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Fetish Girl Wenona Picture

A tip of the hat to commentator Bob who in a previous post pointed us to these educational movies where the girls encourage the boys to beat their meat. And who better a teacher than the muscle chanteuse herself .. Wenona. She coaches you to stroke on cue 1, 2, 3, 4! It takes practice to work out your dick muscle, but she is asking you to pull 20 reps and she even counts it out for you! In the second movie Wenona goes Yoga on us and puts on a display of sexy contortions all the while rubbing her pussy and telling you she wants you to blow your load all over her. Her yoga workout is nearly done, so she gives you ten seconds to finish yourself off today…

Erotic Nude Yoga

Nude Yoga Girl Picture

Here’s a great website featuring Vivastra-kama yoga (nude erotic yoga), described as ‘a discipline to be practiced as a sequence of postures (asanas), in cooperation with and under the eye of a partner, who may be a teacher, a student, or, by preference, a lover.‘ Our beautiful yogini is the multi-talented Wenona who we usually find tied-up and bound suffering through some serious BDSM or on the wrestling mat pinning down her opponents.  There is a serious amount of nude yoga pictures here featuring every possible posistion you could imagine, all expertly imaged by fine-arts photographer Mitchel Evans.

Vivastra-Kama Nude Yoga

Jade-Blue Eclipse

Jade-Blue Eclipse Picture

I came across some pictures of this Asian muscle girl that intrigued me and when I went to research just who she was I found a rather bizarre tale. As one source put it, “Jade-Blue Eclipse seemed to have done it all on the illicit and shadowy side of life. Sex work. Stripping. Acting in adult films. Cabaret and bondage-a-go-go. Performing in fetish clubs. Erotic contortion and acrobatic work.” She also worked as a bicycle messenger and a circus performer before starting her own crime scene cleaning business with a stolen identity. In August 2006 she was arrested by a special agent with the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service. She then fled the country, and is apparently now living in the Amazon. Such a life!

Jade-Blue Eclipse Picture Gallery
The Twisted Tale of Jade-Blue Eclipse

Three Sexy Contortionist

flexi contortionist picture flexi contortionist picture
flexi contortionist picture

After recent excursions into the exaggerated muscles of a morph gallery along with the hyper-muscular physique of Renné Toney (not to mention the term ‘pre-op’ showing up in the comments) I thought it was time to bark at the helmsman to come to a full halt and lay in a course for the Bay of Contortion. Three choice showings of sexy flexys await your viewing pleasure as we drop anchor and enjoy these lissome charmers who bend over backwards to make a pose for us.

Dancing Pretzel Goddess

Hell’s Angel Version
Here she is again, uber-contortionist Zlata, this time dancing and vamping about quite sexily at a recent show in Germany at the T2 club. It’s nice to see her employing an edgier persona to her stage presence here in this mild fetish-like dance number, and one can only imagine the possibilities and sheer potential if she ever went into porn with a body that can perform such magic.

More Zlata Here

A Pair Of Sexy Flexys

Contortionist Ballet

A couple of picture galleries for your viewing pleasure featuring a pair of attractive sexy flexy contortionist doing their thing via the Flexy Teens website. Just click on each picture to view each girl’s gallery.

Lovely Lithsome Lady

Sexy Flexy Girl
She Gives It To You On A Silver Platter
Anjelica is our sexy flexy from showing us her delectable body in a most interesting fashion that makes one wonder just what other kinds of magic could she perform with that gifted athletic body so taut and limber.

Sexy Flexy Picture Gallery

Time For Your Yoga Lesson

Sexy Contortionist Zlata Sexy Contortionist Zlata Sexy Contortionist Zlata

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World’s Sexiest Contortionist Wants To Help You Work Out The Kinks
Here’s uber-babe Zlata presenting a nice lesson in the fine art of limbering up, clearing the mind and releasing all your pent up tensions. You may feel something more than just your Chi rising while viewing this lesson. Just remember to keep breathing as the video instructs.

Much More at Zlata’s Website

Sexy Flexy Russian Nubiles

Pretzel Logic From Minsk To Moscow
Is she made of rubber? While most contortionists have small, childlike bodies, Latex fetishist and contortionist Zlata is a tall adult woman with a model’s looks and true sex appeal. Contortion (sometimes contortionism) is an unusual form of physical display which involves the dramatic bending and flexing of the human body. Contortion is often part of acrobatics and circus acts. In general, contortionists have unusual natural flexibility, which is then enhanced through gymnastic training.

More Sexy Flexy Zlata Here!

Sexy Contortionist Zlata

Sexy Contortionist Picture Sexy Contortionist Picture Sexy Contortionist Picture

Sexy Contortionist Picture Sexy Contortionist Picture
The Goddess Of Flexibility & Pretzels
Zlata is the world famous Russian contortionist who has been featured in a number of television shows and magazines. One of the worlds’ sexiest contortionist, she can pretty much bend her body anyway she likes. Her talent was recognized early in kindergarten and this blue-eyed blond babe has certainly made the most of her unique talents. She is a very good example that sexy muscles are more than just strength and mass, that flexibility and contortion can be just as erotic and sensual in every aspect.

See More Zlata Here At Her Website