1. Bo-Bo says

    MMMM! She looks positively delicious. Pert little cupcake tits. So edible all the way around. :)

  2. Stranger says

    Yeah, she is so innocent yet so strong. By the way, I still feel calling someone a teenager at 18 (legal age) is just a marketing trick to emphasize her young age making it sound more attractive. I disagree that at 18 you should be called a teenager. After all, you can fuck legally with whomever you want at this age.

  3. Stranger says

    I wish I had some story, interviews … something to fantasize about. I don’t even know why she decided to pose nude and then leave the scene all together…

  4. Barney says

    Any one else notice her pussy seams to stick out alot? Is that normal when your a female builder?

  5. Stranger says

    El, I did read it, but it only lists steps, not WHY she went one way or another. And even this info is very scarce. No interviews, no nothing …

  6. Stranger says

    I wish we had more info on she is stunning, but there is very little data since she wants everything to be paid for.

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