Severa & Sereny

Goddess Severa PictureFemale Bodybuilder Kriszti Picture

A 6’5” Amazon who combines both the beauty of a model with the kinkiness of a Dominatrix, and the strength of a former professional athlete with the skill of a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It could only be Goddess Severa, who weighs in at 180 pounds, with 42 1/2 DD ballistic cones. 7 years experience as a professional dominatrix, three years in a NYC based theater group and a natural interest in role playing has given her an enviable amount of skills in the field of dominance and submission. If you’ve ever wanted to be beaten- in whatever form- by a beautiful Amazon woman, this unique lady, is the one to do it. And to even things out, a picture gallery from Krisztina Sereny looking in so very fine form.

Art Bomb

Muscle Girl Art PictureGiantess Muscle Girl Art Picture
Muscle Girl Art PictureMuscle Girl Art Picture
Muscle Girl Art PictureMuscle Girl Art Picture
Muscle Girl Art Picture

Looks like it’s that time to expose yourself to art. Top row we start off with a link to the Kinky Rocket website, purveyors of fine fetish art including Female Muscle Growth comics and other goodies. Next up is a link to Giantess Fan which is a collective of writers and artist creating high-quality Giantess comics (sample comic). On the second row we link to Brazilian artist  ~sgcaio who really has a nice graphic technique to his work that punches out the art dynamically. Next up is the Neo-Queendom blog with a gob of good Japanese muscle girl art, just hit Next at the bottom of the pages and keep on chugging.  Third row starts off with a gallery link to professional artist Lyman Dally who some of you will know as creator of Quadra-Blu. Do you have a thing for furry muscle girls? The next link will take you to a collection of 730 of them purring and flexing. And the final picture is to an epic art panel that shows a scene of the Amazons of the Hellenic Age fighting off the hordes.

Giantess Goddess Severa

Giantess PictureGiantess PictureGiantess Picture
Giantess PictureGiantess PictureGiantess Picture
Giantess PictureGiantess PictureGiantess Picture

Goddess Severa stands 6’5″ in her stocking feet (over 7 feet tall in heels) and has this to say for herself, ‘I embody all of the best qualities of a true Amazon Goddess and thanks to a combination of intelligence, beauty, height, athleticism and innate kinkiness, I am the Alpha Female of all your dreams. Stylistically, I combine seduction with manipulation, sweetness with cruelty and am adept at bringing out the submissive side of even the most reluctant. I’m an ex-professional athelete and model and am now a Dominatrix and wrestler with extensive training in boxing and a three stripe purple belt in ju-jitsu‘.

Goddess Severa’s Website

Four Hot Muscle Girls

Female Bodybuilder Yelena Mishurin Picture Female Fitness Model Claudia Sofronia Picture
Female Bodybuilder Eva Kovalainen Picture World's Tallest Figure Competitor Casie Leigh Picture

Some  muscle babe links for your viewing pleasure. Starting at the top left corner and working clockwise we have hardbody Yelena Mishurin, winner of championships in St. Petersburg Russia and Eastern Europe, followed by the drop dead gorgeous Claudia Sofronia, a fitness competitor based in Florida. Next up is the “World’s Tallest Figure Competitor” Casie Leigh who comes in at a sexy 6′-2″ 175 lbs. And finally we have the very hot 22 years old bodybuilder from Finland, Eva Kovalainen. Just click the pictures to visit the sexy muscle girl of your choice.

World’s Tallest Model

Tall Model Picture

Her name is Eve, and she’s an Australian ‘model’ measuring nearly 7 feet (205cm). She’s looking in rather buff shape here and does a few flexes for us in the article to good effect. Ten pictures and a movie at the link for your viewing pleasure.

Eve, World’s Tallest Model

Muscle Whackage

Female Wrestler Queen Raqui Picture Female Midget Assassin Picture
Female Muscle Cosplay Picture Vera de Milo Muscle Girl Picture
It’s a four-way whack attack featuring a few waves you might have missed out on during your internet surfari. Starting clockwise from the top we have the one and only 6′4″ Amazon wrestler Queen Raqui who weighs in at a robust 600 pounds. Squashing, wrestling, crushing & trampling takes on a whole new meaning in this Queen’s realm. Next up at the other end of the dial, we have Hot Pocket, a 34″ buffed out midget assassin from the movie Bitch Slap, whose signature line is “Get your nuts ‘outta my face!” After that comes a feature titled Buffed, Beautiful and Bitchin’ starring Vera de Milo, who just might give you second thoughts on hardbody girls. And finally we take a look at the latest fetish fun from Japan featuring muscle cosplay…cosplay being short for ‘costume play’. Click on the pictures for your muscle girl whackage…