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Female bodybuilders Roxie Rain & Lynn McCrossin show their sensual side to each other in this hot little gallery where they can’t seem to get enough of each other in the bedroom. It’s girl/girl muscle worship, and what beautiful, completely nude, vascular muscle it is! Big biceps, great glutes, hot legs, lots of licking and stroking. They’re touching in every photo, and your on the front row seat.

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Canadian Fitness & Figure Competitor Fawnia Mondey shows off her thespian licks in this hot little preview clip from the movie Dakota Bound which features the following plot line: ‘Civilisation has collapsed and the world has been hurled into a new dark age where sex is the only currency and slavery is a way of life. The now fully grown female students of a small isolated girls school have managed to survive amongst the chaos. To the predatory bands of white slave traders roving the countryside, the nubile girls are perfect prey. Under the guidance of their teacher Sister Helen, the girls have taken refuge in the cavernous basement of the old school and plan their escape to the only secure place in America, Dakota Mountain. ‘ Hmm, that sure sounds awfully similar to the ActionGirls storyline, could it be Scotty JX got his impetus from this very movie? You’ll find another preview clip and nude pictures from the movie at the Bound Heat link below, who strive to bring you the  ‘Internet’s finest original and uncut movies about sapphic women in prison and white slaves.’

Fawnia Mondey Pictures

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Nothing like having some lesbian muscle girl action to start the new year off with, and both Amber DeLuca and Roxie Rain are the pinnacle of female body building. However, Amber is a towering monster in size compared to Roxie. Check out these videos where Amber uses her shear power to lift Roxie up into her arms. Once her feet are firmly planted on the floor again, the hard muscle gives way to sensuality and lust.

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Splishin’ and a Splashing
It’s muscle babe Lauren Powers and friend making a connection in the shower as they enjoy each other in this sexy little clip I ran across. I’m not sure who our other bodybuilder is here but she certainly complements Lauren with her similar buff physique as they explore and caress each other.

Fitness Teens Lesbian Sex Movie

Teen Lesbians Fitness Sex

Well since I was a bit of a dirty bird with that April Fools post last week I thought I would get back in your good graces with this smokin’ hot movie of some fitness teens working out in the gym who suddenly find themselves in close encounters of the lesbo kind. The luscious Bobbi Blair and foxy Vanessa Lane smolder the scenery here in this nice long clip of over 19 minutes that I give two thumbs up .. or is that two thumbs in?

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Fitness Fox Devon Michaels & Friend
Heres a hot little movie clip featuring two buff babes working out together and checking each others fine ass out. They finally can’t keep that horny feeling held in any longer and commence to pounce on each other leading to a glorious lesbian fuck fest. Devon of course started her fame before becoming an adult entertainer as a fitness centerfold icon appearing in magazines like MuscleMag, Pump, American Curves, Muscular Development and Flex Magazine.

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Dayana Cadeau & Rowena Scibelli Get Closer
Heres a hot little scene with two luscious bodybuilders making a connection. I guess we’ll have to use our imagination as to how this seductive passion plays out in the end.

Lesbian Bodybuilders Movie Clip

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A Sapphic Encounter Between Two Muscular Women
Rikki Rife and Amber DeLuca meet together in this short lovely movie clip showcasing two of the better known amateur bodybuilders around, as they explore each others bodies. I was fantasizing to myself how nice it would be to jump in the middle of two muscle girls like this with all that erotic passion going on and make a hero sandwich, but then realized I would probably wind up a crumpled bag of bones on the floor for interupting these two gorgeous female bodybuilders.

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Hardbody Hotties

Muscle Girl Jessica Bowman PictureMuscle Girl Jamie Rankin Picture Fitness Girl Jennifer Nicole Lee PictureLesbian Muscle Girls Picture Starting off with a picture gallery of IFBB Pro Hunter Morgan, aka Jessica Bowman, who really should be photographed and featured on way more muscle girl paysites than she is. I feel like I’m seeing too many of the same models modeling at these websites and it’s a shame they are not reaching out and photographing new models like Jessica. Next up is fitness model Jamie Rankin who has some delicious curves to go along with here buff physique. American fitness model, actress, motivational speaker, and author Jennifer Nicole Lee starts off the bottom row and we finish off with a gallery of muscle girl wallpapers to help with your upcoming spring cleaning!

Lisa and Denise

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Female Bodybuilders Lisa Cross and Denise Masino get together and before you know it these two muscle minxes just can’t keep their paws off one another which of course leads to some hot lesbian sex. Interestingly Lisa is the taller, more muscular participant here yet Denise claims the dominant role by rights due to that giant massive clit she packs. Then again Denise kick starts her vibrator and rolls her own tampons so no big surprise there…

Lisa And Denise’s Picture Gallery

Muscle Milf Pornstar Deauxma

Female Pornstar Muscles PictureFemale Pornstar Muscles PictureFemale Pornstar Muscles PictureFemale Pornstar Muscles Picture
Nude Muscle Girl Pornstar Deauxma Picture

Her name is pronounced “doe-mae” although she sometimes pronounces it just as “Do Me”. Born in Würzburg, Germany and now making her home in San Antonio Texas she says ‘I love tall men with huge cocks that smell good and slim women that are real lesbians or bisexual females that love to kiss. I’m a girly girl and enjoy playing with women that are pretty and keep themselves in shape.’ As you can see Deauxma likes to keep that body of hers hard and hot as well. Lots more free movies and pictures of this milfy muscle pornstar at the link below.

Pornstar Deauxma at Naughty America

Melissa & Amber

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I surfed over to Melissa Dettwiller’s website and I’m sorry to report the site is no more. Not sure if she decided to ramp it down on the modeling career or maybe the stagnant economy pulled it down, but I do have a few hot pictures of her enjoying some sexy girl on girl fun with fellow muscle girl Amber De Luca.

Nude Lesbian Muscle Girls

3 Muscle Girls

Naked Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

Muscular U.K. Bodybuilding Champion Lisa Cross is back with some fresh pictures as well as a movie of Lisa enjoying the finer delights of lesbian sex. Muscle Mistress Treasure returns as well showing off her dazzling physique as she models this time for Kaos Kittens. And finally we have Angelina from the Female Anatomy for Artist website which claims to be the biggest online source of Hi-Res female photo references for artists with more than 98000 photos of poses along with tutorials (previous gallery).

Poolside Pussy Party

Bob was looking for a ‘competition-ready fbb to really get drilled, submissive like‘ so lets see if French professional female bodybuilder Francesca Petitjean is up to task. We find the multiple winner of the WABBA World Championships at the swimming pool getting a total sex workout including some heavy pussy play along with getting bent over and getting drilled before she finally finishes off her man and gets her just reward.

FBB Pornstar Francesca Petitjean Lesbian Sex Clips

Muscle Girl Kerfluffle

Muscle Babe Picture KO

Catching up with the latest from one of our favorite muscle girls we find Kortney Olson, a.k.a. KO, has moved to Queensland Australia, won the 2012 Australian Women Arm Wrestling Championship and married the CEO of the Australian professional rugby league football club Gold Coast Titans. Kortney found herself in a bit of a brouhaha when she was appointed assistant strength-and-conditioning coach to the Titans’ under-20 players and the media got hold of her past modeling history and labeled her a ‘fetish-porn star‘. I think that’s a bit of a stretch to label her as a porn-star when as far as I know all she has ever done is some nude modeling and some with implied lesbian scenes. Sounds more like Murdoch style reporting trying to drum up drama and page-views to enhance their collective revenue streams. I have a couple of picture galleries below to help you make up your own mind on this little imbroglio…

   Nude Pictures Muscle Babe KO