Cori Gates

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I found muscle milf Cori Gates modeling over at 40Something Mag though I’m not really sure if she has hit 40 yet. Here’s how they describe her: Don’t be intimidated. Sure, it’s possible that Cori Gates can kick your ass. It’s also very possible that she’ll give you the best, most-memorable sex of your life. ‘Some people say I don’t look feminine,’ said Cori, a 5’4′, 135-pound 44-year-old from California who competes on the pro bodybuilding circuit and is also a porn star. ‘That’s fine. I’m comfortable with me. Some people look at me and say, ‘That’s ugly,’ but that’s their opinion. Others are intimidated or jealous. People either love you or they hate you. I get a lot of weird looks. I also get a lot of compliments…especially in the bedroom.’

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  1. says

    Actually she is 45 yrs.old&mother of 2 boys i think
    Been in the business as far back as 1995
    Have watched her work since 2000

  2. Bob says

    Guys who think she is ugly need glasses. She won’t make people forget Catherine Holland but she is appealing to the eyes and has a great attitude. Her shaven pubes look yummy and like her real breasts – look soft to the touch. Not someone I’d marry but for a night/weekend…..OH, YEAH!

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