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Muscle Medley

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Kasie Cavanaugh was a NPC National Level Bodybuilder & long time veteran competitor who did win the 2013 Venice Beach Muscle Classic- 1st & overall. Still going strong she travels the USA and is ready to provide you with “Wrestling, Muscle Worship, Domination, Fem/Fem, Hot Fighting Action & Much More!.” Autumn Raby is enjoying company with fellow muscle minx Desiree Ellis, and below we find galleries of Holly Nicholson and Olga Tupitsyna.

Missfit Tess

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Hotness From Philly
Tess is a Renaissance muscle woman who has many talents, as in NPC Figure Competitor, personal trainer, choreographer, pole performer, fitness model, aerialist, dancer, actress as well as attending Temple University graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, Choreography, and Performance. She looks to be the real deal in looks, brains and talent, the only thing missing is nude modeling, and I would implore our various muscle girl sites to open up the checkbook and contact this woman to expose the rest of her charms for our yearning eyes. But wait there’s more: If your in the Big Apple looking for fun and have some coin to drop Tess has you covered providing Fantasy wrestling, domination, role playing, erotic posing, sensual dancing, flexibility, punishment, bondage, muscle worship, unusual fetishes, oil/food wrestling, scissoring. Some sort of Wonder Woman!

MissFit Tess: Website | Photos | Twitter | Model Mayhem

Muscle Beauty X

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This Blonde Bombshell is a national level NPC competitive bodybuilder with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education with experience in boxing and Okinawan style karate. She says ‘I embrace bodybuilding as a lifestyle. I reveal the strength & determination I have within. My body is an art form and symbol of passion for my desires.’ She also does sessions providing semi-competitive and fantasy wrestling, muscle worship, lift and carry, light domination, role play, and strength challenges. If you want to see her nude you’ll have to visit her website to see what she has to offer.

Muscle Beauty X:  Picture Gallery  |  Website

Muscle Girl Foot Fetish

If you got the money honey we’ve got your disease
It’s not enough for some of us dirty little pervs to love and admire the female muscled form, no some of us have, how shall I say, a certain “taste” for the tantalizing arch, the irresistible peds, the sultry soles, and of course those libidinous toes. If your among that vein don’t feel alone, even someone like Bradley Cooper has the affliction. Lucky for us the website Footcore has a few muscle girl models in their stable offering foot worship, trampling, toe licking, domination and other guilty pleasures.

Muscle Girl Gayle Moher Foot Fetish Gallery
Female Bodybuilder Monica Martin Foot Fetish Gallery

Muscle Girl Mistress Treasure

Check out this hot little clip of the powerful ebony seductress Mistress Treasure showing off an off season form that’s boasting strength, domination and sexuality. How would you like to jump into this scene and play some white-boy reparations? Could get dicey to say the least! I think this clip will be how shall we say ‘perishable‘ so enjoy it while it last.

Original movie posted was deleted online so here’s a replacement vid that features a younger hotter Treasure but the quality of the vid suffers due to it’s ancient heritage.

Megan Avalon Muscle Worship

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This internationally known fitness model, wrestler and bodybuilder says “I am known as Barbie with Muscles and the Pamela Anderson of Bodybuilding . Growing up I was called Barbie all the time, so as I continued to get more muscular it became Barbie with Muscles. I love being beautiful and modeling but I also love showing off my strength and domination-exactly how I would explain my personality. I am very much a girly girl, but also an athletic girl-who loves to be sensual and sexy.”

Megan Avalon Picture Gallery

Muscle Girl CSI

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Here are some scenes from the movie Kat’s Investigation where National level female bodybuilder Kathy Connors stars as Inspector Kat who when confronted with a foolish perp who refuses to co-operate must resort to erotic domination using all means necessary to succeed. Violent smotherings, wrenching scissoring and suffocating facesittings are all meted out in brutal fashion to break his will and get what she wants. The movie is from the Athena2 website which offers tons of muscle girl movies and scenes along similar themes and more.

More Action Here at the Athena2 Website

Sexy Nude Muscle Girl: KO

Nude Female Bodybuilder KO

Back at you with another sizzling picture gallery of one of the hottest, hardest and naughtiest Muscle Goddesses you’ll find around the known universe. I was checking out her bio info and found out KO is way more versatile then I had ever imagined. Not content with just competing in bodybuilding and being a muscle girl pinup, she also is into nude muscle worship, domination, strip tease, guy/girl wrestling, girl/girl wrestling, arm wrestling, scissor play, lift & carry, smothering and fruit crushing and to top it all off she plays 4 different musical instruments! When she says ‘I’m ripped, rad, buff and bad, and I happen to have runway looks! I’m all real, all genuine, and all natural! No Silicon, No Steroids, No Artificial Flavors or Colors! I do it all through hard work and attitude!‘ …you know it’s the ever loving truth…

Nude Female Bodybuilder KO Pictures

Three Muscle Girl Bruisers

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The Dominatrix  –  The Fighter  –  The Destroyer
The shredded blonde decked out in leather with the whip is Maire Brandon from California, a 47 years old mother of 5 whose many talents include ballet, artist, fitness & aerobics, fetish and BDSM, lingerie model and “LA’s only female fitness professional with over 25 years experience with a hardcore, kick-your-ass Domme approach to training”. Ahh yes, nothing like the the crack of a fine Corinthian leather whip snapping your ass as your fitness domme trainer commands you to get that last rep in unless you want to see her pull out her more brutal implements. And do indeed check her out at her ModelMayhem page as well for more pictures and profile. Our buff and beautiful fighter is Julia Budd who is the reigning Muay Thai kickboxing champion of both B.C. and Canada, titles she’s held since 2004 and 2005 respectively, and has made the jump into a career in mixed martial arts (MMA) now as well. Julia also works as a fitness model and has recently begun to branch out and explore stunt, commercial and acting work. Natasha the Destroyer has a cool little blog spot where she takes various implements like pots & pans, toy models and cell phones and rips them up with her bare hands. I really like that sexy back of hers and if you ever find yourself in Mexico City with a little bit of discretionary income to blow she says she is available for facesitting sessions, domination, and muscle worship (“guys don’t ask for sex please”).

Special Exercises

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Special Exercises uncovers the darker side of sports!
An entry for the pain and punishment crowd. The main theme here is basically of a hot teen or a group of girls being dominated and led through a physical activity or workout. A heaping helping plate of humiliation and suffering served up with a side order of fries. A byline from the site: Our trainer domination videos will show you things you never saw. Helpless young female athletes urged to undress, crawl around the gym and masturbate their strangely swollen slits! Hi-resolution movies showing how mean, dangerous and perverted a common coach can get!  Heres some free pictures and movies for you to check out the action here.

Movie Gallery from Special Exercises
Special Exercises Picture Gallery