Nude Teen Fitness Girl

Nude Teen Fitness Girl Nude Teen Fitness Girl

Say Hello To Teen Amateur Brandi

According to her profile she is starting to concentrate on weightlifting so we may indeed be seeing her in a more bulked up and ripped physique some day soon , not that I’m complaining about the current form entertaining my eyes. If you click on the link below you will find a nice gallery set of 15 free pictures of Brandi in the nude showing off that beautiful tight fit body your drooling over.

Fitness Girl Brandi’s Nude Pictures

Muscle Girl Art

Muscle Girl Art Muscle Girl Art
Serb Artist Excells In Our Favorite Subject
Hailing from Belgrade he goes by the name Ritualist and focuses much of his artistic creations on strong women with muscles. Pretty amazing that he is only 17 years old and already has a large variety of style and nuance to his technique featuring digital art, photomanipulation, posterizations, tinting and more. A popular artist with  already  100,000 gallery pageviews he is prolific as well with 14 pages of galleries, so theres a lot for you to see of this gifted young artist.

Ritualist Female Muscle Art at deviantArt

Foxy Fitness Girl Kelle Martillotti

Sexy Fitness Girl Picture Sexy Fitness Girl Picture
A True Adorable Beauty With Muscles
Kelle is one of Texas’s leading Fitness competitors coming in at 5’6 and weighing 128 pounds in competition. She gets her cardio conditioning while teaching aerobics at the local YMCA, where she teaches kickboxing and step aerobics, and weight trains four days a week as well. She is 32 years old with two children, and the more I look at this gorgeous buff babe the more I think she has to be one of the hottest Milfs I’ve ever seen.

Sexy Contortionist Zlata

Sexy Contortionist Picture Sexy Contortionist Picture Sexy Contortionist Picture

Sexy Contortionist Picture Sexy Contortionist Picture
The Goddess Of Flexibility & Pretzels
Zlata is the world famous Russian contortionist who has been featured in a number of television shows and magazines. One of the worlds’ sexiest contortionist, she can pretty much bend her body anyway she likes. Her talent was recognized early in kindergarten and this blue-eyed blond babe has certainly made the most of her unique talents. She is a very good example that sexy muscles are more than just strength and mass, that flexibility and contortion can be just as erotic and sensual in every aspect.

See More Zlata Here At Her Website

Female Bodybuilder Christiane Lamy Movie

Christiane Wants To Know  ‘Are You Ready’?
Gorgeous blonde weightlifter from Quebec Canada, The Blonde Panther gives us a nice show in this movie displaying strength and beauty all wrapped up in one dynamic package. She is a firm believer in the gifts of natural bodybuilding and has made it her mission to promote bodybuilding and training for women to improve their lives with strength and confidence.

More Movies of Christiane Lamy and Friends at DIYMUSCLE.COM

Twix Pix

Female Bodybuilds and Fitness Girls Photographs
Excellent Source For FBB & Fitness Competition Pictures
This is one of those sites you can get lost in for an hour or two because theres just so much good stuff to see here. Based out of the Pacific Northwest, and in his own words: Welcome to my website. It’s being updated on a regular basis so come back often. The site features Women’s Bodybuilding, Fitness & Figure competitors who have come through this region since the 1980’s. All photos are and will always be 100% original material and as such, would ask that the copyrights were respected. Feel free* to download images for offline viewing or provide a link to here (this is not a pay site).

So who will you see there? Oh just some of our favorite female bodybuilders and fitness girls like Jodi Leigh Miller, Catherine Boshuizen, Lora Ottenad, Nadia Nardi, Ocean Bloom, Shawn Tan, and .. well you get the idea, it just goes on and on with some of the best of the Buff and the Beautiful. Consider yourself buried!

Twix Pix FBB – Northwest & B.C.

Celebrity Muscle

Celebrity Muscle
A Few Are Flexing More Than Champagne And Caviar
I thought I would put together a small gallery of female celebs who exhibit a little bit of tone and definition to their bodies. A select few of them like Jessica Biel and Madonna have made some serious commitments to the weightroom and display their rewards well with their muscled physiques. I’m sorry to report Nicole Ritchie and Mary Kate Olsen did’nt make the cut this time around, but we’ll give them another year to find that Gold’s Gym around the corner.

Celebrity Muscle Gallery

Sexy Nude Fitness Girl

Sexy Nude Fitness Girl Picture Sexy Nude Fitness Girl Picture
Christina Marie Balancing Strength With Beauty

She may not have the muscular gains of a Roxie Rain or Melissa Dettwiller, but her toned and fit body still makes the valid point of how much a healthy physique revs up its attraction and desirability. We do have quite a wide lattitude to enjoy our sexy muscle girls with, from the most petite fitness girl on one end, to the massive powerful bodybuilders on the other end..

