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Brazilian Bodybuilder Monica Martin

Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture
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This awesome amazon has embraced many sports all through her life: cycling, ballet, martial arts, gymnastics and they all gave her a strong physical foundation. She started lifting weights in 1986 as part of her training, and it took her many years to decide to compete in female bodybuilding, where in in 1994 she flourished in competition for the first time wining State, Inter-State, Regionals and Nationals amateur bodybuilding championships before eventually winning South-American and Ibero-American championships. She is an active promoter of bodybuilding and a symbol of this sport in her native country as her victories have opened the doors to the spotlight of the bodybuilding media, appearing in magazines like Flex, Muscle Mag,  Women’s Physique World,  Ironman and all over the internet. Part of the attention she gets from observers is her charisma combined with that beautiful exotic look, a ripped physique sporting perfectly shaped razor sharp thighs and good muscle size which make the greatest impact in the eyes of her many fans.

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Muscle Girl Foot Fetish

If you got the money honey we’ve got your disease
It’s not enough for some of us dirty little pervs to love and admire the female muscled form, no some of us have, how shall I say, a certain “taste” for the tantalizing arch, the irresistible peds, the sultry soles, and of course those libidinous toes. If your among that vein don’t feel alone, even someone like Bradley Cooper has the affliction. Lucky for us the website Footcore has a few muscle girl models in their stable offering foot worship, trampling, toe licking, domination and other guilty pleasures.

Muscle Girl Gayle Moher Foot Fetish Gallery
Female Bodybuilder Monica Martin Foot Fetish Gallery

Muscle Babe Venus Encore

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A few more goodies for you from Land of Venus as we find Venus herself stepping in front of the cam to shimmy and shake it and show you what she’s got. On top a few picture updates featuring muscle girls Roxie Rain, KO, Billie and AJ. And do hit up the link below for a picture gallery of Venus flexing and posing.

Muscle Girl Venus Nude Pictures

Nude Female Muscle Girls Update

Muscle Girl Allison Moyer PictureMuscle Girl Allison Moyer Picture
Muscle Girl AJ PictureMuscle Girl AJ PictureMuscle Girl AJ Picture
Muscle Girl KO PictureMuscle Girl KO PictureMuscle Girl Monica Martin PictureMuscle Girl Monica Martin Picture

This fresh update of sexy nude muscle girls is coming to us from Land of Venus. Our top row girl with the stunning physique is Allison Moyer, next row down we have the buff NPC figure competitor AJ showing off that delicious hardbody of hers. And on the bottom row the one and only muscle diva KO strikes a few poses before world class bodybuilder Monica Martin brings up the rear.

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Brazilian Beauty Larissa Reis

Muscle Girl Larissa Reis Muscle Girl Larissa Reis
Muscle Girl Larissa Reis Muscle Girl Larissa Reiss
Let The Drooling Begin
Say hello to a former Brazilian Playboy Playmate who amped up her body so well working out she eventually won the Brazilian National IFBB Championship. Larissa was born in Brasilia and now makes her home in Miami where she is working out with world renown bodybuilder Monica Martin. Now that she has her pro card we will be keeping an eye on her as she makes her rise in the world of female figure competition.  You can find a few more pictures and a movie of the lovely Larissa at the link below.

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