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Red Hot Lesbian Muscle Girls

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We now resume with the continuing sexcapades of KO and Muscle Tease as they explore the succulent fruits each one has to offer the other one. What I really like about these videos is the total obliviousness to the camera, as if it was not even there. They just come off as naturally expressing themselves without any pretensions and you get the feeling this is how they really react to one another. You can catch up on the previous episode of these two muscle minxes here.



Kristy Enos Picture

This super sexy IFBB PRO Champion Bodybuilder, a.k.a. Kristy Enos, has been modeling for 15 years now and her many clients include Playboy, Shemuscle, Smartphones, HD Physiques, Hollister Western Ware, LimeLite Limos,,, etc, as well as being a spokesmodel for Jameson Liquor, Jack Daniels, and Hive Promotions.

Kristy Enos Pictures
Yasmin at Shemuscle


World Cup Girls

Female Bodybuilder PictureHot Girls playing soccer Picture
Soccer Girls PictureFutbol Girls Picture


Mowi Wowie

Nude Female Bodybuilder Monica Mollica Picture

Female Bodybuilder Monica Mowi’s website is still down and after all this time the masses are demanding access to excess. So here’s a few choice nude pictures of this Swedish muscle girl along with a video showing off that thick solid physique of hers that makes you want to howl at the moon.

Monica Mowi Nude Pictures & Movie


Monsta Muscle Girls

NPC Figure Competitor Amanda Loy Picture
Female Bodybuilder Danielle Reardon Picture

Amanda Loy is The Tiny Titan, all of four feet tall and weighing in at 72 pounds this groundbreaking muscle girl contending in her first ever tournament just won the NPC Natural Western USA Figure Competition in March a few months ago. She was born with hypochondroplasia, which is a form of dwarfism that signifies her appearance stays in proportion, and what beautiful figure this woman sports. With Jodi Leigh Miller at 4’11″ tall, and Barbara Fletcher at 4’9″ we now have a new benchmark set that may well last a long long time. Absolutely a real cutie who pushed herself beyond the limits. And below Amanda is the original Monsta Muscle Girl herself, Danielle Reardon who is an IFBB PRO now competing in the women’s physique division. She has just an unbelievably muscled physique ripped to the nines and still keeps her sizzlin’ hot looks held high. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of her till now but we’ll definitely be following where ever this Monsta goes.

Amanda Loy:  Her Website Pictures  |  Pictures @ JD Lewis Photography
Danielle Reardon: Picture Gallery


Naturally Built Muscle Woman

Nude Muscle Woman Johanna Dejager Screen cap

I guess I’m late to the party, but I hadn’t realized Canadian female bodybuilder Johanna Dejager had her own website at one time, which I’m sad to report is no longer in existence . The Blond Bomber had quite a long and successful career in bodybuilding competitions from the mid 90′s until about 5 years ago and took pride in herself by staying natural and forgoing any chemical enhancements. So you’ve watched the video and bummed out she didn’t really show anything, uh oh, well not to worry, here’s some milk and cookies.

FBB Johanna Dejager Video


Muscle Girl Needs A Dance Partner

Catherine Holland Screencap Picture
Fitness Model Catherine Holland PictureFitness Model Catherine Holland PictureFitness Model Catherine Holland PictureFitness Model Catherine Holland Picture

Unbelievably Catherine Holland just got stood up by her date and sadly has no one to dance with now. So here she is ready to entice you with that delicious hardbody of hers in hopes you’ll join her in this sweet charade. She’s in the mood, in her prime and ready to devour you .. what are you waiting for?

Catherine Holland’s Website


Sexy Muscle Fembot

Fembot Muscle Girl Screencap Picture

Looks like it’s time to explore strange new worlds and to seek out new life, or in this case cybernetic life. Set in a futuristic world where mad scientist abound, Dr. Ashley Fires is the architect of a line of exotic fembots that are programmed for everything from sexual servitude to domestic service. Our muscular fembot here has gone rogue and needed to be reset which the good doctor was able to accomplish sending in a security fembot who uses her magic laser tit-rays to subdue her before re-calibrating her with some vigorous pussy stimulation using a Mark VII vibrator.

