Nude Teen Muscle Girl

Nude Teen Muscle Girl Picture

Stumbled across this cute little muscle girl from Aeverotica and thought I’d make up a small gallery to quench your drooling lust.  No idea who she is but she does remind me somewhat of a young Summer Kalish a bit.

Matrix found another picture gallery of her .. man oh man wadda muscle minx she is .. good find Matrix! Using that gallery I found her model page where we learn her name is Tania and is 23 years old (could of fooled me) from Russia. They tell us  “Tania works as a fitness trainer in sport club. She like bodybuilding and works on improving her body.”

Found two more galleries:  Here & There

Nude Teen Muscle Girl Pictures


  1. Nodoubts says

    Whoa she looks…Yummy :3

    Thanx for the pics!

    Any info on this mystery hottie would be much appreciated :)

  2. DJ Jarak says

    I doubt she’s really that young. You can see it in her face. I touch-up model photos for a living so I have an eye for facial detail. Still, she is quite attractive.

  3. says

    It could be a coin between her lips? Anyway she is fucking Hot. Muscular and normal Tits is a turn on for me.Would love to see you wearing heels.


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