Hardbody 4

She Hulk Illustrated Picture
Female Bodybuilder Beckie Boddie PictureJulie Malacarne Picture

How awesome is this rendition of a young She Hulk making her final closing argument? The artist is Jeff Chapman from New Jersey who has six pages of illustrations filled with fantastic superheroines over at deviantArt all expertly composed and ready for your perusal.The bottom row starts off with IFBB Pro Figure Competitor, fitness model and trainer Beckie Boddie who is one buff beauty. The always stunning IFBB Pro Julie Malacarne brings up the rear with a great picture gallery showing off her many assets of beauty, strength and passion.

Miscellaneous Muscle

 Melyssa Buhl PictureFemale Bodybuilder Nikki Warner Picture
Muscular Grandma PictureMuscle girl art photograph

Top row features two muscle girls who have taken down their websites: Melyssa Buhl and Nikki Warner. I could make a weekly post on these sites going down, actually I think I am, anyways a few pix to remember them by. Bottom row starts off with a feisty old grandma with muscles who says ‘eat your peas sonny or expect a beating.’ The last offering is something I found cleaning up my hard-drive and have no idea where it came from, or why I saved it for that matter, presented here for sideshow amusement purposes only.

Hardbody Hot Links

Female Bodybuilder Krisztina Sereny PictureCzech Female Bodybuilder Picture
Muscle Woman Art PictureFemale Bodybuilder Veins Picture

I’ve got good news and photographic proof that fitness girl pornstar Krisztina Sereny has headed back to the gym and is getting back to her more muscular look, which never fails to improve a girl’s hotness and attraction. The girl on her right leads to a great collection of picture galleries showcasing the best in Czech muscle girls. On the bottom row we start with a link to some recent artwork of sgcaio’s MuscleXX collection featuring his excellent technique in rendering the female muscled form. And the last picture leads you to a gallery of veiney muscle girls for all the vampires in the crowd licking their lips in anticipation of Halloween coming up.


Female Bodybuilder Cindy Landolt PictureFemale Bodybuilder Marika Johansson Picture
Worlds Strongest Vagina PictureFit Girl Picture
Female Bodybuilder on steroids PictureWonder Woman Picture

We’re shooting from the hip today with a variety of angles from titillation to stupefaction, and all points between. On the top row we start off with the news that Cindy Landolt has indeed gone ahead and had her breast enlarged. Some of you will be quite happy to see the new look while others will miss the more natural form she use to have. It’s too early yet for any modeling pictures of her new physique to show up yet but here’s a previous gallery of her earlier modeling to compare her new look by. Marika Johansson has a new look as well featuring some pretty intense ink adorning her muscled body. As with Cindy I’m sure some will love the new look while others will not be so impressed, and here’s an earlier picture gallery of Marika without the tats to compare the two looks by. On the second row we start with a movie clip of Tatyana Kozhevnikova who unofficially owns the record for The World’s Strongest Vagina by virtue of her record for vagina weightlifting! Next up is an article to inspire girls to hit the gym and start working out, as a new study out from the Center for Sexual Health Promotion has confirmed anecdotal evidence that exercise can lead to female orgasm. Talk about motivation! On the bottom row we begin with the strange story of British barmaid Candice Armstrong who says ‘Steroids turned me into a MAN‘. She goes on to say ‘I was getting a bit of facial hair, belly hair and my voice got deeper. My periods stopped.’ A bit of a sad story but fascinating none the less. And lastly we turn to a film documentary titled WONDER WOMEN! THE UNTOLD STORY OF AMERICAN SUPERHEROINES that traces the fascinating evolution and legacy of Wonder Woman. From the birth of the comic book superheroine in the 1940s to the blockbusters of today, Wonder Women! looks at how popular representations of powerful women often reflect society’s anxieties about women’s liberation.

