More Darkside Milinda

Female Bodybuilder Picture

A few more pictures I found of Darkside, aka Daisy Glutes, Delts Diva and Justine Delts. I haven’t seen much at all from this Key West muscle model since her website went dark but still hope she’ll turn up one day yet to give us a thrill.

You Sexy Beast

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Swiss photographer Markus Ernst has a hot picture gallery of muscle model Cindy Landolt on his website and you get a good look of her before and after she underwent surgery implanting 750cc saline implants over the muscle, overfilled to 1000cc to give a noticeable round and full look and avoid rippling. Ms Muscle returns with a fresh set of pictures for your amusement and Heather Tristany closes us out in wrestle-rama fashion.

Annie Rivieccio

Naked Female Bodybuilder Picture

I stopped by Annie’s website to see what’s new and I’m sad to say the site is no more. Which is a bit of a shame considering just how well loved, lusted and respected she is in the modeling business. But I’m pretty sure Annie is still modeling at other sites, so here’s a few pictures from the old site to remember it by.

Muscle Medley

Female Weightlifter PictureFemale Weightlifter Photograph
Female Fitness Model PicturePhysique Girl Picture

Kasie Cavanaugh was a NPC National Level Bodybuilder & long time veteran competitor who did win the 2013 Venice Beach Muscle Classic- 1st & overall. Still going strong she travels the USA and is ready to provide you with “Wrestling, Muscle Worship, Domination, Fem/Fem, Hot Fighting Action & Much More!.” Autumn Raby is enjoying company with fellow muscle minx Desiree Ellis, and below we find galleries of Holly Nicholson and Olga Tupitsyna.

Three More

Female Bodybuilder Picture Female Hard Body PictureFemale Fitness Model Picture

Some girls can really layer on the muscle and the beautiful IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Shannon Courtney definitely falls into that select group. Next up is Muscle Goddess Miss Rapture who has a few pictures and movies for you over at her website. And we end with a trip down memory lane as Devon Michaels shows off what a fine hard physique she had earlier in her career.

Buff Photography

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A pair of photographers are on the menu today, each offering a large portfolio for you enjoy. E-G Pro Photo is based out of Texas and has been focusing on professionally photographing the fit female physique for over ten years now. Jeff Zoet works out of Pittsburgh and has a stunning technique to his photography, which is not surprising considering he’s also a freelance artist specializing in motion graphics, editing, and cinematography.

E-G Pro Photo Gallery
Jeff Zoet Visuals Gallery


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Poor Roxie Rain’s tits took some flak in the previous post’s comments section, although to be fair with her having six children I think she’s entitled to a wee bit of leeway. Anyways, here’s Jenna from Shemuscle to provide the Ying to Roxie’s Yang. I’m not much of a fan of implants (unless the original boobs are deflated windsocks) and Jenna here is exquisite testimony to the beauty of a woman’s natural form.

*and just after posting this: commentator Bo-Bo tells us Jenna has implants now. That is just too funny! Here’s a small gallery of her new look, and check out Bo-Bo’s link below in the comments for even more pictures.

Jenna’s Picture Gallery

The Booby Prize

female bodybuilder with breast enhancements Picture

I ran across a great story on detailing how the competitive fitness industry pressures women into getting breast-implants. Hell of a story on how all this came about and why we are now seeing so many competitors with boob jobs. A couple of quotes for the gist of it:

‘In 1992, the IFBB decided to officially intervene. The IFBB re-wrote the rules for female bodybuilding, adding femininity requirements, focusing less on muscle mass and more on “womanliness.” They hoped the new regulations would deter the use of steroids, while transforming the image of women’s bodybuilding into something more stereotypically feminine. ‘

‘It wasn’t until 2009, when the IFBB introduced the Bikini division, that the overwhelming prevalence of breast implants among competitors became glaringly obvious. And, according to some female bodybuilders, a necessity. The Bikini division attracted larger crowds, brought in more lucrative supplement sponsorships for athletes and shows, and heightened media coverage. Much as the Bodybuilding division had been its face in the 1980s and 90s, the blatantly sexual Bikini division has become the new face of female bodybuilding.’

A glorified Tits and Ass show? Pretty informative article and I highly recommend you check it out.

Boob Jobs & Women’s Fitness Competitions Article
Picture Gallery: Enhanced vs Natural Boobs

Four More

Nude Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder Lisa Cross PictureFemale Bodybuilder PictureFemale Muscle Model Picture

First up is Czech female bodybuilder Renata looking very sexy and posing for a Czech model site. IFBB Pro Lisa Cross is next returning with a fresh update from her website. Bottom row starts off with a reminder that photographer Pit Buehler has another gallery of Jay Fuchs up at his website and we finish off with the lady in red, Nataliya Romashko.

Mature Muscle Milfs

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Sure they’ve put a few miles on the odometer but these sexy gals are built to last and exceed all expectations. I’ve got a good variety in this gallery with lots of these muscle milfs slamming past 50 all the while giving the finger to any speed signs whizzing by…

Nude Muscle Milfs Pictures

Three Muscle Foxes

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NPC National Bodybuilder Dana Capobianco starts us off with a hot picture gallery followed by a set from an amateur muscle girl who is still working on gaining some mass. And we end with IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Tina Chandler who has no problem adding muscle to her sexy physique.

Nude Muscular Girls

Muscular Fetish Model PictureMuscular Female Model PictureNude Female Fitness Model PictureVictoria Dominguez Picture

Fetish muscle model / wrestler Arial X learns the ropes of some sadistic hard core bondage and gets taken down a notch. Next is some new pictures of the now retired Goddess Heather Tristany showing off her heavenly physique. There’s some previously old pictures in there you’ll have to wade through but I think you’ll survive. Bottom row starts off with NPC Figure Competitor Allyce Jerome looking like the girl next door who pumps iron after school. And Victoria Dominguez (Mistress Treasure) closes us out modeling a sexy green number that can’t quite cover all those chiseled muscles.