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Female Bodybuilder Catches Stepson Masturbating

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Female bodybuilder Angela Salvagno catches her stepson masturbating while looking at her ripped, vascular body, so she humiliates him, giving him a hand job, bicep job and foot job and making him worship her abs, glutes, pecs and biceps muscles. Muscle-fucking your wicked stepmom? Hey that’s muscle porn!

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Guns & Glory

Muscular Female Pornstar

Former Canadian professional female bodybuilder Rhonda Lee is supplementing her income giving blowjobs to complete strangers at a glory hole. Tight times indeed.


Muscle Milf

Muscular Girl Picture

Lacey Legends originally came from Hartford Connecticut and was last known to be residing in Las Vegas, Nevada. There Lacey was a dancer at the famed gentleman’s club Olympic Gardens up till 2003 and her last photo shoot for a major magazine was completed in 2001. She was a bodybuilding champion in the Over 35 Category until she began modeling for magazines like Score and Juggs in the early 90’s. Lacey worked as a columnist for Over-50 magazine before retiring .


Nude Muscular Girls

Muscular Fetish Model PictureMuscular Female Model PictureNude Female Fitness Model PictureVictoria Dominguez Picture

Fetish muscle model / wrestler Arial X learns the ropes of some sadistic hard core bondage and gets taken down a notch. Next is some new pictures of the now retired Goddess Heather Tristany showing off her heavenly physique. There’s some previously old pictures in there you’ll have to wade through but I think you’ll survive. Bottom row starts off with NPC Figure Competitor Allyce Jerome looking like the girl next door who pumps iron after school. And Victoria Dominguez (Mistress Treasure) closes us out modeling a sexy green number that can’t quite cover all those chiseled muscles.


And The Beat Goes On

Fetish Muscle Girl PictureFemale Fitness Model PictureFemale Bodybuilder PicturePornstar Picture

Names are in the mouse-over.


Female Muscle Pornstars

Female Pornstars Picture

Some reverse gangbang fun as female bodybuilders and muscle porn stars Amazon Alura, Ashlee Chambers and Wild Kat get muscle worship, penetration and get their big clits sucked as you watch in close-up. Plus muscle fucking, masturbation, hand jobs, ass play… and looking at six pairs of the vascular biceps, powerful pecs, strong legs and glutes and tight abs during all that hot muscle sex.

Female Muscle Pornstars Video

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A Couple Of Shout-Outs

Female Bodybuilder PicturePorn star muscle girl Picture

Shout-out to Kortney Olson, who emailed me the other day instructing me to take down all content from her old allnaturalko website as she is putting the nude modeling behind her and concentrating on Kamp Konfidence which she describes as ‘ a revolutionary program for at risk teen girls. Helping them not make the same mistakes as me with drugs and sexual assault‘. So while it was with a small degree of sadness to remove those lovely movies she made with Lyndsay Dejagger, I think she deserves all the props we can give her for going on to bigger things dearer to her heart to help others in need. The Mother Teresa of Muscle Girls if you will. And a shout-out to Brandi Love, who we have featured a number of times on this site before, has just been named the most searched for porn star across all platforms. Muscle girls be doin’ it!


Yvette Bova

Female Muscle Porn Star Picture
Two Turntables and a Microphone
Yvette Bova is a porn star, session girl and former champion female bodybuilder who got started training with weights while serving in the Air Force at the age of eighteen. She increased her boob size in 2010 to a FF cup overtaking Krisztina Sereny’s bra size to claim once and for all the biggest baddest tits in the biz.

Yvette Bova :  Movie Clip  |  Picture Gallery


Female Bodybuilder Gets Her Protein Shake

Female Bodybuilder Picture

This enterprising muscle girl has found a way to do away with buying all those messy expensive protein supplements at the store to keep her muscles big and strong. By working a shift at the glory hole when she’s not lifting weights she’s found a free and unending source of protein that provides all she needs to keep that muscular physique in tip top shape.

