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Brazilian Bodybuilder Monica Martin

Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture
Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture

This awesome amazon has embraced many sports all through her life: cycling, ballet, martial arts, gymnastics and they all gave her a strong physical foundation. She started lifting weights in 1986 as part of her training, and it took her many years to decide to compete in female bodybuilding, where in in 1994 she flourished in competition for the first time wining State, Inter-State, Regionals and Nationals amateur bodybuilding championships before eventually winning South-American and Ibero-American championships. She is an active promoter of bodybuilding and a symbol of this sport in her native country as her victories have opened the doors to the spotlight of the bodybuilding media, appearing in magazines like Flex, Muscle Mag,  Women’s Physique World,  Ironman and all over the internet. Part of the attention she gets from observers is her charisma combined with that beautiful exotic look, a ripped physique sporting perfectly shaped razor sharp thighs and good muscle size which make the greatest impact in the eyes of her many fans.

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Brazilian Amazon Gal Ferreira

Female Bodybuilder Gal Ferreira Picture

This IFBB Pro bodybuilder is just a breathtaking combination of beauty and power that puts her right up there in that select pantheon of Muscle Goddesses. She began her journey at the tender age of six when she enrolled in ballet school, later crossing over to Olympic style gymnastics before eventually deciding to start bodybuilding at the age of eighteen. Gal made her debut in competition in 2007 and easily won the IFBB South American Body Fitness Championship as well as the South American World Cup after only 6 months of preparation. You’ve got to figure there just aren’t too many guys around who could fit the bill for such a divine muscle girl as this but it looks like she has found her worthy match and recently got married. Parabéns pelo casamento!

Gal Ferreira Pictures
Her Website


Brazilian Bubble Butt Blonde Bombshell

Female Bodybuilder Flavia Crisos Picture
Flavia Crisos
Born in Sao Paulo Brazil, Flavia started out dancing ballet for more than 15 years before deciding she was too slim and began weight training to strengthen her physique, which lead her to competing in bodybuilding and figure and eventually becoming a fitness model. She’s 5’4″ tall, weighs in at a very muscular 145 lbs, and to no one’s surprise her favorite exercise is the squat. Flavia has moved to Florianópolis, an island in the south of Brazil, mainly to get away from the violence and chaos of São Paulo, but also because she likes to surf. Now that’s something I would love to see, Flavia hanging ten on a swell with that bodacious badonkadonk of hers bringing up the rear.

Flavia Crisos Picture Gallery

Brazilian Muscle Girls

Muscle Girls Photograph
Lindas Gatas Musculosas
The Girl from Ipanema has been in the gym hitting the weights and buffing up that oh so delicious body of hers to a ripped red hot sexiness. After coming across a few choice Brazilian muscle girls lately it dawned on me theres a whole world of gorgeous shredded babes down Brazil way that we hardly hear much of outside South America. Well thanks to Al Gore for inventing the internet we can go on a cyber-surfari and rectify problems just like this one. I tossed a picture gallery together featuring a few of these amazing amazons to give you a good idea just how good the scene is going on down there…Enjoy!

Brazilian Muscle Girls Picture Gallery

Brazilian Bodybuilder Anne Freitas

Female Bodybuilder Anne Freitas Picture Female Bodybuilder Anne Freitas Picture
The Brazilian Version Of Melissa Dettwiller
She’s a blonde bombshell from Brazil with the insane ass and quads that just screams sexy muscle girl in the house. I think the breast implants are a bit much, but this buff babe has certainly put in hard work at the weight room, and looks like she has the solid foundation of a physique to develop into someone like a Yaxeni Oriquen. A hot little picture gallery and movie awaits your pleasure at the link below …

Female Bodybuilder Anne Freitas Pictures & Movie

Brazilian Beauty Larissa Reis

Muscle Girl Larissa Reis Muscle Girl Larissa Reis
Muscle Girl Larissa Reis Muscle Girl Larissa Reiss
Let The Drooling Begin
Say hello to a former Brazilian Playboy Playmate who amped up her body so well working out she eventually won the Brazilian National IFBB Championship. Larissa was born in Brasilia and now makes her home in Miami where she is working out with world renown bodybuilder Monica Martin. Now that she has her pro card we will be keeping an eye on her as she makes her rise in the world of female figure competition.  You can find a few more pictures and a movie of the lovely Larissa at the link below.

