DoubleShot of Muscle Girls

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With her beauty and muscles Rin Nakai looks like she stepped right out of a Manga Action magazine cover to join us in the real world. She’s a Japanese female mixed martial artist and judoka who is ranked as the #3 featherweight (136-145 pounds) in the Unified Women’s Mixed Martial Arts Rankings and you can see her in action in this video here. Our next buff beauty is Jennifer Nicole Lee who is a fitness model, actress, motivational speaker, and author. She is best known for weighing 200 pounds and losing 80 pounds to go on and win Miss Bikini America. Her trademark motto is Strong is the New Skinny and its hard to disagree with the results looking at that foxy hardbody of hers.

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April Hunter: Big, Red & Nude

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April started as a professional fitness and glamour model appearing in many publications, from MuscleMag International to Playboy Magazine and even has her own comic book series created after her, Code Red. Not content to be just another pretty thing she decided to take it to a whole new level and trained to become a professional wrestler with the one and only Killer Kowalski. April formed a tag team with fellow Kowalski graduate Nikki Roxx in World Xtreme Wrestling known as The Killer Babes. April has gone on to have a storied career in the ring winning so many bouts and titles they’re too numerous to mention. Recently April has competed as a NPC Fitness Competitor as well as becoming a writer, photographer and entrepreneur.

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Topless Oil Fight

Pornstars Tanya Danielle and Jewel Marceau go at it with each other in this little catfight clip and the banter between these two just cracks me up.

Three Muscle Girl Bruisers

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Nude Muscular Girl Picture
The Dominatrix  –  The Fighter  –  The Destroyer
The shredded blonde decked out in leather with the whip is Maire Brandon from California, a 47 years old mother of 5 whose many talents include ballet, artist, fitness & aerobics, fetish and BDSM, lingerie model and “LA’s only female fitness professional with over 25 years experience with a hardcore, kick-your-ass Domme approach to training”. Ahh yes, nothing like the the crack of a fine Corinthian leather whip snapping your ass as your fitness domme trainer commands you to get that last rep in unless you want to see her pull out her more brutal implements. And do indeed check her out at her ModelMayhem page as well for more pictures and profile. Our buff and beautiful fighter is Julia Budd who is the reigning Muay Thai kickboxing champion of both B.C. and Canada, titles she’s held since 2004 and 2005 respectively, and has made the jump into a career in mixed martial arts (MMA) now as well. Julia also works as a fitness model and has recently begun to branch out and explore stunt, commercial and acting work. Natasha the Destroyer has a cool little blog spot where she takes various implements like pots & pans, toy models and cell phones and rips them up with her bare hands. I really like that sexy back of hers and if you ever find yourself in Mexico City with a little bit of discretionary income to blow she says she is available for facesitting sessions, domination, and muscle worship (“guys don’t ask for sex please”).

Wenona “The Gymnast” vs Krissy “The Crippler” Lynn

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Fitness Diva Wenona is back for another sexy wrestling match at Ultimate Surrender, the Internet’s premier competitive female sexual wrestling league where the winner gets to fuck the loser any way she wants. Wenona is up against newcomer Krissy Lynn who like every wrestler before her that had an older brother and grew up a tomboy thinks she can win her first match against a top ten opponent. Krissy made a hell of a first showing, but learned that experience will win out over brute strength any day. More movies and pictures of this hot little match at the link below.

Wenona vs Krissy Lynn at Ultimate Surrender

The First Female Superfight in MMA History

Gina “Conviction” Carano vs Chris “Cyborg” Santos
We covered undefeated MMA fighter Gina Carano previously here and  speculated she would have some big fights coming up. And sure enough on August 15th she is scheduled to meet Brazilian brawler and powerhouse Chris Santos for what is being hailed as the most important fight ever in Women’s MMA events. It looks to be shaping up as one of those epic fights between a technician and a masher ala Ali vs Frazier, and looking at the unrelenting ferocity of Chris Santos I think Gina is going to have her hands full trying to keep that undefeated record in tact.

Gina Carano Is Undefeated

Gina Carano Picture Gina Carano Picture Gina Carano Picture

The last time I had heard about Gina Carano was news of her being cast in the new version of American Gladiators, going by the name of Crush. I’ve come to find out she is also a Mixed Martial Arts fighter specializing in Muay Thai fighting style with an undefeated record of 7-0. How sweet is that! Gina’s fighting skills have so far beaten every MMA opponent she has fought and is now training under Randy Couture at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas where she’s proving increasingly adept in her take-down defense. Check out the end of this video where some of the top ranked MMA fighter girls give Gina shit for using her sexy body to promote herself (According to Maxim, Gina Carano is 16th most beautiful women of 2009). Hey it could be shades of a Pacman vs. Mayweather epic brawl when she eventually tangles with one of these gals.

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Female Topless Boxing

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Fierce Fist Fighting Females
Lets go ringside as we find Christina and Cori in the sweet science of beating each others gourd to a pulp with the occasional tit punch or low blow showing up now and then. Cori is a former bodybuilder and was expected to dominate this encounter but the ring card alludes to ‘a big surprise as one woman was beaten into submission.’ Five free clips at the link for you to find out just who got who in this ringside showing of foxes who boxes…

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