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Muscle Girl Diana Tyuleneva

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Here’s a few highlights of a recent movie from fitness diva Diana Tyuleneva showing off that gorgeous physique in all its delicious glory. Hit up the first link below for a nude picture gallery of this always classy and exotic muscle girl who’s built to please.

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Diana Tyuleneva Encore

Diana Tyuleneva Picture

More magic from the Brazilian muscle girl who just keeps improving that gorgeous physique of hers.  Here’s a little about her in her own words: “I am Romanian, Polish, Russian Ukrainian combo and I was born in the Ukraine. In high school I was always involved with sports especially track & field events, like long distance jumping and sprinting. I love to work out and sculpt my body the way I like it. I set myself personal goals that I have to reach, which keeps me highly motivated. I have achieved many things in my life through single-minded determination and a will to succeed. I never let anything stand in my way. I think I am a dedicated athlete and I am proud of the work I’ve done so far. I can guarantee you will see much more of me in the future, no matter what I come up with.”

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Muscle Babe Diana Tyuleneva

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Goddess of Beauty, Power and Grace
Exotic, gorgeous and very muscular, figure competitor Diana Tyuleneva has her very own website now to show off that killer bod of hers and even says she gets nude behind the pay wall. She tells us “I seriously started to lift about 10 years ago. But I always loved the idea of being strong, of matching up to the guys in school. I would challenge the boys to sprints, push ups, and whatever other athletic event I could showcase my skills. I guess I have a very competitive spirit.” I like that confident attitude and she certainly exudes it in her pictures .. check out the gallery for a sweet sixteen and do visit her website for a movie and more pix…

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Meet Diana Tyuleneva-Decesare

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Incredible Beauty In Concert With Strength & Fitness
Does it get any better then this? This amazing buff lady is living at present in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil though she is originaly from Romania, with roots in Russia and Poland, where she won the European Fitness Championship. Such a gorgeous physique at 5’6″, 127 pounds highlighted by a sexy 36-23-36 figure. Click on the picture above to visit a small gallery I made of her and after your thoroughly enchanted do visit her MySpace page for more pictures and videos as well as the chance to meet this very sexy muscle girl.

Diana Tyuleneva Picture Gallery
Diana’s Website

Fine Physiques

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We start off with the beautiful Claudia Mountford looking oh so very nice in a variety of poses here. Next to her is a delicious muscle milf whose name escapes me at the moment but that hot harbody tells us all we need to know. Bottom row starts off with IFBB World Champion Melinda Szabó from Hungary who you may remember from this video posted a while back. And we end with a picture gallery of bodybuilders Diana Tyuleneva & Maria Dalia becoming better acquainted with each other.

Muscle Girl Hotties

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I have an assortment of hardbody hotness for you today starting off with the adorably cute pro fitness competitor Chelsea Gockel. The FBB authorities have alerted me that its been over a year since we’ve featured a Lauren Powers documentary on female bodybuilders so here’s Lauren joined by Lenda Murray, Hayley McNeff, Brandi Mae Ackers and Colleen Nelson in Iron Maidens: The lives, loves and drama of five beautiful Female Bodybuilders living in LA.  Sex in the City (if Carrie could bench 250). The milf-meister himself Bo-Bo alerted us to the muscled vixen in the lower left corner that is IFBB Pro Gillian Kovack.  And finally allow me to say: Avast me hearties! Since today is International Talk (blog) Like A Pirate Day I present you th’ muscle wench Diana Tyuleneva bedecked with eye-patch and sporting quite the tasty treasure chest. Yar!

Black & White Portait of a Muscle Girl

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The stark style of black & white photography seems to suit fitness competitor and model Diana Tyuleneva quite well in this picture gallery showing off that magnificent physique she has built up over the years. Born in the Ukraine, this muscle girl is an exotic combination of Romanian, Polish, and Russian Ukrainian roots who now resides in Rio de Janeiro.

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DiyMuscle Babes

Here’s a hot little compilation video from diymuscle showing off a few of their new muscle models as well as some of the old favorites from their ever growing roster.  Coming on strong adding the likes of Alina Popa, Diana Dennis, Debi Laszewski, Collete Nelson and more.

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Diane Tyuleneva And Friend

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Female Muscle Babe PictureFemale Muscle Babe Picture
Female Muscle Babe PictureFemale Muscle Babe Picture
Female Muscle Babe PictureFemale Muscle Babe Picture

A few fresh peeks of muscle girl Diana Tyuleneva who is joined here by her sexy friend as they get nice and tight together to work on each others form. Diana is 5’6″ tall, weighs in at 127 lbs, and sports a delicious 36-23-36 figure that’s built like an Italian sports car. Do check out this hot little movie of her before they delete it for further proof just how sweet this buff babe is.

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Twix Pix

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Excellent Source For FBB & Fitness Competition Pictures
This is one of those sites you can get lost in for an hour or two because theres just so much good stuff to see here. Based out of the Pacific Northwest, and in his own words: Welcome to my website. It’s being updated on a regular basis so come back often. The site features Women’s Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure competitors who have come through this region since the 1980’s. All photos are and will always be 100% original material and as such, would ask that the copyrights were respected. Feel free* to download images for offline viewing or provide a link to here (this is not a pay site).

So who will you see there? Oh just some of our favorite female bodybuilders and fitness girls like Jodi Leigh Miller, Catherine Boshuizen, Lora Ottenad, Nadia Nardi, Ocean Bloom, Shawn Tan, and .. well you get the idea, it just goes on and on with some of the best of the Buff and the Beautiful. Consider yourself buried!

Twix Pix FBB – Northwest & B.C.