Nude Female Bodybuilder Sheila Bleck

Nude Female Bodybuilder Sheila Bleck Picture

Muscle girl Sheila Bleck has her pro card now and is rocking the IFBB circuit recently placing 2nd at the 2010 IFBB New York Pro getting edged out of 1st place by a single point to Cathy LeFrancois. Speaking of rocking, Sheila tells us “I’m a serious 80’s rocker. I grew up on Twisted Sister, Kiss, Dokken, Iron Maiden, and it stretches to Killswitch engage. I’ve also been known to dress up in my home, blare the music loud and play the air guitar as if I was still 10yrs old fantasizing that I was a rock star!” One thing you may not have known about Sheila is that she has an identical twin sister Sherry who used to be a female boxer for several years competing at welterweight and taught boxing up till a few years ago till she hung up the gloves and went back to weight training. See the similarity?

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  1. says

    I love the Bleck sistas,despite Sheila going crazy from all that AQUANET hairspray.
    have talked 2 Sherry on FACE,didn’t know she boxed though.

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