuilders: Emery Miller getting nude in the great outdoors and Tina Chandler of which Rob says, ‘I shot Tina right after she competed in the Olympia competition in Vegas, so she is in great shape, with every massive muscle popping right out of the picture. It was a cold, foggy day in Santa Monica, but Tina heats it up in a sexy red outfit.’

Nude Muscle Girl: Lisa Cross

Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture

Some pictures from recent updates at Lisa’s site showing you this girl just keeps improving in muscle mass and looks every time we check back in on her. Was reading her blog and she is quite the busy bodybuilder traveling all over the globe doing meets and modeling, and she recently confided, ‘Went to see the new Bond film as many of you know I am huge Bond Fan. This is easily the best Bond film I have seen. Dame Judy Dench is Fantastic as is Ralph Fiennes. Not to mention my favourite Bond Daniel Craig. Anyone wanting to get me a Christmas present I wouldn’t mind an Aston Martin!’

Nude Female Bodybuilder Lisa Cross Pictures

Women’s Physique World

Female Bodybuilder Fitness Picture

Here’s a hot little picture gallery of muscle girls from Women’s Physique World (WPWMAX on the web) which started out as a magazine covering female bodybuilding and fitness and figure competition and has published since 1984. Since they go back so far in time it’s practically a historical archive of the modern day muscle girl with all the famed names and physiques. (picture gallery names are in the mouse-over)

WPWMAX  Picture Gallery

Three Muscle Girls

Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture
Female Bodybuilder Picture

I’ve got three female bodybuilders submitted for your discerning eye today none of whom are lacking for muscle mass or definition. We start with professional bodybuilder Eulalia Santos from Portugal who sports one massive physique that is just off the scales. Next up is world champion female bodybuilder Aurelia Grozajova from Slovakia standing tall at 5 foot eight and weighing in at 160 lbs. Our final muscle girl is the Ripped Princess Jana Linke-Sippl hailing from Germany who also sports a marvelous physique at 5 foot seven and weighing in at 170lbs and has her sites on competing in the Miss Olympic competition in the near future.

Israelian Fitness Star Ira Mayan

Female Fitness Girl Picture

This delicious buff beauty blew me away when I saw her and left me wondering where has she been all these years. A 1st place winner at the 2009 NABBA World Championships in the Figure category, she sports a lean figure shape at 5’5″ 135 pounds and has also won a couple of figure championships in Israel and will be looking to train and compete in the US in the future.

Irina Mayan Picture Gallery

Pornstar Jewels Jade Enhanced

Pornstar Jewels Jade

If only all our favorite pornstars were this buff and beautiful. But I must confess the muscles in this particular picture set Jewels is showing off are from a bottle of iSteroids you can buy at Adobe pharmacy. Looking at the combination of muscles and beauty you would think hardbody pornstars would just be the hottest thing since whenever but then you remind yourself .. oh right, I’m the freak who likes muscle girls .. keep dreaming bub.  Lucky for us Jewels is one of the most buff babes in mainstream porn who keeps that sizzling body of hers hard and tight.

Jewels Jade Enhanced Pictures
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Muscle Beautease

Female Hardbody Picture Female Hardbody Picture Female Hardbody Picture Female Hardbody Picture Female Hardbody Picture
Female Hardbody Picture

A small taste from muscle girl website Beautease which is the creation of long time fitness photographer Rob Sims who has worked for all the major fitness magazines and claims to shoot 1000 models each year. Our top row of hardbodys are Fawnia Mondey, Sazzy Lee Varga, Tyler Stevens, Karyanna Z and Emery Miller. And of course the star of the movie is the tropical concoction of Afro American, Caribbean and Spanish roots, Victoria Dominguez.

More Muscle Beautease Here

April Hunter: Big, Red & Nude

Nude April Hunter Picture

April started as a professional fitness and glamour model appearing in many publications, from MuscleMag International to Playboy Magazine and even has her own comic book series created after her, Code Red. Not content to be just another pretty thing she decided to take it to a whole new level and trained to become a professional wrestler with the one and only Killer Kowalski. April formed a tag team with fellow Kowalski graduate Nikki Roxx in World Xtreme Wrestling known as The Killer Babes. April has gone on to have a storied career in the ring winning so many bouts and titles they’re too numerous to mention. Recently April has competed as a NPC Fitness Competitor as well as becoming a writer, photographer and entrepreneur.

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