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Fitness Milf Gets Double Teamed

Nude Cinder Goldd Picture

This fitness milf cutie goes by the name Cinder and she likes to cap off her workout in the weight room with a bit of a more hardcore flourish, working both ends of that tight little body at once. Four free movies of this talented lass having lesbo muscle sex at the link…

Muscle Milf Lesbian Sex Movies

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New Muscle Girls at HD Physiques

Muscle Girl Picture Muscle Girl Picture
Muscle Girl Picture Muscle Girl Picture
Here’s your new amazing amazons joining the HD Physiques lineup these last few weeks. Clockwise from top left we have the adorable light heavyweight NPC Jr. Nationals competitor Dominique Durand, followed by 23 year-old NPC bodybuilder Aleesha Young sporting her almost 17″ biceps. Most of you know the next two: smoking hot Karen Zaremba with those abs of steel and rock solid IFBB Pro Nadia Nardi. I’m really amazed with all the new girls and updates going on at HD Physiques, they are really coming on strong.

High Def Movies Clips:
Dominique Durand | Aleesha Young | Karen Zaremba | Nadia Nardi

HD Physiques Website

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Fetish Muscle Movies

Fetish Muscle Picture
Fitness World Champion and Playboy Star
Krisztina Sereny has slinked into her favorite leather fetish outfit  and opened up her toybox to play with her goodies as she puts on a hot little showing of her more edgier side. Krisztina isn’t shy about leaving the plain vanilla world behind and jumping into the deep end with gunplay, girl on girl, ropeplay, smoking, hospital, pee, hardcore, anal games and more extreme situations.

More Fetish Muscle Action Here

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Kick Ass Kandy

The Kick Ass Kandy form a clandestine government organisation designed to bring down the bad guys. They’re beautiful, they’re smart and they can kick your ass! You won’t know whether to fight them or fall in love with them. They’re angels to look at but devils to mess with and each is expertly trained in unarmed combat.  They could disarm you with their eyes or just a smile but they’d much rather just stove your face in with an unfeasibly high kick. Evil megalomaniacs and idiot henchmen beware – the Kick Ass Kandy are coming to get you!

Kick Ass Kandy

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Cartoon Cheapie


Brandi Love Movie & Picture Gallery

Another Look At America’s Favorite Fitness MILF
Its been a while since we checked in with Brandi, and judging from this movie she is still blowing full speed ahead. As she says on her site, ‘My measurements are 36-25-36 and I stay in the gym religiously….I can squat about 125lbs! Strong legs come in handy when holding someone’s head in place wink wink!’ What a card that Brandi! Lots of action in the movie, and I put together another picture gallery for you to enjoy.

Brandi Love Picture Gallery

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American Gladiator Diamond Nude

Erika Andersch Nude Picture Erika Andersch Nude Picture Erika Andersch Nude Picture Erika Andersch Nude Picture Nude Erika Andersch Picture

The Hottest American Gladiator Of Them All, Erika Andersch
Nothing against this current crop of Gladiators, but to find the crown jewell of the series you have to go old school and go with Diamond, who combined her athletic prowesss with a sexy knock-out body that delivered the goods. She began her American Gladiators career in the second season becoming the favourite amongst the legions of fans. A real competitor, Diamond always had 100% to give in the Arena, specifically in her signature event Breakthrough & Conquer. Her in your face attitude would often get her whistled for a penalty from the referees. Erika appeared in TV shows such as Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, The 1994 Miss USA Pageant and the movie Batman Returns, Erika now works as a personal coach in the California area.


Female Bodybuilder In Heat Movies

Female Bodybuilder Fucking Movie

Female Bodybuilder Fucking Movie
FBB Workout Pumping Iron & Cock
Summer is the smart gal here who has added some additional ‘routines’ to her workout circuit that enables her to exercise some muscles that other female bodybuilders might have neglected. Surely well toned throat and pussy muscles give her a leg up on other muscle babes who leave out these all too important muscle groups. Hit the link up for your four free movies showing Summer going through the total workout.

FBB Workout Pumping Iron & Cock Movies


Krisztina Sereny Workout Movies

Krisztina Sereny Movie Picture
Krisztina shows off that sexy body of hers as she takes us through a workout with several routines giving an exhibition how she stays in such athletic shape. Fine form and foxiness in four free movies.

