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Four Muscle Babes

Female Bodybuilder Amy Sibcy Nude PictureFemale Bodybuilder Kristin Nunn Picture
Female Bodybuilder Krisztina Sereny PictureFemale Bodybuilder Michele Baker Picture

IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Amy Sibcy is showing off that delicious hardbody of hers that won 1st place at the 2011 Masters National. Kristin Nunn is a championship Pro Figure competitor who is modeling here for Catherine Holland’s website. Bottom row brings us the news that muscle girl Krisztina Sereny has added tattoos to go along with the rest of her “enhancements”, I expect opinion will be swift with little middle ground. And finally a gallery of female bodybuilder Michelle Baker who has the thick look and still maintains all her femanine beauty.



Nude Female Bodybuilder Rochelle Picture

Another set from the now defunct website Sweetmuscle, this one featuring a female bodybuilder named Rochelle Palko. I’m just sitting here thinking of all the hot picture galleries from that website now sitting on a hard drive somewhere probably never to be seen again. Oh The Humanity!

Nude Female Bodybuilder Rochelle Pictures


Venus Works Out

Female Bodybuilder Venus PictureFemale Bodybuilders Picture

A fresh gallery of Venus back in the gym keeping that taut body of hers in the Hot & Hard column. And another gallery as well featuring some new pics of those other hot muscle girls you’ll find over there.

Venus Workout Gallery   |   Assorted Muscle Girls


Holiday Leftovers

Muscle Girl Autumn Raby PictureMuscle Girl Karina Akmens PictureMuscle Girl Dutchess Dani Picture
Muscle Girl Noemi Olah PictureMuscle Girl Dominique Danger PictureMuscle Girl Diana Tyuleneva Picture
Muscle Girl Alyssa Loughran PictureMuscle Girl Eva Pogacnik PictureMuscle Girl Jaimie Bernhardt Picture
Muscle Girl Jessie Hilgenberg PictureMuscle Girl Silvia Matta PictureMuscle Girl Susi Wolf Picture

I had all these leftover galleries from last year I thought I’d just blow them out the door all at once. Names are in the mouse-over.


Larissa & Megan

Female Bodybuilder Larissa Reiss PictureFemale Muscle Woman Megan Avalon Picture

I’ll leave you with these two buff beauties for the year and look forward to seeing you in 2014 … The Year of the Muscle Girl.

Muscle Babe Pictures:   Larissa Reiss Megan Avalon


Four Girls With Muscle

Nude Female Bodybuilder Monica Mowi PictureFitness Girl Gina Osterly PictureNude Fitness Girl Michele PictureFitness GirlMinna Pajulahti Picture

Someone wanted to see some Monica Mowi pictures so here are a few of this gorgeous Swedish Bodybuilder who also sports additional talents such as a nutrition/diet consultant, scientific journalist/reporter, fitness model, web designer/webmaster and videographer. On her right is the fit and fab figure competitor Gina Osterly who believe it or not is the mother of 3 and grandmother of
 1. Bottom row starts off with Michele who had a personal website showcasing that hot hardbody of hers but the website has since shut down and these are the only pictures I managed to save. Our last girl is IFBB Fitness Pro Minna Pajulahti from Finland who with her Elvish features looks like she would fit right in with Santa at the North Pole.

Muscle Girl Pictures:  Monica Mowi | Gina OsterlyMicheleMinna Pajulahti


Buff Black Beauties

Nude Black Female Bodybuilder Picture

Looking over this blog I see a few areas that have been neglected and need some exposure, such as black muscle girls as well as girls from Asia, South America, Australia and a few other places. So here’s a good start with 286 pictures of some of the finest ebony muscle girls on the planet to show what diversity we have when we meet at the intersection of power and beauty.

Black Muscle Girls Pictures


Sexy Beasts

Sexy Muscle Girl Photograph

Sexy Beasts Picture Gallery


Four Muscle Girls

Female Bodybuilder Oksana Grishna PictureFemale Bodybuilder Giada Simari Picture
Female Bodybuilder Cindy Landolt PictureMuscle Girl Ms Muscle Picture

Is Oksana Grishna the most beautiful muscle girl in the world today? A lot of people, especially in  Russia would say yes. I’d definitely have to put her on the short list but do have a look yourself and see if you agree. Our next model is Giada Simari who is back with just a few fresh snaps from Chris Zimmerman. On the bottom row we start with a link to Cindy Landolt’s personal tumblr page which she updates frequently with the latest pictures of Cindy Version 2.0. And finally Ms Muscle Brat is just one naughty girl who has opened her Christmas box early and already stuffed her new toy in her own box. I see a lump of coal in this girl’s near future.


Big Red Machine

Redhead Female Bodybuilder Picture

I found another redheaded muscle girl over at Southern Charms showing off her muscled physique but I have no idea who she is. Could this hulking female bodybuilder be Red Stripe’s mom? Hey you never know…

Redheaded Female Bodybuilder Nude Pictures


Rita Sargo

Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture

A few fresh pictures from this Dutch Delight bodybuilder who has built one awesome body to enjoy. Rita says ‘I love my very strong hard body, lubricating each inch of my very powerful muscles, making sure all is moistly purrrfect.’

Female Bodybuilder Rita Sargo Pictures


Triple Shot

Female Bodybuilder Cristiana Casoni PictureFemale Bodybuilder picture
Muscle Girl Model Picture

Your first shot is a picture gallery of Italian Pro Fitness Competitor Cristiana Casoni who I previously covered back in 2008 but her picture gallery was deleted so here’s a refresh with new content added. If Carla Bruni was ever a bodybuilder, this is how I picture her looking. The second shot is a gallery of miscellaneous muscle minxes, most of which I have no clue who they are, but still a nice batch to look over. And finally a wee dram of Wenona to finish off the libations in style. Salud!

Cristiana Casoni Gallery
Miscellaneous Muscle Minxes
Muscle Model Wenona


Trick or Treat

Female Bodybuilder Morph PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture


Muscle Tease Movie

Female Bodybuilder Muscle Tease Picture

Here’s a sweet clip of this sexy Canadian female bodybuilder posing topless and showing off that spectacular muscular physique of hers. She’s posing here for a defunct website that was called Maxposuremodels and judging from the soundtrack it wasn’t too recent of a shoot. That’s right Bo-Bo, we’re all getting ideas now .. just too much delicious woman for just one man.

Nude Muscle Tease Movie Clip


Hardbody Hot Links

Female Bodybuilder Krisztina Sereny PictureCzech Female Bodybuilder Picture
Muscle Woman Art PictureFemale Bodybuilder Veins Picture

I’ve got good news and photographic proof that fitness girl pornstar Krisztina Sereny has headed back to the gym and is getting back to her more muscular look, which never fails to improve a girl’s hotness and attraction. The girl on her right leads to a great collection of picture galleries showcasing the best in Czech muscle girls. On the bottom row we start with a link to some recent artwork of sgcaio’s MuscleXX collection featuring his excellent technique in rendering the female muscled form. And the last picture leads you to a gallery of veiney muscle girls for all the vampires in the crowd licking their lips in anticipation of Halloween coming up.


Nude Muscle Girl Emery Miller

Nude Female Bodybuilder Emery Miller Picture

IFBB Professional Female Bodybuilder Emery Miller has recently joined the fun at Land of Venus and I was fortunate enough to cop a few fresh ones to get a preview with. Muscle girls Catherine Holland, Amanda Folstad and Roxie Rain are along for the ride to fill out the rest of the gallery.

Nude FBB Emery Miller Pictures


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