Delicious Muscle Girls

Stephanie Rupp PictureMelissa Dettwiller PictureJenny Poussin PictureFitness Girl Picture

Another picture gallery (previously) of NPC bodybuilder competitor Stephanie Rupp showing off that muscled physique. Melissa Dettwiller before she started her muscle bunny career was once an aspiring model going by the name Stacie, and her are few pictures of her before she fully blossomed. Sheriff Jenny is in town bringing the muscle and keeping the peace. And the last entry take you 47 pages of picture galleries titled The World’s Best  Photos of Female Bodybuilders, no nudes here, but hey we’re talking volume!

Buff Black Beauties

Nude Black Female Bodybuilder Picture

Looking over this blog I see a few areas that have been neglected and need some exposure, such as black muscle girls as well as girls from Asia, South America, Australia and a few other places. So here’s a good start with 286 pictures of some of the finest ebony muscle girls on the planet to show what diversity we have when we meet at the intersection of power and beauty.

Black Muscle Girls Pictures

Hardbody Hot Links

Female Bodybuilder Krisztina Sereny PictureCzech Female Bodybuilder Picture
Muscle Woman Art PictureFemale Bodybuilder Veins Picture

I’ve got good news and photographic proof that fitness girl pornstar Krisztina Sereny has headed back to the gym and is getting back to her more muscular look, which never fails to improve a girl’s hotness and attraction. The girl on her right leads to a great collection of picture galleries showcasing the best in Czech muscle girls. On the bottom row we start with a link to some recent artwork of sgcaio’s MuscleXX collection featuring his excellent technique in rendering the female muscled form. And the last picture leads you to a gallery of veiney muscle girls for all the vampires in the crowd licking their lips in anticipation of Halloween coming up.

Russian Rocket Fuel

Russian Female Bodybuilder Picture

Its always hard to run across Russian muscle girls over here in the States so I was stoked to find these excellent picture galleries from Dedelas. Even if the gallery thumbnail has a picture of a guy on it click on it anyway, the women are in there. You’ll have to wade through some nude non-muscular girls as well, but I think you’ll survive comrade.

Russian Muscle Girl Pictures:  English Version  |  Russian Version

Deidre Pagnanelli & Emery Miller

Fitness Girl Deidre Pagnanelli PictureFemale Bodybuilder Emery MillerPicture

Deidre Pagnanelli trains almost everyday and loves lifting weights, kick boxing, beach volleyball, running, playing catch (football) with her husband, skateboarding & riding bikes with her kids, jazz dance, and ballet.  She was a heptathlete in college and an NFL cheerleader and currently plays for the LFL (Legends Football League). IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Emery Miller is an incomparable combination of facial beauty, muscle shape and hardness who has quite an interesting biography.

Deidre Pagnanelli Pictures
Emery Miller Pictures

Christmas In July

Christmas Abbott Picture

Say hello to the first full time female NASCAR pit crew member and she can change two 60-pound tires in twelve seconds flat. Christmas was born on December 20,  close enough to the holiday that her mom decided to name her after it. In-between changing tires for the Michael Waltrip Racing Team she is also a cross fit athlete where she gained her Level 1 Certification and has taken a spot on the CrossFit HQ Training staff. She’s definitely a one of a kind girl and I do hope we see more of this trailblazer in the future wherever her travels take her.

Christmas Abbott Pictures & Video
Christmas Abbott’s Website

Bodies Of Work

Nude Fitness Girl Picture

Hey check out this photograph gallery from who describes it as ‘a jaw-dropping, thought-provoking collection of inspirational physiques. It showcases the hard work, dedication, and passion of 12 elite athletes. It highlights the beauty, power, and potential of the human body. It drives us to become our best selves.’ Great photography of the female muscled form…

