Denise Masino

Muscle Girl Denise Masino Picture

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Here’s a video clip of the Chairman of the Board herself, Denise Masino, as she reclines in her red leather chair, loosens up the tie, and takes a break from a busy day at the office to give us a few flexes and a smile to remind us why she is indeed the CEO of her muscle girl empire. With those solid guns of muscle and a perfectly proportioned body its nice to see she can do without the formality of pants and suit. I’ve always had the feeling this is one woman who can walk the walk and exude that confidence that seems to come so naturally to her. Check out the picture gallery below for a good example of Denise in her element..

Nude Muscle Girl Denise Masino Picture Gallery


  1. says

    I’m still amused that she married a guy the 2nd time round.
    Thought for sure that she would go full lesbo after divorcing Robert.

  2. William A Randolph Jr says

    YES,I was shocked to learned that she did remarried,don’t know why,though.She like dick to much to go full lesbo.To me I think that she shouldn’t be married,be single forever.I’am so in love with this woman so much,but I know that every other guy is too.She should not be tied down to one man,she has a very high sex drive.She’s as sweet as she can be but she’ll NEVER tell you if she’s fucking a man or not,and that cool,cause if I ever get that chance to have sex with her,I wouldn’t talk either,that would be between me and her,as well as it should be.

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