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Nude Muscular Girls

Muscular Fetish Model PictureMuscular Female Model PictureNude Female Fitness Model PictureVictoria Dominguez Picture

Fetish muscle model / wrestler Arial X learns the ropes of some sadistic hard core bondage and gets taken down a notch. Next is some new pictures of the now retired Goddess Heather Tristany showing off her heavenly physique. There’s some previously old pictures in there you’ll have to wade through but I think you’ll survive. Bottom row starts off with NPC Figure Competitor Allyce Jerome looking like the girl next door who pumps iron after school. And Victoria Dominguez (Mistress Treasure) closes us out modeling a sexy green number that can’t quite cover all those chiseled muscles.

Larissa Reiss Nude

Nude Female Bodybuilder Larisa Reis Picture

I never knew this stunning Brazilian IFBB Bodybuilder champion had a membership portal at her website at one time and offered nude content.  She has modeled for the likes of Shemuscle and others before, but it was always the implied nudity kind of style. Visiting her website I can find no mention of a membership option, nor any mention of nudity, so it would appear those days are long gone. It looks like there is really not much else out there on the internet of her modeling nude.

Larissa Reiss Nude Pictures

Catherine Holland’s First Nude Pictures

Nude Female Bodybuilder Catherine Holland PictureNude Female Bodybuilder Catherine Holland Picture

Seven years ago a young NPC figure competitor named Catherine Boshuizen traveled to Las Vegas from her native Oregon to model for her first ever nude pictures. And of course you know her today as Catherine Holland who has gone on to spread her wings as an IFBB Figure Pro, business owner, Visalus Regional Director, blogger, personal trainer, fitness model, Team Bombshell Coach & Athlete.

Update of Nude Muscle Girl Pictures at Land of Venus

Nude Muscle Girl Emery Miller

Nude Female Bodybuilder Emery Miller Picture

IFBB Professional Female Bodybuilder Emery Miller has recently joined the fun at Land of Venus and I was fortunate enough to cop a few fresh ones to get a preview with. Muscle girls Catherine Holland, Amanda Folstad and Roxie Rain are along for the ride to fill out the rest of the gallery.

Nude FBB Emery Miller Pictures

Nude Abs Workout

Nude Fitness Girl Catherine Holland Picture

Muscle bunny Catherine Holland is getting ready for upcoming competitions by working out the abs in these takes from one of her movies. She’s making a name for herself lately as a personal trainer with an ever expanding stable of clients entering competitions in figure, fitness, bikini and bodybuilding.

Nude Picture Gallery: Catherine Holland

Nude Muscle Girl: Lisa Cross

Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture

Some pictures from recent updates at Lisa’s site showing you this girl just keeps improving in muscle mass and looks every time we check back in on her. Was reading her blog and she is quite the busy bodybuilder traveling all over the globe doing meets and modeling, and she recently confided, ‘Went to see the new Bond film as many of you know I am huge Bond Fan. This is easily the best Bond film I have seen. Dame Judy Dench is Fantastic as is Ralph Fiennes. Not to mention my favourite Bond Daniel Craig. Anyone wanting to get me a Christmas present I wouldn’t mind an Aston Martin!’

Nude Female Bodybuilder Lisa Cross Pictures

Nude Muscle Girl: Brandi Mae

Nude Muscle Girl Brandi Mae Picture

Brandi Mae is one Bodacious Female Bodybuilder with a natural eroticism and sex appeal that any other muscle girl would be jealous of. Born and raised in Texas; she has managed to quickly change the stereotypes and stigmas of how and what a female bodybuilder should encompass. She has a long history of competing both in Figure and Female bodybuilding not to mention many years of training in Boxing and Muay Thai. Always having a great balance of femininity and masculinity as she grew up being the “Pouty Lipped Tom Boy”. Naturally, sustaining her classic hour glass figure, Brandi Mae has managed to take her video vixen physique and fine tune it with muscularity and symmetry resulting into the angelic faced professional that she is today.

Nude Female Bodybuilder Brandi Mae Pictures

Nude Muscle Cutie Encore

Naked Muscle Girl Picture
So sweet she’ll make your teeth hurt
Here’s Tania again who we previously covered on this post. This time she is on another site going by the name Tanja in a photographic essay titled Athlete. It’s somewhat of a redundant post but she’s just so freaking cute I couldn’t pass her by…

Muscle Girl Tanja Pictures

April Hunter: Big, Red & Nude

Nude April Hunter Picture

April started as a professional fitness and glamour model appearing in many publications, from MuscleMag International to Playboy Magazine and even has her own comic book series created after her, Code Red. Not content to be just another pretty thing she decided to take it to a whole new level and trained to become a professional wrestler with the one and only Killer Kowalski. April formed a tag team with fellow Kowalski graduate Nikki Roxx in World Xtreme Wrestling known as The Killer Babes. April has gone on to have a storied career in the ring winning so many bouts and titles they’re too numerous to mention. Recently April has competed as a NPC Fitness Competitor as well as becoming a writer, photographer and entrepreneur.

April Hunter Nude Pictures
April’s Website

Sexy Nude Workout

Female Bodybuilder Denise Masino gives us an extended look at her workout routine in the gym showing off that gorgeous muscled physique she has built up so magnificently over the years. Check out her meticulous detail to good weightlifting form even as she works over that huge clit and hard nipples.