Christina Marie Can Be Found At Land Of Venus

Mistress Treasure Ebony Dominatrix

Mistress Treasure Picture Mistress Treasure Picture Mistress Treasure Picture

When Your Ready For Your Fair Share Of Abuse

A one time exotic dancer, Mistress Treasure crossed over to be a professional dominatrix when the opportunity presented itself and has never looked back. She seems to have made a name for herself, traveling across the country dominating men, and incorporating wrestling into her sessions. She says she is being paid quite handsomely for her talents, and also does quite a bit of work as a photography model working in the world of bdsm and muscle related areas.

Mistress Treasure  Models At Shemuscle

Short & Sweet Female Bodybuilders Movie

A Musical Choreograph Showcasing Some Of Our Favorite Muscle Girls
Pretty nice compilation here of several well known female bodybuilders posing on stage looking sexy and feminine at the same time exhibiting strength and athletic prowess. The music is courtesy of Mellow playing Love on the Moon, which seems to match up quite well for this small clip. Kick back and enjoy the show…

Chiseled Hard Body Breean Robinson

Fitness Fox Hard Body Picture Fitness Fox Hard Body Picture
One Of The Finer Physiques Around
Breean started out a cheerleader from high school through college but crossed over to fitness to keep her motivated after getting her college degree, with future plans of competing professionally. She says her best body part is her abs and you would be hard pressed to give her an argument on that point. She runs a physical training center in Tulsa Oklahoma along with her bodybuilder husband Brenton.

Pictures Of Fitness Babe Breean Robinson

Muscle & Allure From Espana

Monica Bermudez,  ‘The Spanish Pamela Anderson’
Those crafty Europeans have cards their not showing. I had never seen this beautiful muscle girl before but after seeing a picture of her I was mesmerized and had to find out more. Sorry to say I could’nt find much about her other than she is a European fitness & figure competiter who won Miss FIBO in 2003. She has done some modeling work (big surprise there!) and various promotions in Spain, but seems unheard of in North America… our loss I should say. I collected what pictures I could find of her and made a gallery, so do introduce your eyes to this gorgeous buff beauty from Spain, where I hear the Ladies are Insane there.

Muscle Girl Monica Bermudez Picture Gallery

Well Constructed Bodybuilder Sheila Bleck

Female Bodybuilder Sheila Bleck Picture Female Bodybuilder Sheila Bleck Picture
Looking So Very Strong, Muscled &  Erotic
Sheila competes at the national level of bodybuilding competitions owning a string of heavyweight trophy finishes, and marveling at her muscled physique it should come as no surprise. Her inspiration for getting into weightlifting was Sylvestor Stallone, and was already pumping those muscles up before she was even a teenager. Her best lifts might give you pause to appreciate her strength: bench press 265 lbs, dead lifts 385 lbs, and squats coming in at 425 lbs. Her off season bodyweight runs aroung 170 lbs and she tightens up to around 160 lbs for competition. What a rock hard gorgeous muscle girl she is, and you can see her nude in all her sculpted glory at Land of Venus.

Muscle Girl Sheila Bleck Picture Gallery

Lesbian Bodybuilders Movie Clip

Nikki Delano Picture
A Sapphic Encounter Between Two Muscular Women
Rikki Rife and Amber DeLuca meet together in this short lovely movie clip showcasing two of the better known amateur bodybuilders around, as they explore each others bodies. I was fantasizing to myself how nice it would be to jump in the middle of two muscle girls like this with all that erotic passion going on and make a hero sandwich, but then realized I would probably wind up a crumpled bag of bones on the floor for interupting these two gorgeous female bodybuilders.

More Girl on Girl Action Here At Shemuscle

Bodybuilder Catherine Boshuizen First Nude Photos

Nude Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder Picture
So Cute, So Buff, So Adorable.. She Makes My Teeth Hurt
Land of Venus has just bequested us with a dazzling nude photo shoot of this hot muscled bodybuilder who exudes that certain charm of youth on the precipice of what is to come. Five foot seven hailing from the Beaver State of Oregon she is a NPC Figure Competiter who also happens to be a faculty/instructor at a major university. I would urge you greatly not to miss the rest of the stunning photo gallery of this enchanting girl with the looks of an angel and the muscles of dedication.

Muscle Girl Catherine Boshuizen Nude Photo Gallery