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Two Playboy Fitness Girls

Playboy Fitness Girl PicturePlayboy Fitness Girl Picture

A couple of hardbody babes from Playboy who I really wish would move their model selection more towards the fitness curve then the usual busty beauty queens they feature airbrushed to overt perfection … but hey what do I know, they’ve only been in business for some 58 years now! I have two fresh galleries on tap today for your enjoyment of these cute buff beauties. Fitness model and personal trainer Jamie Ford we have covered previously here and there, and the athletic Jill Williams we have covered once before here.

Jamie Ford Playboy Gallery
Jill Williams Playboy Gallery


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  1. Boo-Boo February 24th, 2011 5:46 pm

    They’re both hot but I think I like Jamie Ford a little bit more as she’s more toned. Not to mention at only 5 feet tall and 100 lbs. I could toss Jamie around (gently of course) and then toss her salad. ;)

  2. house February 25th, 2011 9:29 pm

    The blonde is on waivers until she gets in more cut shape. Jamie = ding-ding-ding winnerrrrrrrr!

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