Jamie Eason Fox Hunt

Jamie Eason Picture
Release The Hounds!
One of the hottest fitness foxes around was featured in a nice photo shoot over at Hollywood Tuna recently and she is looking in fine form as usual and about as buff as I’ve ever seen her. Not one to be content with just being another pretty covergirl this former NFL Cheerleader and winner of the World’s Fittest Model competition has developed her own line of swimwear, writes lifestyle and health columns for magazines, as well as being spokesperson for a leading bodybuilding site.  Will we ever see Jamie Eason nude? I really don’t see it happening, she just seems to have an aura about her saying that’s one line that won’t be crossed. Lucky for us she walks right up to the edge of nudity in a lot of her modeling work as you will see in the bottom link below.

Jamie Eason at Hollywood Tuna
Near Nude Jamie Eason Pictures


  1. house says

    Thank you!!! FINALLY. I’m so tired of seeing these “Hulk-a-bitches” on here. I get grossed out when I see what a train wreck there vajays are.

    Jamie is one of the hottest women on the planet, plus, she’s got a great attitude and personality.

  2. don says

    if we all wright to playboy she might do some nudes for them but some how i dont think so & thanks admin for the great photos of jamie

  3. admin says

    Hulk-a-bitches? I like it! :) I’m picturing a 4-color magna-style graphic novel series featuring a fierce band of massively muscled amazons rampaging across a ruined landscape seeking domination and control over all that is left of a cratered out society rendered impotent by their complacency and apathy. It’s a helluva start, it could be made into a monster if we all pull together as a team. Don’t worry house, your in for 2% of the residuals!

  4. Core says

    This woman is in the sweet spot. Just the right amount of muscle without overkill. (well different strokes for different folks right?)… anyways she looks pretty damn sexy to me.

  5. says

    I normally don’t click on the links bout fitness bitches,..
    Then outta pure randomness i do…
    And end up discovering a gem like Hulk-a-bitches
    I’m stealing it,

  6. admin says

    Too late El, we’re already in post production and negotiating product tie-ins with carefully selected multinationals.

  7. says

    Oh my! I think I have come unstuck. You are just So Fucken Hot Babe without the overkill as prev mentioned. Stay Sexy girl.

  8. says

    Hounds after the fox! More like Sharks eating Hollywood Tuna. Ah! to be the shark and have that pice of tuna in your sights. Time to spank the sardine, have come unstuck again.

  9. says

    Hi! you Sexy fox. I sure hope you have let a few Hounds sniff arround your fox hole lately just to keep their tails waging. Stay sexy.

  10. Stephen says

    In my opinion one of the most beautiful woman ever created.Love her magnificent body and OMG that face.I can look at this girl forever.

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