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Shemuscle Gym Two’fer

Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

A couple of fresh ones coming at you today starting off with the blonde who goes by the name Muscle Bombshell. She’s a little bit on the mature side but is a full featured buff beauty with a solid physique. Our redhead goes by the name Ironfire and she’s ripped and ready to show off her vascular pecs, biceps, glutes, and her fiery tattoo.


Christmas In July

Christmas Abbott Picture

Say hello to the first full time female NASCAR pit crew member and she can change two 60-pound tires in twelve seconds flat. Christmas was born on December 20,  close enough to the holiday that her mom decided to name her after it. In-between changing tires for the Michael Waltrip Racing Team she is also a cross fit athlete where she gained her Level 1 Certification and has taken a spot on the CrossFit HQ Training staff. She’s definitely a one of a kind girl and I do hope we see more of this trailblazer in the future wherever her travels take her.

Christmas Abbott Pictures & Video
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Sweet Sixteen

Naked Female Bodybuilder Picture

It’s your Whitman’s Sampler of fresh muscle girls from Land of Venus featuring Venus herself along with a sexy assortment of some of the buff beauties you will find in her stable.  Have a taste of each one because we’ll be back in the future with another sampler of the other girls we couldn’t fit into this tin. Names are in the mouse-over…

Land of Venus Muscle Girl Gallery


Melissa & Amber

Nude Lesbian Female Bodybuilders Picture

I surfed over to Melissa Dettwiller’s website and I’m sorry to report the site is no more. Not sure if she decided to ramp it down on the modeling career or maybe the stagnant economy pulled it down, but I do have a few hot pictures of her enjoying some sexy girl on girl fun with fellow muscle girl Amber De Luca.

Nude Lesbian Muscle Girls


Jacqueline “Jay” Fuchs

Female Bodybuilder Jacqueline Fuchs Picture

I came across this picture and my first thought was of Richard Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries, my next thought was ‘hey lets meet the new mascot for the Minnesota Vikings’, and when it became apparent those were tentacles streaming down her head and not a Viking battle helmet I was left with only one word: Cthulhu! Winner of the 2012 Arnold Classic Europe championship, Jay hails from from Switzerland and bears a striking resemblance to fellow female bodybuilder Alina Popa.

Jay Fuch’s Pictures


Hairy Hardbody Hotties

Hairy Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture

There was a time when shaved girls were a fetish onto themselves but nowadays its such popular fashion for girls to shave it all that hairy girls have left the bush leagues and are on the rise. So here’s your round-up of furry fitness foxes showing off all their hirsute happiness.

Hairy Muscle Girl Pictures


Samantha & Yasmin

Nude Female Bodybuilder PictureFitness Girl Picture

A couple of fresh faces from She Muscle Gym for your viewing pleasure. Blonde bodybuilder Samantha poses naked in the gym, giving you a good look at how strong and sexy she is. Beautiful, vascular biceps, luscious legs, gorgeous glutes, pretty pecs, sexy abs – Samantha will make you want to look, and look some more. Brunette Yasmin is posing in tiny, sheer panties in the bedroom, looking vascular, muscular and very, very fit. Gorgeous glutes, perfect pecs, lovely legs, beautiful biceps, awesome abs – Yasmin is yummy.


Muscle Girl Bling

Naked Female Bodybuilder Picture

Goddess Heather is showing off her jewelry and has this to say, ‘I am the real deal. I am the internet’s original muscle dominatrix. I have the mental and physical strength needed to truly dominate someone. I spent eighteen years working my ass off in the gym to get my body to where its at today and I spent $5,000 to get my tits, but I was born with perfect feet. They are a size eight, beautiful and I know how to use them.’

Goddess Heather Pussy Jewelry Pictures


Smoking Hot Muscle Girl

Female Bodybuilder Red Stripe Picture

And I mean that literately as we find one of our favorite amateur muscle girls, Red Stripe, enjoying a few drags off various cigars, pipes and cigarettes. 5’6″ tall with a rock hard 34c-27-32 physique, she is a retired fitness trainer who now works in sales and also coaches a high school cheer squad which is her real passion. On the subject of sex Red says ‘I like confident men and forced sex; I like it when a man surprises me with handcuffs‘.

