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Russian Female Bodybuilder Natalia BatovaPicture

I’ve been meaning to feature some sexy Russian female bodybuilders for a while now so here’s a start with the buff and beautiful Natalia Batova, or as one would say in her mother country Наталья Батова. Unfortunately I didn’t have much luck finding information about her, (more info in comments) but the best I could come up with is she is the ‘European bronze medalist in bodybuilding for 2005, and undisputed champion of Siberia.’  You could say this another one of those post where the pictures will have to do most of the speaking…

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  1. Stranger says

    I actually know her, had a chance to talk to her online. She is a personal trainer, 34 yo, single, no kids, dedicated her life to bodybuilding even though hopes to have a family one day. Currently lives in Moscow and have recently participated in one of the reality shows for best personal trainer. Definitely one of the few Russian athletes who is that big and strong. However, she is quite an amazing woman and external appearance does not reflect her inner feminine side.

  2. admin says

    Stranger thanks for the additional info on Natalia and I do think her external appearance reflects femininity oh so very well, especially for this crowd.

  3. Stranger says

    Admin, I’m always glad to provide any information I can to all of the people who do appreciate the true beauty.

  4. Daz says

    Excuse me a moment while I wipe the cum off my hand…fuck that’s what female muscle is all about! What an incredibly hot woman!!

  5. jeff harry says

    What a body. Would love to be 34 and living in Moscow,appying lotion to her muscles and trying not to cum too soon.

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