Muscular Punk Girls

muscular punk muscle girls Picture

They’re in your face with their mohawks, colored spiked hair, menacing tats, bullet belts and sporting a full tilt attitude to the max. Buff bitches like these don’t want to be sedated, no, they just want to be totally authentic and rock your world. A small collection of muscle punks collected into a picture gallery and submitted for your approval.

Punk Muscle Girls Pictures

Muscle Babe Links

Female Bodybuilder Fetish PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture
Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

Your muscle girl surfari starts off with a hot little movie from Spike TV’s 1001 Ways To Die series, this one entitled Wet And Dry where female bodybuilder Lauren Powers stars as a narcissistic bodybuilder providing fetish sessions to horny guys and after things get a little out of control she dry drowns after making some bad decisions.  Your next stop is to a nice fitness girl picture portfolio of one Dieter Bruse, a professional photographer working nearby of Dusseldorf Germany. On the bottom row Mistress Treasure will take you to an image portfolio of photographer DJ Shy who provides creative services for bodybuilders including photography and music production. Our final girl is Russian world champ bench presser Victoria Sheludko (Виктория Шелудько) who I could not find much info on her but I did manage to rustle up a video and some photos to show off this very impressive muscle babe.

April Hunter: Big, Red & Nude

Nude April Hunter Picture

April started as a professional fitness and glamour model appearing in many publications, from MuscleMag International to Playboy Magazine and even has her own comic book series created after her, Code Red. Not content to be just another pretty thing she decided to take it to a whole new level and trained to become a professional wrestler with the one and only Killer Kowalski. April formed a tag team with fellow Kowalski graduate Nikki Roxx in World Xtreme Wrestling known as The Killer Babes. April has gone on to have a storied career in the ring winning so many bouts and titles they’re too numerous to mention. Recently April has competed as a NPC Fitness Competitor as well as becoming a writer, photographer and entrepreneur.

April Hunter Nude Pictures
April’s Website

Sarah de Herdt

Nude Female Bodybuilder Sarah de herdt Picture

Sarah De Herdt is a ripped sprinter, bodybuilder, and all around fitness girl also known as Ms. Bodybuilding Belgium. Sarah enjoys showing off that beautiful muscled body of hers and has done several nude photo-shoots over the years. Hailing from Brussels she has won the Belgium Nabba Fitness competition in 2002 and 2003, and she also did well in the 2004 IFBB Open Championship.

Sarah de Herdt Picture Gallery

Muscle Girls a la naturale

Muscle Girls Picture

I feel like I have been swimming in a vat of silicon lately so I thought I would restore some resemblance of balance with a gallery of silicon free muscle girls for your discerning eye. We have visited this age old debate before and truth be told I always tend to favor the natural form over the enhanced, but what can I say, I’m sure a lot of women feel much better about themselves with a more feminine appearing body, not to mention the business side of presenting a body type that is in current vogue at the time.

Silicon Free Muscle Girls

Jade-Blue Eclipse

Jade-Blue Eclipse Picture

I came across some pictures of this Asian muscle girl that intrigued me and when I went to research just who she was I found a rather bizarre tale. As one source put it, “Jade-Blue Eclipse seemed to have done it all on the illicit and shadowy side of life. Sex work. Stripping. Acting in adult films. Cabaret and bondage-a-go-go. Performing in fetish clubs. Erotic contortion and acrobatic work.” She also worked as a bicycle messenger and a circus performer before starting her own crime scene cleaning business with a stolen identity. In August 2006 she was arrested by a special agent with the U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service. She then fled the country, and is apparently now living in the Amazon. Such a life!

Jade-Blue Eclipse Picture Gallery
The Twisted Tale of Jade-Blue Eclipse

2010 Muscle Girl Gun Show

Female Bodybuilders Picture

Time for our first annual Muscle Girl Gun Show featuring a wide assortment of buff beauties sporting their muscled weapons of mass destruction in all calibers and bores with nary a dud in the bunch.  I tossed it together in a rather down and dirty format  but hope you will appreciate the hard work these girls have put into their bodies to show off those lovely gains.

