Heidi Vuorela

Tattoo Muscle Girl Picture Tattoo Muscle Girl Picture Tattoo Muscle Girl Picture Tattoo Muscle Girl Picture Tattoo Muscle Girl Picture
Tattoo Muscle Girl Picture

As someone said last week in a comment, ‘tattoo’d musclebound girls is where it’s at!’ And it looks like Swedish fitness competitor Heidi Vuorela makes a pretty good case he might be on to something. Take one gorgeous Swedish blonde, layer her physique in muscles and adorn her body in artistic ink and you got one bad-ass babe for the new millennium. She has a blog in Swedish covering what she’s up to with lots of pictures and videos for your further exploration and I included a link to a google English translated version as well, as surfing in Swedish can get you in lost in a blink if its not in your head.

Heidi Vuorela’s BlogEnglish Translated


  1. Jon says

    The person who made that comment was NOT me. I can accept one or two SMALL ones but this is not something I like seeing. To each his or her own and those who like people like this are fine with me – but I could have done w/o all the Tatts

  2. admin says

    It was El who made the comment. Come on now, if we put you within three feet of Heidi you’d be begging to see all those tats unencumbered by those darn clothes.

  3. Jon says

    Admin: Is she naked and all oiled up and ready to fuck like rabbits? If so – damn – you are right…..once again. Last time I looked I am a guy and as a guy if you put a female in front of me that can see her toes and wants to fuck I will be ready to go. I am more than willing to help Heidi out here and fulfill her fantasy of having lots of cheap meaningless sex with me – but ONLY because I am a nice guy and I am doing it to make her happy. Call me a Humanitarian :-)

  4. says

    Once heidi gets 2 the United States,..you just might see her do such acts for sponsorship

  5. says

    I am glad you no-likey all the tattooed ladies…
    Becuz that means i don’t haveta worry too much about you tagged my future EX-wife at 1st glance.

  6. Jon says

    I don’t mind Tatts – a few – just not all over her body.

    The hottest woman in Porn History and one of the Hottest Women ALIVE had a Tatt on her right butt cheek and it wouldn’t slow me down 1 second in my pursuit of Racquel Darrian

  7. Nate says

    i love that tattoo she has it makes her back look sexier.
    she is one of the sexiest Muscle Girls i have ever seen she is just stunning i hope she keeps up the great job she is doing working out it is really paying off.

    would love to see more

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