Can You Handle Renné Toney?

This is one muscle girl who brings out the full spectrum of comments from ‘Wow she is nothing short of Awesome’ to ‘Holy shit that is just too Freaking Far’. Originally from Brazil, she looks like she escaped from one of our morph galleries right into our present reality. It’s hard to find much information on her but Wikipedia informs us Renné Toney has some of the largest biceps of any woman in the world. In February 2006, Toney’s biceps were measured at the Arnold Classic Expo. Officials measured her right biceps at 20″ and her left biceps at 20 ¼”. She achieved her physique after 20 years of training.  Another source had this to say about her, ‘Renné Toney is a very private person. She has a quiet intellect and a deep still personality. Most of this is overlooked due to her extreme muscularity. It seems that she will be defined by her muscle size in the eyes of most observers. To do this is only to see the obvious.’ I think there is more to Renné than meets the eye and hopefully we will learn more of the story someday of this special muscle girl.

Crazy Cam Nurse Muscle Mix

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The Hottest Webcam Muscle Girl Around Sizzles Again
Here she is once more to enchant us with her exotic dark beauty, hypnotize us with her rock hard body and pulsating biceps as a feisty Carpathian rhythm sets the beat. You have to love how this muscle girl always comes up with a creative flair to showcase herself and one wonders just how freaky and crazy she gets on the webcam, hey they don’t call her _crazycam_nurse for nothing…

Crazy Cam Nurse Fan Club

Denise Masino

Muscle Girl Denise Masino Picture

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Here’s a video clip of the Chairman of the Board herself, Denise Masino, as she reclines in her red leather chair, loosens up the tie, and takes a break from a busy day at the office to give us a few flexes and a smile to remind us why she is indeed the CEO of her muscle girl empire. With those solid guns of muscle and a perfectly proportioned body its nice to see she can do without the formality of pants and suit. I’ve always had the feeling this is one woman who can walk the walk and exude that confidence that seems to come so naturally to her. Check out the picture gallery below for a good example of Denise in her element..

Nude Muscle Girl Denise Masino Picture Gallery

Fishnet Fetish Muscle

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Diva Kris from Fetish Muscle puts on her finest fishnet stockings and gives us a little show as she flaunts that long legged buff body from her painted toenails to that rock hard ass to her silky blonde hair. I can still remember being in grade school like about 8 or 9 years old and being mesmerized by the girls in their fishnet stockings, I guess we all have to start somewhere. Follow the link below for a picture gallery from this movie shoot for a more detailed look of this Diva from Fetish Muscle.

Fishnet Fetish Picture Gallery

The Highway Amazon

Here’s the trailer for the movie Highway Amazon, whose byline informs us, ‘this is the strange saga of Christine Fetzer, a female bodybuilder who travels the country wrestling men on beds in hotel rooms. Between ‘sessions,’ she discusses her unique method of earning a living and talks about her former career as an exotic dancer. After pulling down a couple of beers, she even spills the beans about bodybuilders and drugs!’ Some of you may know Christine Fetzer from the name she uses professionally, Christine Rocks, who is an American bodybuilder, model and wrestler. Here’s what Joe Bob’s Ultimate B Movie Guide had to say about the movie, ‘One mangled but intact body. Two breasts. Five drops blood. Thigh-crushing. Moaning. Leg-twisting. Bewtock- groping. Tummy-squatting. Neck-crunching. Roadside aerobics. One growth-hormone diatribe. Beach posing. Client-lifting. Stomach- punching. Hollywood Boulevard micro-skirt sequence. Gratuitous lap dance, sans lap. Black leather bikini Fu. Christine’s best line: “They wanna be overpowered–they wanna feel your strength– they love having their head squeezed.’ The movie is available at the Cult Films Site along with other movies of Christine, and there are a few more preview clips at the bottom.

Highway Amazon at Cult Films

Fitness Milf Brandi Love Movies

Fitness Milf Picture

Brandi Love returns to us with a few porn clips as she gets busy in the saddle and rides the jizzum trail once again. Brandi is 5’7″ tall, weighs in at 125 pounds and has a hardbody 36-25-36 physique thanks to her working out in the gym so much. Brandi says about herself, “One of the true passions in my life is SEX! I crave it.  The erotic sounds, the sensual smells, the pleasurable touch….. Sex for me is a wonderful journey through emotional and sensory overload.  I view my sexuality as a gift. A gift is meant to be enjoyed, cherished and shared with friends!

Fitness Milf Brandi Love Movies

Susana Spears Exercises

Susana Spears Picture

Adult supermodel and fitness girl Susana Spears has an ongoing video workout series at BodyRock.Tv that looks like quite a step up from the old days of Denise Austin and she’s already past 100 videos and counting. Susana just passed her final exam and will soon be a ISSA certified personal trainer, and judging from these videos she is quite serious and knowledgeable about fitness and health. But don’t let that stop you from drooling along as she goes through all the sexy motions covering everything from belly dancing to bikini workouts to pole dancing.

Susana Spears’s Website

Actiongirls Are Fit Girls

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If your an Actiongirl you better be a fit girl who can deal with a futuristic world where menacing gangs ravage and loot the cities and towns searching for new victims and prey. Flamethrowers, machine guns, grenade launchers and automatic rifles are a heavy load on these girls physiques so they stay in shape keeping those taut bodies in tip top condition. Here’s a movie showing them swimming, exercising, biking, boxing and going through all the motions to stay on top of their game.