The Fun Continues Here


Dirty Muscle Girl BrandiMae

Nude Female Bodybuilder BrandiMae Screencap

Muscle girl BrandiMae enjoys all her muscles, but as she flexes her hard biceps and teases you with her muscle control of her pecs, she confides that her favorite muscle isn’t those, or her ripped abs, legs or glutes – it’s her pussy.

Muscle Babe BrandiMae Video

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Six Muscle Babes

Fitness Model Virginia Toth PictureFitness Model Penpraghai Tiangngok PictureFitness Model Lisa Carrodus Picture
Fitness Photographer Andre Arruda PictureNude Muscle Model Wanda Moore PictureFitness Model Flavia Crisos Picture

Starting off with a nod to the previous post we have a picture gallery of Hungarian fitness beauty Virginia Toth. Next is Thai Muscle Goddess Penpraghai Tiangngok who is just as jaw dropping beautiful as she is strong. NABBA / WFF Universe title winner Lisa Carrodus finishes off the top row strong before we start the next row with a small picture gallery from photographer Andre Arrudo featuring an interesting camera style. Champion Female Bodybuilder Wanda Moore has slipped into her best fishnet stockings for you and is ready to put on a show. Bringing up the rear in true Brazilian Bubble Butt style is a gallery from fitness model Flavia Crisos.


Fitness Exposure

Zsuzsanna Toldi Picture
Melinda Szabo Picture
Fitness Girl 2 PictureFitness Girl 3 PictureFitness Girl 4 PictureFitness Girl 1 Picture

I’ve covered Hungarian Fitness Photographer Zoltan Vegh’s work before and now that he’s got his website up chock full of awesome pictures and videos of some of Hungary’s hottest hardbodies I thought it would be good to give you a small taste of what he has featured over there. And do check out his YouTube channel as well with 190 sizzling videos also. I’m telling you these Hungarian fitness models could give Finland a run for the money on who has the most beauiful fitness foxes per capita…

Fitness Exposure



Model Muscles Picture

I’m happy to report the new muscle girl website Model Muscles has just opened its doors with ‘Sizzling bodybuilding babes featuring 100% exclusive content and is packed with tons of erotic videos and photo sets of ripped and toned models showing off in and out of the gym‘. Tons of muscle girls indeed with many of the top muscle models in the game you’ll recognize and a few more I had never seen before. Check out the link below for a sample gallery of some of the goodies you’ll find there and I would greatly urge you to check out the main page that is sporting 82 free one minute clips of some of the hottest hardbodies around.

Model Muscles Picture Gallery


Krisztina Sereny

Nude fitness model Krisztina Sereny Picture

A fresh update of pictures and a movie from the first fitness pro to get on the cover of Playboy worldwide. She’s been hitting the gym more of late to get her muscles stronger and bigger, which is always a good thing, as long as her bust-line doesn’t get any bigger as well.

Krisztina Sereny Movie & Pictures


Glory Hole Muscle Girls Encore Performance

Female Muscle Pornstar Gina Picture
Female Muscle Pornstar Treu Picture

Our two female muscle pornstars are back at the gloryhole and on their knees ready to show you they have been working on their technique and improving their seductive skills in the art of fellatio. Previous movies covered here.

Gina at the Glory Hole II    |    Treu at the Glory Hole II


Big Muscles! Big Clit! Big Nipples!

Nude Female Bodybuilder Denise Masino Picture

The most well endowed muscle girl on the internet is offering up her big, juicy clit and succulent hard nipples in this movie showing off all the special assets this nude female bodybuilder has to seduce you with.

Nude Female Bodybuilder Denise Masino Movie & Pictures


Go To Town You Sexy Bitch

Lesbian Muscle Girls Scene Picture

Here’s two of our favorite muscle girls KO and Muscle Tease getting hot and heavy on a bed of delight. They’re wrestling and caressing, kissing and dissing all the way to a close encounter of the 3rd kind.


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