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Awesome Amazons

Female Fitness Model PictureWoman Fitness Model Picture
Black Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Image

Fawnia Mondey is a pole dance instructor, fitness model, personal trainer, writer, producer and actress. Next to her is Brazilian samba dancer and fitness model Gracyanne Barbosa. The bottom row starts off with buff beauty Nadia and next to her is IFBB Professional Female Bodybuilder and fitness model Emery Miller.

Three Hotties

Female Muscle Model PictureFit Girl PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

Adriana Gomez is a Brazilian muscle girl trying to cool down that hot body of hers. Bianca Gabriela is an aspiring actor and personal trainer from Toronto with the Kardashian look. And let me just say its so hot today that Autumn can’t get here soon enough…

Eva Andressa

Female Fitness Model Picture

I was looking at a previous post I had made on this famed Brazilian fitness model and noticed all the pictures were deleted, so here’s another go at showcasing this flawless beauty. I couldn’t find the old set of pictures but fortunately I was able to find some new pictures plus a movie, and this time she is Andressa undressa!

Isadora Castro

Nude Female Fitness Model Picture

This stunning muscle girl is IFBB Women Body Fitness competitor Isabella Castro from Brazil now living in California. Not much information to glean on her but you can visit her facebook page for more pictures (no nudes). The photographer here is Pedro Nossol who shoots some of the finest images of muscle girls I’ve seen, and we’ll be featuring him soon in a post.

Isadora Castro Pictures

Supplementary Muscle Babes

Female Physique Model PictureFitness Fashion Model Picture
Female Muscle Model PictureFetish Model Picture

Topside we have two physique photographers featured starting off with the website of Brazilian Marcello Dezallez who has loaded up lots of hot muscle girls to enjoy (click on Postagens mais antigas for the next page). Photographer Kai York is from New York and his portfolio of fit women has a very fashionable look to it. Megan Avalon, aka Muscle Barbie starts off the bottom row with a nude gallery of her lifting the weights. And the delicious fetish model Wenona finishes us off by getting wired up with EMS pads and pulsating current from a cattle prod in a very electrifying performance.

Severa & Sereny

Goddess Severa PictureFemale Bodybuilder Kriszti Picture

A 6’5” Amazon who combines both the beauty of a model with the kinkiness of a Dominatrix, and the strength of a former professional athlete with the skill of a black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It could only be Goddess Severa, who weighs in at 180 pounds, with 42 1/2 DD ballistic cones. 7 years experience as a professional dominatrix, three years in a NYC based theater group and a natural interest in role playing has given her an enviable amount of skills in the field of dominance and submission. If you’ve ever wanted to be beaten- in whatever form- by a beautiful Amazon woman, this unique lady, is the one to do it. And to even things out, a picture gallery from Krisztina Sereny looking in so very fine form.

Larissa Reiss Nude

Nude Female Bodybuilder Larisa Reis Picture

I never knew this stunning Brazilian IFBB Bodybuilder champion had a membership portal at her website at one time and offered nude content.  She has modeled for the likes of Shemuscle and others before, but it was always the implied nudity kind of style. Visiting her website I can find no mention of a membership option, nor any mention of nudity, so it would appear those days are long gone. It looks like there is really not much else out there on the internet of her modeling nude.

Larissa Reiss Nude Pictures

Four Muscular Girls

Nude Muscle Girl Karyn Bayres PictureNude Fitness Girl Marcia Goncalves Picture
Nude Fitness Model Belle PictureMuscle Dominatrix Dometria Picture

From Buenos Aires Argentina comes the muscular pornstar and erotic fitness model Karyn Bayres who makes me wonder just who else are we missing from below the equator like her. Next up is a nude picture gallery of fitness bikini competitor Marcia Goncalves who has won several championships in her native Brazil. The second row starts off with a gallery from a fitness model known as Belle and we finish up with Boss Lady Dometria who among many things does sessions, wrestles and has been boxing for 17 years, as well as kick boxing and doing Muay Thai and MMA for 10 years. She has 9 picture galleries at her website, some with Rene Campbell, well worth a look.