2010 Muscle Girl Gun Show

Female Muscle Photography

Muscle Girl Dancer Picture

Weiferd Watts Picture

George Legeros Muscle Girl Picture

I have three muscle girl photographers for you today who excel in putting the objects of our desire in a good light. On the top row we have The Girl Who Could Fly who in real life is Italian ballet dancer/acrobat Giulia Piolanti photographed quite artistically by Bryon Paul McCartney, an award-winning, American commercial and fine art photographer based in Zürich, Switzerland. In the middle row we have the work of Weiferd Watts, a photographer located in San Francisco, California who has done extensive work with the female muscled form to good effect. And finally on the bottom row a sampling of the work of George Legeros, the acclaimed photographer whose photographs you may have seen before in the pages of Planet Muscle, Oxygen, Ironman, Muscle and Fitness, Muscular Development, Fitness and Physique, Natural Bodybuilding and others. Just click on the photos to visit each photographer’s respective work.

Sexy Korean Muscle Girls

Korean Muscle Girl PictureKorean Muscle Girl PictureKorean Muscle Girl PictureKorean Muscle Girl Picture
Korean Muscle Girl PictureKorean Muscle Girl PictureKorean Muscle Girl PictureKorean Muscle Girl Picture
Korean Muscle Girl PictureKorean Muscle Girl PictureKorean Muscle Girl PictureKorean Muscle Girl Picture

12 peeks at some very nice Korean buff beauties from the website, which happened to be where I got a lot of the pictures for my gallery on South Korean bodybuilder Jung Young Ji. If you thought Swedish or Latvian websites were hard to navigate try one from Korea, oh man is it vicious.

*update: turns out a majority of the pictures above are of Mi-Hee Yu, or should I say 유미희, who is one of the top female Korean bodybuilders. Mi-Hee is 5′ 2½” tall and weighs 112-pounds, she says she is all natural and uses no enhancers to get that muscled physique of hers .. man oh man what a dish! Click on the picture below to see a few more pictures of this stunning muscle girl and here’s a link to a few videos of her on the net.

Korean Female Bodybuilder Mi-Hee Yu Picture

Three Muscle Girl Bruisers

Female Muscle Dominatrix PictureFitness Model/Fighter Picture
Nude Muscular Girl Picture
The Dominatrix  –  The Fighter  –  The Destroyer
The shredded blonde decked out in leather with the whip is Maire Brandon from California, a 47 years old mother of 5 whose many talents include ballet, artist, fitness & aerobics, fetish and BDSM, lingerie model and “LA’s only female fitness professional with over 25 years experience with a hardcore, kick-your-ass Domme approach to training”. Ahh yes, nothing like the the crack of a fine Corinthian leather whip snapping your ass as your fitness domme trainer commands you to get that last rep in unless you want to see her pull out her more brutal implements. And do indeed check her out at her ModelMayhem page as well for more pictures and profile. Our buff and beautiful fighter is Julia Budd who is the reigning Muay Thai kickboxing champion of both B.C. and Canada, titles she’s held since 2004 and 2005 respectively, and has made the jump into a career in mixed martial arts (MMA) now as well. Julia also works as a fitness model and has recently begun to branch out and explore stunt, commercial and acting work. Natasha the Destroyer has a cool little blog spot where she takes various implements like pots & pans, toy models and cell phones and rips them up with her bare hands. I really like that sexy back of hers and if you ever find yourself in Mexico City with a little bit of discretionary income to blow she says she is available for facesitting sessions, domination, and muscle worship (“guys don’t ask for sex please”).