Art Bomb

Muscle Girl Art PictureGiantess Muscle Girl Art Picture
Muscle Girl Art PictureMuscle Girl Art Picture
Muscle Girl Art PictureMuscle Girl Art Picture
Muscle Girl Art Picture

Looks like it’s that time to expose yourself to art. Top row we start off with a link to the Kinky Rocket website, purveyors of fine fetish art including Female Muscle Growth comics and other goodies. Next up is a link to Giantess Fan which is a collective of writers and artist creating high-quality Giantess comics (sample comic). On the second row we link to Brazilian artist  ~sgcaio who really has a nice graphic technique to his work that punches out the art dynamically. Next up is the Neo-Queendom blog with a gob of good Japanese muscle girl art, just hit Next at the bottom of the pages and keep on chugging.  Third row starts off with a gallery link to professional artist Lyman Dally who some of you will know as creator of Quadra-Blu. Do you have a thing for furry muscle girls? The next link will take you to a collection of 730 of them purring and flexing. And the final picture is to an epic art panel that shows a scene of the Amazons of the Hellenic Age fighting off the hordes.

Tattoo Muscle Girl

Tattoo Female Bodybuilder PictureTattoo Female Bodybuilder PictureTattoo Female Bodybuilder PictureTattoo Female Bodybuilder Picture
Tattoo Female Bodybuilder Picture

Say hello to tattoo artist and muscle girl Stephanie Tomlinson who isn’t shy about turning her skin into a work of art. She plys her craft at the Stained Skin Second Skin Tattoo Parlor located in Newark Ohio and has this to say for herself, ‘getting to know me is like walking face first into a chainsaw, while carrying a rabid monkey and eating razor blades….thank jeezy cow i’m so cuddly…‘ Well anyways she does make excellent art & design and is a dedicated gym rat as evidenced by that muscled body she has created. Check her out, she’s really something else! (hat tip to j.bdsm for pointing out this muscle girl for us).

Stephanie’s Picture Portfolio at Instagrin
Stephanie’s Facebook Page

The Butterjunk Effect

Futurama Picture

Another Futurama episode came out recently featuring Amy and Leela taking part in the future sport of Butterfly Derby. They soon become addicted to Nectar, a nutritional supplement that boosts their performance and buffs out their bodies like steroids. You may remember a previous episode Death By Snu Snu where muscle girls were also part of the storyline.

Futurama: The Butterjunk Effect


muscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picture
muscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picture
muscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picture

Cleaning out some old links I had that never made it into a post, and I thought I’d deal them out down and dirty in hopes you might find one or two worth a click. The names are in the mouse-over…

Manga Muscle Girls II

Manga Muscle Picture

Here’s some more manga I’ve collected to go along with our original post on the subject. Contrary to what most people in the West think, manga has nothing to do with pornography, some manga are pornographic, but that’s just a small percentage of manga. In Japanese manga means “flowing words” or “Undisciplined words”, and it is an ancient art that has been used for centuries as a form of entertainment.

Manga Muscle Girls II

Amazon Art Gallery

Muscle Girl Art PictureMuscle Girl Art Picture
Muscle Girl Art PictureMuscle Girl Art Picture

I’ve got four more artist in the art gallery today for your viewing pleasure that all have their own unique interpretation of the female muscled form. We start off with DJ Jarak the owner behind Aperture Star Creations whose talents encompass photography and photo-manipulation. He was even the one who founded the Female Muscle Group on deviantART so you know he’s dedicated to the cause. Our green She-Hulk is by the talented Garret Blair who really has a great signature style combining muscle women with a certain impishness in their character. On the next row we start with Alvaro Diego who didn’t have much to share on his profile page about himself but as you can see the art clearly speaks well for itself. And our last artist is the renown Alex Garner who has drawn for the likes of Marvel, DC Comics, Blizzard and many more. As Wonder Woman  shows you, this guy definitely has the skill set to render fantasy into excellent art.

Do remember that the grey boxes you see where some of the pictures should be are adult content that are off limits to you if you are not registered with deviantArt, which is free to register at.