Muscle Girl Maria Stukova

Female Bodybuilder Maria Stukova Picture

Quite the sculptured physique of strength and beauty does this Russian bodybuilder have to show for herself in this picture gallery.  There’s not much info out there on her but from what I could translate she started in sports acrobatics, went on to perform as a circus artist in the Ekaterinburzhsky State Circus before eventually going on to compete in figure competitions as well as bodybuilding.

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Nude Female Bodybuilder Lisa Cross

Nude Female Bodybuilder Lisa Cross Picture

Bulking up the flow with some British Steel in the form of 32 year old pro bodybuilder Lisa Cross who hails originally from Manchester U.K. Lisa took first place at the Hercules show in 2009 which qualified her for the 2010 UKBFF British Finals where she went on to claim 1st place. Not one to rest on her laurels she recently said ‘2011 Here we come. I am charged up and ready to blast into the new year. This is the start of my 3rd year in the sport of Body Building and so far it has been a great ride. Goals for this year are to get bigger and better than last year. I still have plenty of room for improvement.’ This awesome muscle girl with the 16″ biceps and 28″ quads can deadlift 441lbs and squat for 529lbs  ..she’s in a league of her own.

Muscle Girl Lisa Cross Nude Pictures

Ava Blue

Fitness Girl Picture

Brit model turned pornstar Jodie Dart known also as Ava Blue is the babe that got the gig as model for the character Ayumi, in the popular PS3 and Xbox game X-Blades. A green-eyed beauty, she stands 5’7″ tall, weighs in at 126 lbs. and sports a svelte 34DD-26-35 figure. Not the most muscular babe around and I hesitated featuring her but she has indeed done fitness modeling at one time in her career and since she’s working out here with dumbbells I thought we could give her the benefit of the doubt.

Ava Blue Picture Gallery

Muscle Babe Nikki Warner

muscle woman photograph

Nikki has been weight lifting for twelve years now, and competing for 8 of those years. During those years she competed in bodybuilding off and on for five years and figure for 3 years. She recently stated ‘figure competition is much more suitable for me since I have a natural physique with lots of soft feminine curves. In my heart, natural, healthy feminine muscles is what female bodybuilding and fitness should be about.’

Nikki Warner Picture Gallery

Brazilian Amazon Gal Ferreira

Female Bodybuilder Gal Ferreira Picture

This IFBB Pro bodybuilder is just a breathtaking combination of beauty and power that puts her right up there in that select pantheon of Muscle Goddesses. She began her journey at the tender age of six when she enrolled in ballet school, later crossing over to Olympic style gymnastics before eventually deciding to start bodybuilding at the age of eighteen. Gal made her debut in competition in 2007 and easily won the IFBB South American Body Fitness Championship as well as the South American World Cup after only 6 months of preparation. You’ve got to figure there just aren’t too many guys around who could fit the bill for such a divine muscle girl as this but it looks like she has found her worthy match and recently got married. Parabéns pelo casamento!

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New Year Knock Out

Nude Female Bodybuilder KO Picture

Who better to start off a new year with than the awesome Miss Knock Out herself, Kortney Olsen. KO is looking pretty damn hot here in this fresh new picture gallery from Land of Venus showing off that well maintained and hard physique of hers. Her nickname, “all natural KO”  is based off the fact she doesn’t use steroids at all, and was fortunately blessed with good genes letting her celebrate those 27″ thighs, 18″ calves, and 14.5″ biceps all naturally made.

Nude Female Bodybuilder KO Pictures