An Olympic Pause

Lindsey Vonn PictureErika Andersch Picture
Eric Stanton Artwork Picturevanessa del rio Picture

I’ve been so immersed in watching the Olympics I had forgotten all about tossing up a post. Yesterday you saw Lindsey Vonn change the face of U.S. Women’s skiing by becoming the first American woman skier to win the Olympic downhill and now you can enjoy Lindsey all the better with her Sports Illustrated “Olympic Stars’ Swimsuit pictorial where she is joined by fellow skier Lacy Schnoor along with snowboarders Hannah Teter and Clair Bidez. I found another nude clip of Erika ‘Diamond’ Andersch showing off that oh so delicious Nordic body of hers that just sings sexy muscle girl. Va Va Voom. Vanessa Del Rio was brought up in the comments of the previous post  so I thought a  few pix of her in the weight room were in order showing the onetime pornstar buffing out that killer body of hers. And finally we have a collection of Stantoon covers from that master of fetish art himself, Eric Stanton.

Muscle Girl Ray Hollitt Nude

Nude Muscle Girl PictureNude Muscle Girl PictureNude Muscle Girl PictureNude Muscle Girl Picture

Onetime female bodybuilder Raye Hollitt, best known for her role as “Zap” on the hit syndicated television show American Gladiators shows up here in this clip from the 1989 movie Skin Deep starring John Ritter who has a one-night stand with a remarkably muscular female bodybuilder named Lonnie (Raye), telling her before sex that he feels “like Mrs. Arnold Schwarzenegger.” The pictures above are from Raye’s 6-page celebrity pictorial for Playboy’s February 1996 issue where she puts it all out there for us and shows off that beautiful buff body of hers. Raye has made quite a remarkable career for herself over the years starting with competing in bodybuilding competitions and going on to work as a magazine model, acting in television shows like Jag, Baywatch and the Muppets, appearing in 9 feature films and still going strong to this day…

The Official Raye Hollitt Website

Lingerie Football League

Female Football Player PictureFemale Football Player PictureFemale Football Player PictureFemale Football Player PictureFemale Football Player Picture

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I thought the Lingerie Bowl was just a Superbowl halftime goof to glom onto the big game day festivities but have come to learn they have formed the Lingerie Football League with ten teams scheduled to compete in a 20-week season this year. Play style is full-contact 7-on-7 tackle football and similar to other indoor football leagues, with uniforms consisting of helmets, shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads, bras, and panties. A majority of the players have a background in competitive athletics. Many of the players have experience in other sports at the college and semi-pro level, such as track and field, volleyball, softball, soccer, basketball, and fitness-style bodybuilding. A few also have experience in tackle football from playing in youth leagues, such as Pop Warner football and Amateur Athletic Union club sports programs.

Official LFL and Lingerie Bowl website

More Pics & Movies Here at their MySpace page

Brazilian Muscle Girls

Muscle Girls Photograph
Lindas Gatas Musculosas
The Girl from Ipanema has been in the gym hitting the weights and buffing up that oh so delicious body of hers to a ripped red hot sexiness. After coming across a few choice Brazilian muscle girls lately it dawned on me theres a whole world of gorgeous shredded babes down Brazil way that we hardly hear much of outside South America. Well thanks to Al Gore for inventing the internet we can go on a cyber-surfari and rectify problems just like this one. I tossed a picture gallery together featuring a few of these amazing amazons to give you a good idea just how good the scene is going on down there…Enjoy!

Brazilian Muscle Girls Picture Gallery

The First Female Superfight in MMA History

Gina “Conviction” Carano vs Chris “Cyborg” Santos
We covered undefeated MMA fighter Gina Carano previously here and  speculated she would have some big fights coming up. And sure enough on August 15th she is scheduled to meet Brazilian brawler and powerhouse Chris Santos for what is being hailed as the most important fight ever in Women’s MMA events. It looks to be shaping up as one of those epic fights between a technician and a masher ala Ali vs Frazier, and looking at the unrelenting ferocity of Chris Santos I think Gina is going to have her hands full trying to keep that undefeated record in tact.

Nude Bicycle Girl

Nude Bicycle Muscle Girl Picture
One Shot Wonder
Ran across this picture on a website and have no idea where it originally came from, but I thought it was a great shot, especially for a duotone.