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Hottest Nude Muscle Girl Movie Ever?

Click For Free Movie!

Click on this movie and tell me this isn’t the most sexy muscle girl you’ve ever laid your eyes on. It starts out pretty hot, ramps up fast, and about half-way through it just hits you like a ton of bricks. Enjoy!

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Bodybuilder Girl Vs Martial Artist Girl

I Wonder Who Would Win Such A Match
Well maybe we can find the answer as we take a peek in on the fast and furious action between a stealthy cat-like ninja going up against the more brawn and beefy muscle girl, though I have a feeling we may be in for a bit of a surprise ending.

More Girl/Girl Fighting Movies Here

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Betty Weider .. The Original Fitness Babe

Fitness Girl Betty Weider Fitness Girl Betty Weider
Va Va Voom!
Before she married one of the founding fathers of modern bodybuilding, Joe Weider, Betty Brosner got her start at the age of 13 appearing in the Sears & Roebuck catalog, and before the age of 20 had won over 50 beauty contests. She went on to grace the covers of over 300 books and magazines showing off that famous hourglass figure. She made quite a name for herself appearing in cheesecake and pulp magazine covers like the one above. When she married Joe she gave up the modeling career and became featured in his growing empire of muscle & fitness magazines. Still going strong in her 70′s as a member of the Olympic Committee on Physical Fitness, you’ve got to give it up for her… thats one heck of a Gal!

The Betty Zone   Great Tribute Website: bio, 4 galleries, articles and more
Betty Brosner Fan Site   11 Fantastic Galleries of Betty’s Pulp Magazine Days
Betty on YouTube    Retro Cheesecake Video

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Muscle Babe Valentina Chepiga Pictures & Movies

Ms Olympia 2000 Showing Off That Gorgeous Muscled Body
Originally from Kharkov, Ukraine and now residing in the Pacific Northwest, Valentina has to be considered one of the all time greats in the female bodybuilding universe. That well cut profile stands 5′ 5″ at 135 pounds with measurements of 34C-24-35. I made a small picture gallery of one of her several photo shoots at Shemuscle that gives a good look at this striking green eyed amazon.

Valentina Chepiga Picture Gallery
More Nude Muscle Girls Here At ShemuscleGym

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Denise Rutkowski Movie

Denise Rutkowski Picture
Shake That Ass!
I came across this movie clip of a very young and tight bodied Denise Rutkowski that gives a pretty good feel for how she looked back in those early days. So early the movie is in black & white! Which gives it a bit of a retro look you could say, but the original soundtrack sounded like Guy Lombardo on a thorazine drip, so I’ve updated that with a fresher beat. Denise puts on a very sexy striptease show for us and eventually goes topless, showing off that sexy muscular physique she is so well known for. Enjoy!


Hot Muscle Girl Melinda McNabb

FBB Picture

At The Intersection Of Strength & Beauty
Every now and then I run across a picture or a video like the ones above and ponder to myself how Melinda McNabb never got a wider appreciation and respect for that rock solid muscular physique fused with her great looks. Just an unbelievable highly defined torso, abs  and  back that I think is right up there with anybody you’d care to name. A real stunner…

Early Contest Clip of Melinda McNabb

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Ahmo Hight Sex Scenes

Sexy Fitness Girl Nude Sex Movies
The Former Ms Fitness USA Gets A Good ‘Workout’
As you may have noticed, last week’s post of the Playboy movie clip featuring Christine Lydon & Ahmo Hight was removed and deleted off the server. I’ve added a new Christine Lydon nude beach scene movie to that previous post, and with this post we finish off the make-up call with four free movies of a very hot and nude Ahmo Hight getting her freak on in bed with some hot sex scenes!