Red Stripe Smoking Pictures
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Six Buff Beauties

Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture
Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture
Female Bodybuilder PictureFitness Girl Picture

I’ve had these pictures tucked away to make a few post with and for whatever reason I never pulled the trigger on them so I thought I’d just glom them all together and let you feast where you see fit. Top row starts with Great Britain’s heaviest female bodybuilder Rene Campbell who recently won the IFBB Women’s World Amateur Championships last year. Next up is another look at Jodi Leigh Miller who won the 2012 Ms. Natural Olympia Championship and shows no signs of slowing down. Second row starts off with Female Bodybuilder Megan Abshire weighing in at an impressive 165 lbs,  5’8″, Megan has 15 3/4″ biceps, nearly 25″ quads, and a 41″ chest. Next comes professional Canadian female bodybuilder and fitness competitor Sharon Bruneau who I fear is winding down her storied career so do check out the gallery of one of the all-time greats in sexy muscle girls. She’s hot, she’s mean, and…she’s green! On the bottom row we start with some pictures of famed former wrestler Chyna who is starring as Bruce Banner’s cousin in She-Hulk XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (excerpt). And our last girl is NPC Bodybuilding Competitor, fitness model, personal trainer and nutritionist Amanda Alger, winner of the 2011 NPC New England Championships.


3 Muscle Girls

Naked Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

Muscular U.K. Bodybuilding Champion Lisa Cross is back with some fresh pictures as well as a movie of Lisa enjoying the finer delights of lesbian sex. Muscle Mistress Treasure returns as well showing off her dazzling physique as she models this time for Kaos Kittens. And finally we have Angelina from the Female Anatomy for Artist website which claims to be the biggest online source of Hi-Res female photo references for artists with more than 98000 photos of poses along with tutorials (previous gallery).


Yummy Mummy Muscle Mommys

Nude Muscular Mature Picture

I meant to post these up for Mother’s Day and here I am 10 days late to the party. A belated thank you to all the mothers out there carrying the load.

Yummy Mummy Muscle Mommys


Savage Vixen

Nude Female Bodybuilder Nicole Savage PictureNude Female Bodybuilder Ripped Vixen Picture

Today’s buff beauties are Nicole Savage and Ripped Vixen who put it out there and live up to their names. 5 foot 9 inches tall Nicole didn’t start bodybuilding until she was 27, but picked it up quickly enough to win the overall German IFBB Pro Bodybuilding competition in 2004. Ripped Vixen describes herself as an ‘Erotic Female Bodybuilder with 16″ arms who loves dominating weak and pathetic men for a living.’ She’s modeling here at Shemuscle displaying her awesomely ripped and tattooed muscles as she poses in the weight room.

Nicole Savage Pictures
Ripped Vixen Pictures


Fitness Foxes

Fitness Fox PictureFitness Fox Picture

Fitness Fox PictureFitness Fox Picture

Four foxes on display for your pleasure featuring Deborah Denio, Cynthia Daniels, Patricia Beckman and April Hunter. Deborah has been a lifelong athlete who has competed on the national level as a ranked collegiate tennis player, as well as a trained gymnast, dancer and now professional IFBB figure competitor.  Cynthia is one of the all time great physique competitors. 5 foot 10, full of muscle, she is the mother of 5 and comes from the Bay Area.  Patricia Beckman won 12 consecutive pro contests without a loss and showed up for her photo shoot here at 7% bodyfat, 18 weeks before her next contest. And of course April you know as a professional fitness and glamour model appearing in many publications, from MuscleMag International to Playboy Magazine and now competes as a NPC Fitness Competitor as well as becoming a writer, photographer and entrepreneur.


Alternative Muscle Girl

Are you ready for your Freaky Muscle Girl Exploitation Movie? Here’s your trailer to the movie starring KeenaQc from Quebec, Canada playing a shy woman enslaved by a cruel thug and how one day she rebelled against her tormentor, but couldn’t stop the madness at just one corpse. Hilarity, gore and debauchery ensue! Not sure if this movie was ever released or saw the light of day, and I did a check at the IMDb database but came up zip, so it looks like we’re limited to this raunchy trailer. KeenaQc is quite a character in her own right having been an alternative model in fetish and fashion, starring in a few horror films and eventually becoming a photographer herself.

Model Mayhem Portfolio
KeenaQc at deviantArt
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Keena the Muscle Ballerina


Muscle Babe Wallpapers

Sexy Female Bodybuilders Picture

Now that we’re about half way through the season towards Summer I assume you’ve completed your Spring cleaning duties and that some of you may have some unsightly bare walls to deal with. I’ve got 24 fresh muscle girl wallpapers stocked up on the shelves for you to spruce things up a bit with featuring a good assortment of the objects of our delight. Take as many as you like .. the pixels are free.

Muscle Babe Wallpapers