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Rubik’s Female Bodybuilder

A hot blonde bodybuilder in a skin tight bikini wearing sunglasses manipulates a rubik’s cube as she dances and gyrates to the pulsating tribal rhythm banged out by a four piece percussion band. Well I guess we all know where this is headed to now don’t we?


Female Muscle: Marja Lehtonen

Female Muscle Picture Female Muscle Picture
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From Tampere Finland, IFBB pro bodybuilder Marja Lehtonen shows off that truly buff physique here as she models for a recent HD Physiques photo shoot. Female muscle and Nordic beauty combine to make one sexy muscle babe, and you can see why she made it all the way to third place at the Ms. Olympia competition a few years back. At 5’5″ tall with 17″ biceps, Marja can curl 150 pounds and bench press 242 pounds.

More here at HD Physiques

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Dancing Pretzel Goddess

Hell’s Angel Version
Here she is again, uber-contortionist Zlata, this time dancing and vamping about quite sexily at a recent show in Germany at the T2 club. It’s nice to see her employing an edgier persona to her stage presence here in this mild fetish-like dance number, and one can only imagine the possibilities and sheer potential if she ever went into porn with a body that can perform such magic.

More Zlata Here

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Allison Moyer

Muscle Girl Allison Moyer Picture Muscle Girl Allison Moyer Picture Muscle Girl Allison Moyer Picture
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A true natural beauty with a stunning muscled physique, Allison is a national level NPC figure competitor, fitness model, and personal health training director with an athletic background that spans track and field, cross country, triathlete and field hockey. She’s 5’6″ with a pre-contest weight of 120 pounds and the buff 34-24-36 figure completes the package on this very sexy muscle girl.

More Allison Moyer Here at Land of Venus


Larissa Reis Workout Clip

More Here…

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Lauren Powers at Shemuscle

Female Bodybuilder Lauren Powers Picture Female Bodybuilder Lauren Powers Picture
All American Amazon
A true Southern California girl, Lauren is the template for that full tilt west coast active lifestyle we’ve come to know from those golden shores. A valedictorian from Huntington Beach High School, she participated in the pro skateboard tour, Skateboard Mania!, owned and operated a surfing academy in Maui, and eventually became a firefighter at the Laguna Beach Fire Department. Appearances in television, movies and bodybuilding titles fill out the resume for this one of a kind girl who stands 5’8″ with 15″ biceps, 15″ calves, 23″ quads, 45DD bust, and 12 1/2″ forearms. Just amazing.

Lauren Powers Pictures
More Sexy Muscle Girls Here At Shemuscle


Female Nude Wrestling Match

Nude Female Wrestlers Picture
Ariel X ‘The Assassin’  vs  Karrlie Dawn ‘The Anvil’
Here we are already into the start of Season Six of Ultimate Surrender, where competitive female wrestlers get it on grappling and groping, scissoring and headlocking each other till we find a winner who gets to sexually dominate the loser. This picture gallery and six movies is from the recent November 4 match between these two fighting foxes where the eventual winner goes on to finger fuck and drive a huge dildo home as she fucks the helpless loser on the mat.

Female Nude Wrestling Match Pictures & Movies


Utah Sweet: Racked, Roped And Rubbertized

Nude Bondage Muscle Girl Picture
Inescapable Bondage & Forced Orgasms
We covered fitness babe Utah Sweet with her twin-prop 40EEE’s earlier here, and now we find our girl in a bit of a spot after she decided to sign up and model at the kinky fetish site Hogtied. She looks like she was thoroughly abused to good effect in the dark arts of pain and submission leading her to the agony and the ecstasy.

Fitness Girl Utah Sweet Bondage Movies & Pictures


Stunt Girls

Women performing stunts for movies and television is a small little niche of the world I hadn’t thought of before to look for adventurous and buff girls, but then I came across this small video from California sportswear company StuntGirl featuring a pretty fast moving sequence of daredevil girls doing their thing and I got the message. Check it out, and if you liked this movie click on the United Stuntwomen’s Association link below for much longer action packed sequence clip along the same lines.

United Stuntwomen’s Association


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Female Topless Boxing

Catfight Boxing Picture
Fierce Fist Fighting Females
Lets go ringside as we find Christina and Cori in the sweet science of beating each others gourd to a pulp with the occasional tit punch or low blow showing up now and then. Cori is a former bodybuilder and was expected to dominate this encounter but the ring card alludes to ‘a big surprise as one woman was beaten into submission.’ Five free clips at the link for you to find out just who got who in this ringside showing of foxes who boxes…

Female Topless Boxing Movies


Sexy Olympian Girls & A Nude Gymnast

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Since there are so many good websites out there featuring sexy Olympians I thought I would forgoe posting any and just toss out a few links where you can enjoy these sexy athletes with their exquisite physiques. Couldn’t resist posting our topless gymnast above, who I am sorry to say did not make the cut to join her team at the Beijing Games. Looks like she was not up to Olympic standards on technique and execution, but she thought maybe her exposed jiggling tits might sway a judge or two her way.

The 50 Hottest Female Olympians Of The 2008 Summer Olympics
The Sexiest Female Athletes In The World
2008’s Sexiest Olympians

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Lesbian Muscle Babes Movies

Lesbian Muscle Babes Picture
From Bitch With Muscles
French professional female bodybuilder Francesca Petitjean and friend give working out a whole new outlook as they yodel in the canyon before trying the sushi.

Lesbian Muscle Babes Movies


Susana Spears at SpearsFever

Susana Spears Picture Susana Spears Picture Susana Spears Picture Susana Spears Picture Susana Spears Picture
Susana Spears Picture

Susana Spears has her very own website now focusing on that deliciously fit body of hers in a more provocative and creative fashion than we are use to seeing her. This green eyed blonde beauty was born Zuzana Majorova in the Czech Republic in 1982 and has made quite a name for herself as a model in soft erotica. I am no fan of plastic tits, but every now and then you see a girl who can pull it off (put it on?) and I would have to put Susana in that select group. More vids & pics on her website for your hungry eyes to feast on, enjoy…

Susana Spears Website


Warrior Women On-Screen

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Fitness Milf Gets Double Teamed

Nude Cinder Goldd Picture

This fitness milf cutie goes by the name Cinder and she likes to cap off her workout in the weight room with a bit of a more hardcore flourish, working both ends of that tight little body at once. Four free movies of this talented lass having lesbo muscle sex at the link…

Muscle Milf Lesbian Sex Movies

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New Muscle Girls at HD Physiques

Muscle Girl Picture Muscle Girl Picture
Muscle Girl Picture Muscle Girl Picture
Here’s your new amazing amazons joining the HD Physiques lineup these last few weeks. Clockwise from top left we have the adorable light heavyweight NPC Jr. Nationals competitor Dominique Durand, followed by 23 year-old NPC bodybuilder Aleesha Young sporting her almost 17″ biceps. Most of you know the next two: smoking hot Karen Zaremba with those abs of steel and rock solid IFBB Pro Nadia Nardi. I’m really amazed with all the new girls and updates going on at HD Physiques, they are really coming on strong.

High Def Movies Clips:
Dominique Durand | Aleesha Young | Karen Zaremba | Nadia Nardi

HD Physiques Website

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