Bodies Of Work

Muscle Girl Kerfluffle

Muscle Babe Picture KO

Catching up with the latest from one of our favorite muscle girls we find Kortney Olson, a.k.a. KO, has moved to Queensland Australia, won the 2012 Australian Women Arm Wrestling Championship and married the CEO of the Australian professional rugby league football club Gold Coast Titans. Kortney found herself in a bit of a brouhaha when she was appointed assistant strength-and-conditioning coach to the Titans’ under-20 players and the media got hold of her past modeling history and labeled her a ‘fetish-porn star‘. I think that’s a bit of a stretch to label her as a porn-star when as far as I know all she has ever done is some nude modeling and some with implied lesbian scenes. Sounds more like Murdoch style reporting trying to drum up drama and page-views to enhance their collective revenue streams. I have a couple of picture galleries below to help you make up your own mind on this little imbroglio…

   Nude Pictures Muscle Babe KO

5 Muscle Girl Photographers

Muscle Girl PictureMuscle Girl Picture
Muscle Girl PictureMuscle Girl Picture
Female Bodybuilder Picture

Here are some independent photographers of the female muscled form you may not heard of and some muscle girls that were new to me. Top row we start with photographer Andrzej Jaworski and next is Roland Walliser. Second row starts with John Hawley, aka Musclepapa and next is Frank Pillari. The last picture links to a gallery (Toggle Worksafe Mode: Off) by photographer T’challa Hawk whose website has more examples of her fine work imaging muscle girls.

Anatoly Rogozin Photography

Naked Female Bodybuilder Picture

Excellent muscle girl photography coming to us from Moscow Russia with a photographer who lacks no imagination or dramatic effect to achieve his artistic goals. Anatoly goes by the user name Tolyan139 and has a nice portfolio on the Russian Photography website Photosight. Unfortunately my deficiency in understanding the Cyrillic alphabet prevents me from sharing more info on the photographer and his models but I’m sure you’ll have no problem enjoying these muscled beauties in all their splendid imagery. You’ll need to click one time on the little box that says Перейти к просмотру to access the nudes and the muscle girls seem to peter out after about the first 10 pages in, but lots more awesome nude Russian girls to enjoy if you can manage it!

Anatoly Rogozin Portfolio


muscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picture
muscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picture
muscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picture

Cleaning out some old links I had that never made it into a post, and I thought I’d deal them out down and dirty in hopes you might find one or two worth a click. The names are in the mouse-over…

Sexy Fitness: Michelle Amara

Fitness Girl PictureFitness Girl PictureFitness Girl PictureFitness Girl PictureFitness Girl PictureFitness Girl PictureFitness Girl PictureFitness Girl Picture

Michelle is a 26 year old beauty from California who’s got a delicious fit and toned body she has been working on and she isn’t shy about showing it off. She has been into sports since the age of four participating in everything from dance to track & field to soccer and eventually to a gig as star linebacker, running back, and wide receiver for the defending champion Los Angeles Temptation of the Lingerie Football League. That not being enough for this fitness fox she also took home 1st Place at the NPC Excalibur Bikini Championship. Michelle says ‘For staying in shape, I go to the gym and do outdoor activities 5-6 times a week. Generally I lift weights 3 days out of the week and do cardio 4 days out of the week. Other ways I keep in shape consist of taking circuit exercise classes, doing bleacher-track workouts, running outside, hiking and surfing’.  Check out the links below to see how much better she looks with that hot hardbody then her earlier days as a model at Met-Art, no question sexy muscle girls do it better!

Michelle’s Pictures at Met-ArtGallery One  |  Gallery Two

DoubleShot of Muscle Girls

Female MMA Fighter PictureFitness Girl Jennifer Nicole Lee Picture

With her beauty and muscles Rin Nakai looks like she stepped right out of a Manga Action magazine cover to join us in the real world. She’s a Japanese female mixed martial artist and judoka who is ranked as the #3 featherweight (136-145 pounds) in the Unified Women’s Mixed Martial Arts Rankings and you can see her in action in this video here. Our next buff beauty is Jennifer Nicole Lee who is a fitness model, actress, motivational speaker, and author. She is best known for weighing 200 pounds and losing 80 pounds to go on and win Miss Bikini America. Her trademark motto is Strong is the New Skinny and its hard to disagree with the results looking at that foxy hardbody of hers.

Rin Nikai Pictures
Jennifer Nicole Lee Pictures