* I had to replace the video with this shorter substitute .. it will have to do till the cavalry arrives …

More Nude Denise & Muscle Babes Here

Female Bodybuilder Nora Girones: Artistic Nudes

Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture

Muscle girl Nora Girones is photographed here by fellow Spaniard Jose Manchado in his Artistic Cube Series showcasing this buff beauty from Madrid in a stark black & white style. Nora says “I started working out when I was 20 years old and I fell in love with bodybuilding the moment I first set foot in a gym. I saw all the photographs on the walls of competitive bodybuilders and I just knew that was what I wanted to be doing. I had no idea how it was going to happen. I just started to work out hard with a picture firmly etched in my mind of myself up on the stage. At that time I was going through a difficult situation in my life and training helped me feel stronger inside.”

FBB Nora Girones Nude Pictures

Sculpted Nude Muscle Girl

Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture

Here’s the Ebony Dominatrix herself Mistress Treasure with about as chiseled a body as I’ve ever seen her get in this dramatic B&W picture gallery. She has just placed 6th in the heavyweight division at the recent IFBB North American Cleveland bodybuilding competition and only being in her second year at competing I think we can expect a solid advancement to the podium sometime in the near future. She has recently noted, ‘I was born in the United States, but yes my ethnicity is Spanish and Caribbean more specifically, Cuban and Jamaican so someone could argue that this combination has given me a unique physical structure. I hope to see it evolve enough to make me competitive in professional female body building, while it is still around that is‘.

Mistress Treasure Sculpted Gallery
More Nude Mistress Treasure Pictures

Nude Female Bodybuilder Heather Armbrust

Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture

Here’s a glorious black & white picture gallery of the IFBB Professional Bodybuilding Champion showing off that magnificent muscled physique of hers in a photo shoot by Body Photage. She’s the 2006 USA heavyweight and overall champ who now resides in Denver Colorado working as a personal trainer specializing in contest preparation.  Heather is a tall amazon at 5’7″, weighing in at a solid 180 pounds with 16.5″ biceps, a 43″ chest and quads that measure out to 26.5″.

Heather Armbrust Picture Gallery
Heather’s Personal Website

Erotic Nude Yoga

Nude Yoga Girl Picture

Here’s a great website featuring Vivastra-kama yoga (nude erotic yoga), described as ‘a discipline to be practiced as a sequence of postures (asanas), in cooperation with and under the eye of a partner, who may be a teacher, a student, or, by preference, a lover.‘ Our beautiful yogini is the multi-talented Wenona who we usually find tied-up and bound suffering through some serious BDSM or on the wrestling mat pinning down her opponents.  There is a serious amount of nude yoga pictures here featuring every possible posistion you could imagine, all expertly imaged by fine-arts photographer Mitchel Evans.

Vivastra-Kama Nude Yoga

Nude Muscle Babe Autumn Raby

Nude Female Bodybuilder Autumn Raby Picture

If your wondering what happened to this one of a kind Canadian Muscle Minx here is what Amber DeLuca had to say about Autumn a few years ago:

“I just got word from an inside source about Autumn. I have been trying to reach her and her husband (ex husband now) Greg, for well over a year now. I did two shoots with Autumn about two years ago, and a second, a year and a half ago. Our only completed dvd was called “Intimate II”. She sure was fun to work with, it’s a shame she is now officially off the scene.

When I first went up to shoot with her two years ago, it was right after she had gotten her pro card. I asked her why she could not travel to the USA, and she told several years ago, she was a stripper traveling throughout Canada and feature dancing in the USA. She apparently was in Florida, and her brother asked her to be a mule to transport back some Royal Hashish into Canada. She told me she got busted. I know nothing about drugs or hashish, so I asked her how much, and she told me about 100 pounds, which had a street value of over a million bucks. She had tried fervently to apply for waivers and such through the Canadian government, but it seemed that the cards were stacked against her after becoming a felon she would never be able to compete in the USA, which essentially killed her bodybuilding future. All of this information was featured in a documentary on her life about four years ago. It showed how her family completely betrayed her, and the only person in her life that supported her was Greg.

So, some of the bodybuilding girls in the USA that do g/g erotica traveled up to Vancouver and shot with her. My source revealed to me that she is, in fact, no longer training, and looks nothing like a bodybuilder any longer, and she is remarried and started a new business outside the adult industry. It appears that she has closed the bodybuilding and porn chapters in her life.

Autumn was a bright star that burned out fast–and bodybuilding enjoyed her amazing physique for only a brief period of time. Her physique really is the hallmark of where bodybuilding is going now, and she would have done very well as a pro had she been able to pursue her pro career. Her solo and g/g erotica had the whole “amateur” vibe about it, and she was brilliant in her work. I can remember how much fun it was shooting with her, and chilling on the set at various hotels having all night chats.

I hope she is happy, and from what I gather, she is. She will be missed amongst her peers and fans.”

Autumn’s Picture Gallery
Autumn’s Paradise Website

Nude Female Bodybuilder Tazzie Columb

Nude Female Bodybuilder Tazzie Colomb Picture Gallery

Professional bodybuilder Tazzie Colomb is so big and ripped that on her, a pinstriped bikini looks like dental floss. Cut and vascular, she poses to display every gigantic muscle – those massive biceps, that six-pack of abs, those rock-hard legs – at their best. She definitely knows her way around a professional bodybuilding stage. But you won’t see this amazon posing like this in a public competition. Only on SheMuscle Gym does she feel free to go topless and nearly nude to show that spectacular muscled body that the judges decree: She’s big, and she’s bad.

Tazzie Colomb Picture Gallery