Pornstar Muscle Girl Jewels Jade

Jewels Jade Picture

Hardbody Jewels Jade returns to us (previously) in a hot little movie clip showing off those bulging biceps and hard abs she keeps in tit top shape. Your synopsis: Bill’s wife just left because her best friend went into labor. And when Jewels Jade, a fitness enthusiast, shows up looking to join in the couple’s workout, he’s not sure it’s a good idea to do it without his wife. But Jewels isn’t interested in what his wife does or doesn’t do… Jewels wants Bill to work out her ass!!

Jewels Jade Movie
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  1. Stranger says

    this is what I’m talking about! Tight as hell, and fucks like there is no tomorrow :)

  2. Bo-Bo says

    Pretty hot muscle MILF but she should of left her tits natural instead of those silly-cones lol. :)

  3. Stranger says

    Bo-bo. Have you seen her natural ones ? I cannot bet you would not have been disgusted.

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