Brooke Black, aka Crimson Rose, aka IFBB Figure Pro

Female Muscle Model Picture

She’s a sexy muscular cam girl as well as Canada’s youngest IFBB figure pro who appears to have morphed through a few identities along the way but does seem to be grabbing life with a certain amount of gusto. Since she never reveals her real name on her alias pages I think I will refrain from using it here as well, but you can find it easily enough at the links below. Got to love the tags she uses to describe herself on her webcam page: Horny, Exotic, Muscle, Buff, Fun, Wet, Tight, Deep Throat, Beautiful, Young, Tight Ass, Athletic, Hot, Submissive, Dominate. Yeah, she’s a live wire alright…

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Thicker Muscle Girls

Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture
Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

Kourtney “KO” Olsen has gone powerlifter on us and bulked up her muscled body to a newer thicker version, compare the new gallery to this old picture gallery and you’ll see how much she has ramped it up. Muscle Girl #2 is Lana Lee, the Muscular Cam Girl who proudly says she has  ‘one of the Biggest Clits Online’. Bottom left is Canadian heavyweight bodybuilder Fabiola Boulanger who also is sporting a thicker body these days and looks like she isn’t finished yet creating her masterpiece. And since you can’t mention thick girls without a nod to the Brazilians, we will finish with the marvelous Michi Ritz, a bodybuilder from Rio de Janeiro who just so happens to have her very own television show covering fitness and well being.

Hot Muscle Mom II

Muscle Woman PictureMuscle Woman PictureMuscle Woman PictureMuscle Woman Picture

Texas Muscle Milf Hot Muscle Mom who you may remember from our previous post covering this bitchin’ buff babe. She has competed in figure shows and notched four first place wins, but these days she’s working webcam sessions over at iFriends as well as doing wrestling, modeling and raising hell. 5’6″ tall, a rock solid 150 pounds, and an all woman 35-26-35 figure makes for the complete package.

Hot Muscle Mom at iFriends

Hot Muscle Mom

Muscle Babe PictureMuscle Babe PictureMuscle Babe Picture

And what a Mother she is! This Texas muscle girl likes the webcams and has a fan club at iFriends where she says: ‘I will oil up for you, do a little strip tease, flex, show you how limber I am, and play with my “toys“! She also gets her kink on with submission sessions, semi-competitive, fantasy and sensual wrestling, boxing, lift and carry, muscle worship, foot worship, role play, webcam sessions and custom videos. Oh Mama Mia!

Hot Muscle Mom at iFriends