Lesbian Muscle Girl Scene

Canadian Fitness & Figure Competitor Fawnia Mondey shows off her thespian licks in this hot little preview clip from the movie Dakota Bound which features the following plot line: ‘Civilisation has collapsed and the world has been hurled into a new dark age where sex is the only currency and slavery is a way of life. The now fully grown female students of a small isolated girls school have managed to survive amongst the chaos. To the predatory bands of white slave traders roving the countryside, the nubile girls are perfect prey. Under the guidance of their teacher Sister Helen, the girls have taken refuge in the cavernous basement of the old school and plan their escape to the only secure place in America, Dakota Mountain. ‘ Hmm, that sure sounds awfully similar to the ActionGirls storyline, could it be Scotty JX got his impetus from this very movie? You’ll find another preview clip and nude pictures from the movie at the Bound Heat link below, who strive to bring you theĀ  ‘Internet’s finest original and uncut movies about sapphic women in prison and white slaves.’

Fawnia Mondey Pictures


  1. Jon says

    What an absolutely STUPID P.O.S. this thing is. But WOW – is it ever HOT and SENSATIONAL> To see Fawnia like this is breathtaking and actually makes me wanna go out and try and find this P.O.S. somewhare so I can see it.

  2. Core says

    I watched the clip @link.. I have to say the acting and the content is corny.

    It’s sad, but I have watched fan made videos, that had better acting and less budget.

  3. bogart says

    Who cares about the crappy acting? As long as they’re naked! I’ll watch it with the sound off, anyway.

  4. says

    well,…me being me i can say this.
    Only thing i liked about it was the girl-girl action.
    Fawnia has gotten way too skinny for my taste which always falls on the BBing side of the spectrum
    Though Ms.Mondey still has a great ass

  5. myrrdin-810 says

    gar! *bites knuckle*

    i don’t care what you say… fawnia is PERFECT. then, and now! lean, lithe, strong, graceful, and still curvy enough to be VERY feminine….


  6. Darrell says

    I agree she has an awesome ass. Somehow it’s sexier then full blown porn…but that’s how I want to see it end as! Fawnia munching…yesss.

  7. rob says

    I actually enjoyed this campy little flick the babes were fine and the plot sustained itself… good action scenes and Fawnia of course the dark haired girl was not bad either….:)

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