Nude Bodybuilding Couple

Nude bodybuilding couple picture

Here’s some more pictures of these two muscle bound lovers that have been made into a full picture gallery showcasing sexy NPC Female bodybuilder Amanda Folstad along with her lover who is being now billed as “her husband”  .. looks like he made the cut and got upgraded.

Nude Amanda And Her Man Picture Gallery


  1. Jon says

    The only thing harder than Amanda’s body is a certain body part of mine I’d love to place as deep as possible inside Amanda’s tight pink hole. She looks better with her hair down that tied up. I am not a big fan of implants but she could use some here – not the ridiculous ones DD’s bobdybuilding women frequently get but maybe a nice little upgrade to a B-cup……something like 34B

  2. John Thorley says

    I went out with Amanda about 6 years ago in Scottsdale, Arizona before she was a full-blown bodybuilder. Sorry but she was WAY hotter back then. Now you can’t tell her apart from a guy.

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