More Action Here at Actiongirls…

Goddess Heather Femdom Session

Goddess Heather Picture Goddess Heather Picture Goddess Heather Picture
Female Bodybuilder Picture
A Mere Mortal Must Serve Her Goddess
Champion female bodybuilder and lifestyle dominatrix Goddess Heather commandeers her female slave, Lena Ramon, and puts her through the gauntlet of femdom pleasures ranging from muscle worship and pussy eating to ass licking and a hard whipping. Such are the delights and pleasures accorded to this buff muscled diva who stands 5’7″  with the 36D-24-34 hardbody physique.

More Goddess Heather Here

Melissa Dettwiller’s Bouncing Boobies

I ask you, does anyone really do it any better than female bodybuilder Mel D.? Love that impish smile she gives us as she puts on a good show of  some magical muscle control. Last time I checked, the Blonde Bomber checked in with a buffalicious 38DD-25-34 figure, 14″ biceps, 15″ calves and a contest weight of 134 pounds.

Nude Melissa Dettwiller Here and Over Here

Playboy’s All Natural Jill Williams

Jill Williams Picture
Okay, not the most muscled up babe here by any stretch, but still a great figure and she is athletically inclined. Jill was a NFL cheerleader for 2 years, and she loves being active like playing soccer, volleyball, softball or basketball. She specs out at 23 years old, 5’7″, 145 pounds with a tight 34C-29-40 figure. Playboy preview pics and movie at the the link.

Jill’s Nude Picture Gallery
NFL Cheerleader Jill Williams at Playboy

Brazilian Bodybuilder Anne Freitas

Female Bodybuilder Anne Freitas Picture Female Bodybuilder Anne Freitas Picture
The Brazilian Version Of Melissa Dettwiller
She’s a blonde bombshell from Brazil with the insane ass and quads that just screams sexy muscle girl in the house. I think the breast implants are a bit much, but this buff babe has certainly put in hard work at the weight room, and looks like she has the solid foundation of a physique to develop into someone like a Yaxeni Oriquen. A hot little picture gallery and movie awaits your pleasure at the link below …

Female Bodybuilder Anne Freitas Pictures & Movie

Body Builders In Heat 16

Bodybuilders in heat 16 picture
Hard Bodies, juicy pussies, nasty hard pounding sex, all in a days workout! So states the byline on this muscle girl movie starring IFBB bodybuilder Rhonda Lee Quaresma along with Cherokee, Vandalia, and Nikita Devine. Rhonda is 5’1″ 36D-26-34 with best lifts of: squats 315 lbs. – bench 225 lbs. – shoulder press 135 lbs. – leg press 900 lbs – bicep curls 115 lbs. Five free clips of Rhonda in some hot & heavy action at the link…

Body Builders In Heat 16  Movie Clips

Nude Female Bodybuilder: Kim Birtch

Nude Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder Picture

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There’s that certain thickness to Kim Birtch that really amps up the look for this powerful muscle girl. Such is the luck of being blessed with some awesome genetics along with a lot of hard work in the weight room to create this solid 5’5″ tall physique with the buff 43-26-38 figure. Kim hails from Canada, where she won the Best Female Posing Award last year at the Canadian Nationals, and has her sites set on competing at the Ms Olympia in the future. This video and pictures are from some of her many layouts at ShemuscleGym, and do follow the link below to see more nude pictures and movies of this sexy muscle babe…

More Nude Muscle Girls Here At Shemuscle

Muscle Whackage

Female Wrestler Queen Raqui Picture Female Midget Assassin Picture
Female Muscle Cosplay Picture Vera de Milo Muscle Girl Picture
It’s a four-way whack attack featuring a few waves you might have missed out on during your internet surfari. Starting clockwise from the top we have the one and only 6′4″ Amazon wrestler Queen Raqui who weighs in at a robust 600 pounds. Squashing, wrestling, crushing & trampling takes on a whole new meaning in this Queen’s realm. Next up at the other end of the dial, we have Hot Pocket, a 34″ buffed out midget assassin from the movie Bitch Slap, whose signature line is “Get your nuts ‘outta my face!” After that comes a feature titled Buffed, Beautiful and Bitchin’ starring Vera de Milo, who just might give you second thoughts on hardbody girls. And finally we take a look at the latest fetish fun from Japan featuring muscle cosplay…cosplay being short for ‘costume play’. Click on the pictures for your muscle girl whackage…

Nude Female Bodybuilder: Amanda Folstad

Female Bodybuilder Amanda Folstad PictureFemale Bodybuilder Amanda Folstad Picture

100% Certified Organic
If you like your muscle girls all natural without any enhanced flavoring then Amanda is your girl. Venus has really been coming up with some wholesome goodness of late featuring these kind of genuine physiques .. like Allison Moyer, and now Amanda Folstad. This 5-foot-7 blonde from Mesa, Arizona started out in figure competition and right off the bat in her first show, was told she was too muscular and too lean. All for the better it looks like, as Amanda just won the heavyweight division a few months ago at the Excalibur Figure & Bodybuilding Show. Looks like a bright future ahead for this sexy muscle girl.

More Amanda Folstad Nude Pictures Here