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Glory Hole Muscle Girls Encore Performance

Female Muscle Pornstar Gina Picture
Female Muscle Pornstar Treu Picture

Our two female muscle pornstars are back at the gloryhole and on their knees ready to show you they have been working on their technique and improving their seductive skills in the art of fellatio. Previous movies covered here.

Gina at the Glory Hole II    |    Treu at the Glory Hole II


Big Muscles! Big Clit! Big Nipples!

Nude Female Bodybuilder Denise Masino Picture

The most well endowed muscle girl on the internet is offering up her big, juicy clit and succulent hard nipples in this movie showing off all the special assets this nude female bodybuilder has to seduce you with.

Nude Female Bodybuilder Denise Masino Movie & Pictures


Go To Town You Sexy Bitch

Lesbian Muscle Girls Scene Picture

Here’s two of our favorite muscle girls KO and Muscle Tease getting hot and heavy on a bed of delight. They’re wrestling and caressing, kissing and dissing all the way to a close encounter of the 3rd kind.


Miscellaneous Muscle

 Melyssa Buhl PictureFemale Bodybuilder Nikki Warner Picture
Muscular Grandma PictureMuscle girl art photograph

Top row features two muscle girls who have taken down their websites: Melyssa Buhl and Nikki Warner. I could make a weekly post on these sites going down, actually I think I am, anyways a few pix to remember them by. Bottom row starts off with a feisty old grandma with muscles who says ‘eat your peas sonny or expect a beating.’ The last offering is something I found cleaning up my hard-drive and have no idea where it came from, or why I saved it for that matter, presented here for sideshow amusement purposes only.


Jill Rudison

Female Physique Competitor Jill Rudison Picture

I’ve had a few “Whoa, who is this babe?” when this buff blonde shows up around here, so here’s a bit about her and some new pictures as well. Jill is an IFBB Physique Pro Competitor living the dream in Venice California. Her personal motto is “Live hard. Train harder. And look like a total badass while doing it!” and she recently had this to say about herself, “After being double-dog dared by IFBB Fitness Pro Maria Bellando to enter the Southern States Figure show in 2003, my future in the sport was written. I’m a Leo, a fierce competitor, determined, strong-willed and focused. I have trained for years to get where I am now…finally winning my Pro Card in Physique in 2012 at the North Americans. I know who I am and what I believe…and that’s all I need to know. Live hard. Train harder.” Well there’s no stopping her now and we’ll be looking forward to seeing where this delicious muscle girl takes us in the future.

Jill Rudison:   Picture Gallery   |    Movie & Pictures at Shemuscle Gym


Suzy Kellner

Female Bodybuilder Suzy KellnerPicture

This Hungarian muscle girl has her own website now showing off her awesome physique that won her first place championships in several competitions. Amazingly Suzy was hospitalized for gross anorexia as a teenager and decided to hit the gym to overcome the disease.

Suzy Kellner Nude Photo Gallery & Movie


Santa Baby

Who better to ring in the holidays with than the divine Ms. Catherine Holland.

Catherine Holland Pictures:  Gallery One   |   Gallery Two


Glory Hole Muscle Girls

Female Bodybuilder Porn Star PictureMuscle Girl Porn Star Picture

A couple of pornstar muscle girls have decided to expand their talents and pad the resume by taking up work at Glory Hole Secrets, and in this economy who could blame them? Gina looks like a natural grabbing all the gusto she can handle squeezing every last drop of cum out of his cock eating it like it’s candy. Treu is a fitness chick with a huge appetite for cum and her pussy is dripping wet and starts masturbating while jerking this cock off until he adds his cum to her already cum covered body.

Gina at the Glory Hole    |    Treu at the Glory Hole


The Devil Girl With Muscles

Naked Muscle Girl Abby Marie Movie and Pictures

I think Abby Marie could of gone trick or treating in this sexy little outfit and gotten all the treats she could handle with a wink and a smile. She’s a married MILF from Texas who likes to jump in the saddle reverse cowgirl style and ride the jizm trail with those pert 32 DD’s of hers.