Ahmo Hight Sex Movies

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Nude & Natural: Ahmo Hight and Christine Lydon Movie

Sexy Clip From Playboy’s Hard Bodies Video
Well heres a really nice movie featuring two well known fitness babes, along with Playboy Playmate Kona Carmack. Christine Lydon is a fitness supermodel, writer and physician, and Ahmo Hight is another well known swimsuit and fitness model who won the Ms Fitness USA tournament. Just a fantastic video that is artistic and well made featuring sexy nude hard bodies done right, even if it does skip a bit along the way.

*Movie was deleted at host site..sub’d with cheapo trailer

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Mercedes Khani Video & Pics

Mercedes Khani PictureMercedes Khani PictureMercedes Khani PictureMercedes Khani PictureMercedes Khani Picture

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The Worlds First Persian IFBB Figure Pro
A true exotic fitness beauty with a definite sensual aura, Mercedes boasts an impressive resume including everything from fitness competitions, magazines, televisions to radio appearances. That gorgeous buff physique rises to 5’6″ in stature and comes equipped with a foxy 34C-25-35 figure. Call me nuts, but the more I look at her the more she reminds me of Kim Kardashian. Follow the link below for more free movies and pictures of this one of a kind muscle babe.

More Mercedes Khani Here At ShemuscleGym


Poolside With Krisztina Sereny
Looks Like Its Time to Inspect The Flotation Devices
A little movie to remind you of warmer days that were, and yet to come, as we slog through the depths of midwinter here in the Northern Hemisphere. And if that was not enough to warm your spirits I tossed in a picture gallery of Krisztina posing on the beach to get you over the hump.

Krisztina Sereny Picture Gallery
Krisztina’s Website

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Blonde Assassin Gets It Done

Some Fast Twitch Muscle Action
I sure like the way this gorgeous little minx puts her bra on. This small clip is taken from the movie DOA: Dead or Alive, a 2006 martial arts film loosely based on the Tecmo/Team Ninja fighting videogame series Dead or Alive. The alluring Holly Valance plays Master Assassin Christie Allen who has met up with a few mugs who offer a trifling annoyance that she quickly dispenses with.

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Denise Masino Movie Trailer

Ms. Muscle Elegance Hits The Big Screen
Movie blurb byline: In this wild and kinky cult classic, international women’s bodybuilding champion Denise Masino makes her film debut as the baddest-ass vampire ever as she bites, kicks, and sucks her way to a showdown with the devoutly religious vampire hunter whose hatred for her is as deep as his lust!   -  Blood & Kisses should be released later this year in May, so keep your eyes open.

BLOOD & KISSES Official Website

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Body Builders In Heat 7

Body Builders In Heat 7 Bodybuilders In Heat 7
French Champion Bodybuilder Into Some Lesbian Muscle Play
Winner of the WABBA World Championships a few years back, FBB Diva Francesca Petitjean is featured here in these video clips from the famed Body Builders In Heat series. Francesca gets some loving muscle worship from a girl before she gets down to action. Heres five clips to give you a small taste of this series.

Body Builders In Heat 7

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Victoria Roberts Pumping It

Nude Fitness Girl
Buff Blonde Keeping In Shape
Heres Victoria Roberts, real name Lucie Haluzikova, showing us a few curls in the gym in a movie clip from Action Girls. She is a porn star who has also gone by the names Leona, Lucie H., Tatiane & Stella Dalmoore. Once again giving evidence how much more sexy a toned body enhances the female form. Click on the link below to view the movie which also has two other clips showing her doing some gunplay and booty massaging.

Free Victoria Roberts Movies at Actiongirls

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Figure Model Diana Tyuleneva at DIYMUSCLE

The delightful Diana featured in an earlier post here has shown up in a new movie at DIYMuscle giving us another look at that gorgeous buff physique as she works out in the gym.

Diana Tyuleneva-Decesare’s MySpace Page

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Crazy Cam Nurse Encore Performance

Prescription for the Hollidays
Her Hotness returns yet again with a familiar soundtrack exposing a little bit more of her buffalicious bod than before as she dances, flexes and teases us sensually to put us all in a trance.

Crazy Cam Nurse Fan Club at ifriends

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