Elisa Ann at the Glory Hole Pictures


Four Muscular Girls

Nude Muscle Girl Karyn Bayres PictureNude Fitness Girl Marcia Goncalves Picture
Nude Fitness Model Belle PictureMuscle Dominatrix Dometria Picture

From Buenos Aires Argentina comes the muscular pornstar and erotic fitness model Karyn Bayres who makes me wonder just who else are we missing from below the equator like her. Next up is a nude picture gallery of fitness bikini competitor Marcia Goncalves who has won several championships in her native Brazil. The second row starts off with a gallery from a fitness model known as Belle and we finish up with Boss Lady Dometria who among many things does sessions, wrestles and has been boxing for 17 years, as well as kick boxing and doing Muay Thai and MMA for 10 years. She has 9 picture galleries at her website, some with Rene Campbell, well worth a look.


Dirty Muscle Girl BrandiMae

Nude Female Bodybuilder BrandiMae Screencap

Muscle girl BrandiMae enjoys all her muscles, but as she flexes her hard biceps and teases you with her muscle control of her pecs, she confides that her favorite muscle isn’t those, or her ripped abs, legs or glutes – it’s her pussy.

Muscle Babe BrandiMae Video

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Devon Michaels Joins Aziani Iron

Muscular Female Pornstar Picture

Devon started her career in fitness and adult magazine modeling before taking the plunge and moving into pornographic films where she has gone on to fame starring in 100 XXX films. Here are her first few pictures at Aziani Iron along with a few other updates from the muscle girls over there.

Devon Michaels & Friends Pictures


Glory Hole Muscle Girls Encore Performance

Female Muscle Pornstar Gina Picture
Female Muscle Pornstar Treu Picture

Our two female muscle pornstars are back at the gloryhole and on their knees ready to show you they have been working on their technique and improving their seductive skills in the art of fellatio. Previous movies covered here.

Gina at the Glory Hole II    |    Treu at the Glory Hole II


Miscellaneous Muscle

 Melyssa Buhl PictureFemale Bodybuilder Nikki Warner Picture
Muscular Grandma PictureMuscle girl art photograph

Top row features two muscle girls who have taken down their websites: Melyssa Buhl and Nikki Warner. I could make a weekly post on these sites going down, actually I think I am, anyways a few pix to remember them by. Bottom row starts off with a feisty old grandma with muscles who says ‘eat your peas sonny or expect a beating.’ The last offering is something I found cleaning up my hard-drive and have no idea where it came from, or why I saved it for that matter, presented here for sideshow amusement purposes only.


Glory Hole Muscle Girls

Female Bodybuilder Porn Star PictureMuscle Girl Porn Star Picture

A couple of pornstar muscle girls have decided to expand their talents and pad the resume by taking up work at Glory Hole Secrets, and in this economy who could blame them? Gina looks like a natural grabbing all the gusto she can handle squeezing every last drop of cum out of his cock eating it like it’s candy. Treu is a fitness chick with a huge appetite for cum and her pussy is dripping wet and starts masturbating while jerking this cock off until he adds his cum to her already cum covered body.

Gina at the Glory Hole    |    Treu at the Glory Hole


Hardbody Hot Links

Female Bodybuilder Krisztina Sereny PictureCzech Female Bodybuilder Picture
Muscle Woman Art PictureFemale Bodybuilder Veins Picture

I’ve got good news and photographic proof that fitness girl pornstar Krisztina Sereny has headed back to the gym and is getting back to her more muscular look, which never fails to improve a girl’s hotness and attraction. The girl on her right leads to a great collection of picture galleries showcasing the best in Czech muscle girls. On the bottom row we start with a link to some recent artwork of sgcaio’s MuscleXX collection featuring his excellent technique in rendering the female muscled form. And the last picture leads you to a gallery of veiney muscle girls for all the vampires in the crowd licking their lips in anticipation of Halloween coming up.


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