Muscle Girl Abby Marie Nude Movie and Pictures


Muscle Tease Movie

Female Bodybuilder Muscle Tease Picture

Here’s a sweet clip of this sexy Canadian female bodybuilder posing topless and showing off that spectacular muscular physique of hers. She’s posing here for a defunct website that was called Maxposuremodels and judging from the soundtrack it wasn’t too recent of a shoot. That’s right Bo-Bo, we’re all getting ideas now .. just too much delicious woman for just one man.

Nude Muscle Tease Movie Clip


Muscle Melody

Muscle Girls Music Picture
Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Dina Al-Sabah Picture
Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

Hey check out this music video by Montreal DJ/Remixer Kaytranada featuring three muscle girls going through the motions to the beats, how often do we get to see that? The blonde below is “The Gym Diva” who along with being a fitness model is also a bikini competitor & certified personal trainer. On her right is the renown figure competitor Dina Al-Sabah who along with creating that delicious body of hers also holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s in Telecommunications and Computers, as well as an MBA! Bottom row starts off with a picture gallery from World Class Professional Bodybuilding Champion Skadi Frei and our last entry is Celeste Bonin modeling at FitFoxes which is photographer Dan Ray’s newest online adventure.


Marina Lopez

Nude Female Bodybuilder Marina Lopez Picture Female Bodybuilder Marina Lopez Movie

A couple of tasty treats to enjoy today from this gorgeous IFBB Pro Bodybuilder from the Mile High City. Marina is showing off her curves and big muscles as she poses and flexes before she turns around and shows us her hard back, legs and ass. As the Lady in Red Marina is all dolled up in her elegant satin dress and ready for a night on the town. She touches and caresses her big strong muscles and flexes every inch of her hard body as she stands nude.


Muscle Milf Pornstar Deauxma

Female Pornstar Muscles PictureFemale Pornstar Muscles PictureFemale Pornstar Muscles PictureFemale Pornstar Muscles Picture
Nude Muscle Girl Pornstar Picture

Her name is pronounced “doe-mae” although she sometimes pronounces it just as “Do Me”. Born in Würzburg, Germany and now making her home in San Antonio Texas she says ‘I love tall men with huge cocks that smell good and slim women that are real lesbians or bisexual females that love to kiss. I’m a girly girl and enjoy playing with women that are pretty and keep themselves in shape.’ As you can see Deauxma likes to keep that body of hers hard and hot as well. Lots more free movies and pictures of this milfy muscle pornstar at the link below.

Pornstar Deauxma at Naughty America


Muscle Girl KO Hard As Fuck

Nude Female Fitness Picture

Yes she’s moved to Australia, won 1st place at the 2012 Australian Women’s Arm Wrestling Championship and married the CEO of an Australian professional rugby league football club but here she is back to remind you she is still hard as fuck and she isn’t about to give it up, no way, no how…

Note: On the movie page click on the small silver boxes stating “Close Ad and Watch as Free User” and “Start Video Now” Ignore all pop-ups and warnings.

Muscle Girl KO Movie


Muscle Tease

Nude Female Bodybuilder Muscle Tease Picture

She’s an all-natural bodybuilder and personal trainer as well as a massage therapist from Ontario, Canada who kind of reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence, well that is if Jennifer worked her ass off in the gym. Interesting fact is she’s never competed in any competitions, more of a recreational bodybuilder you could say, but she clearly has a passion for bodybuilding as a lifestyle. Also check out the previous post on this delicious muscle babe for an earlier picture gallery of her.

Muscle Tease Picture Gallery
Muscle Tease Videos


Nude Abs Workout

Nude Fitness Girl Catherine Holland Picture

Muscle bunny Catherine Holland is getting ready for upcoming competitions by working out the abs in these takes from one of her movies. She’s making a name for herself lately as a personal trainer with an ever expanding stable of clients entering competitions in figure, fitness, bikini and bodybuilding.

Nude Picture Gallery: Catherine Holland


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