Krisztina Sereny Workout Movies

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The Interplanetary Surplus Male and Amazon Women of Outer Space

Valentina Chepiga Gives Meryl Streep A Run For Her Money
Winner Of The 2003 Fright-Fest Film Festival Award For Best Science Fiction Film this bonafide trainwreck had a surprising number of well known female bodybuilders and fitness girls in it. Just a few of the names you will recognize are Valentina Chepiga, Andrulla Blanchette, Timea Majorova, Lauren Powers, Kat Meyers, Lena Johannson, Viviana Soldana, Brenda Kelly, Cynthia Bridges, Suzanna McGee and even Star Trek’s Lieutenant Worf (Michael Dorn) makes an appearance as Sam the Bartender! Whats the plot you ask? Surely you jest. Ok try this: A womanizing science professor is kidnapped by outer space Amazons. They intend to use him to impregnate all the Amazons, then “preserve” him in their Hall of Kings. His wife smuggles aboard the space ship and together they try to escape to freedom. So bad is it that its practically bordering on entertainment. Set your phasers on ham and explore the two links below for more of this campy spoof in all its glory.

More YouTube Movie Clips
Entry in The Internet Movie Database


Fitness Teens Lesbian Sex Movie

Teen Lesbians Fitness Sex

Well since I was a bit of a dirty bird with that April Fools post last week I thought I would get back in your good graces with this smokin’ hot movie of some fitness teens working out in the gym who suddenly find themselves in close encounters of the lesbo kind. The luscious Bobbi Blair and foxy Vanessa Lane smolder the scenery here in this nice long clip of over 19 minutes that I give two thumbs up .. or is that two thumbs in?

More Naughty Here at Naughty America


Hottest Nude Muscle Girl Movie Ever?

Click For Free Movie!

Click on this movie and tell me this isn’t the most sexy muscle girl you’ve ever laid your eyes on. It starts out pretty hot, ramps up fast, and about half-way through it just hits you like a ton of bricks. Enjoy!

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Bodybuilder Girl Vs Martial Artist Girl

I Wonder Who Would Win Such A Match
Well maybe we can find the answer as we take a peek in on the fast and furious action between a stealthy cat-like ninja going up against the more brawn and beefy muscle girl, though I have a feeling we may be in for a bit of a surprise ending.

More Girl/Girl Fighting Movies Here

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Betty Weider .. The Original Fitness Babe

Fitness Girl Betty Weider Fitness Girl Betty Weider
Va Va Voom!
Before she married one of the founding fathers of modern bodybuilding, Joe Weider, Betty Brosner got her start at the age of 13 appearing in the Sears & Roebuck catalog, and before the age of 20 had won over 50 beauty contests. She went on to grace the covers of over 300 books and magazines showing off that famous hourglass figure. She made quite a name for herself appearing in cheesecake and pulp magazine covers like the one above. When she married Joe she gave up the modeling career and became featured in his growing empire of muscle & fitness magazines. Still going strong in her 70′s as a member of the Olympic Committee on Physical Fitness, you’ve got to give it up for her… thats one heck of a Gal!

The Betty Zone   Great Tribute Website: bio, 4 galleries, articles and more
Betty Brosner Fan Site   11 Fantastic Galleries of Betty’s Pulp Magazine Days
Betty on YouTube    Retro Cheesecake Video

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Muscle Babe Valentina Chepiga Pictures & Movies

Ms Olympia 2000 Showing Off That Gorgeous Muscled Body
Originally from Kharkov, Ukraine and now residing in the Pacific Northwest, Valentina has to be considered one of the all time greats in the female bodybuilding universe. That well cut profile stands 5′ 5″ at 135 pounds with measurements of 34C-24-35. I made a small picture gallery of one of her several photo shoots at Shemuscle that gives a good look at this striking green eyed amazon.

Valentina Chepiga Picture Gallery
More Nude Muscle Girls Here At Shemuscle

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Denise Rutkowski Movie

Denise Rutkowski Picture
Shake That Ass!
I came across this movie clip of a very young and tight bodied Denise Rutkowski that gives a pretty good feel for how she looked back in those early days. So early the movie is in black & white! Which gives it a bit of a retro look you could say, but the original soundtrack sounded like Guy Lombardo on a thorazine drip, so I’ve updated that with a fresher beat. Denise puts on a very sexy striptease show for us and eventually goes topless, showing off that sexy muscular physique she is so well known for. Enjoy!


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