Jamie Ford at Playboy

Fitness Girl Jamie Ford

Looks like a few of you thought the hyper-muscularity of Roxanne Edwards was just a bit much for your taste, which of course means its time to cue up a sexy Playboy fitness girl to take off the hard edge. And in this case it’s Playboy’s Sexy Wives model Jamie Ford, who who has gone on to get her pro card in Pro Figure Championships, and has even gone on to snatch the Overall Winner spot at the Tournament of Champions a while back.

Nude Jamie Ford Pictures
Playboy’s Sexy Wives


  1. worthing001 says

    Wanted to reply in part to Roxanne Edwards. Perfection, hard to find workout videos where the model/athlete isn’t just ‘phone-ing’ it in. I got no direct response for Jammie F.

  2. Jon says

    Jamie Ford is one of the sexiest women EVER! The only thing harder than her body is a few body parts of mine I’d love to permanently put inside her. THIS is what women should look like

  3. Leanne says

    Jamie Ford is the Perfect Woman! Such an Amazing body and Beautiful looks.
    10 Outta 10 for me..

  4. Zach says

    I agree with above comments. Jamie is indeed a 10 out of 10 & there are not near enough photos of this goddess. As far as i’m concerned she is Absolute Perfection.


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