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Muscle Girl Marina Lopez

Female Bodybuilder marina LopezPicture

Marina Lopez is modeling over at Land of Venus now and they just released a gallery for us showing off Marina’s sexy muscular physique. She was born & raised in the Mile High City and currently living there and is on a quest to make it to the Ms. Olympia and Ms. International stage to compete as one of the best in the world in Women’s Physique. Sorry to break your hearts but she is recently married so you’ll just have to limit yourself to admiring the merchandise.

Marina Lopez Picture Gallery


Italian Muscle Pinup

Italian Muscle Girls Picture

Italian Muscle PinUp is the personal vision of Carlo Puzzilli focusing on modern female beauty through his photographs and testimonies of those who want to share this experience. Gorgeous Italian muscle girls pictured in a dramatic stylized tone by one of the fields top photographers? Can’t go wrong there! If your not a member of Facebook check out the bottom link for a partial look at what your missing out on.

Italian Muscle Pinup at Facebook
Sample Photographs


Muscle Girl Foot Fetish

If you got the money honey we’ve got your disease
It’s not enough for some of us dirty little pervs to love and admire the female muscled form, no some of us have, how shall I say, a certain “taste” for the tantalizing arch, the irresistible peds, the sultry soles, and of course those libidinous toes. If your among that vein don’t feel alone, even someone like Bradley Cooper has the affliction. Lucky for us the website Footcore has a few muscle girl models in their stable offering foot worship, trampling, toe licking, domination and other guilty pleasures.

Muscle Girl Gayle Moher Foot Fetish Gallery
Female Bodybuilder Monica Martin Foot Fetish Gallery


Four Muscle Babes

Female Fitness Girl PictureFemale Fitness Girl Picture
Female Fitness Girl PictureFemale Fitness Girl Picture

Four incredibly beautiful girls sporting their hard body hottness are on the menu today starting on top with the stunning Lady in Red, Ekaterina Gamagina who has been racking up 1st place wins at both the European and World Amateur IFBB Figure Championships these last few years. Miss Bikini America Jennifer Nicole Lee returns to us (previously) as we catch her working out in the great outdoors keeping it tight and toned. The fox in the blue bikini is Jelena Abbou, a fitness model, IFBB Pro Figure competitor, and personal trainer her absolute  perfect proportions of beauty and muscle. Our last girl Inkeri Salminen hails from Finland and was the Finnish national heavyweight champion for years 2001, 2004 and 2006. She works as a Physiotherapist now but as you can see she is in tip-top shape and still bringing it.


Another Example

Female Bodybuilder Picture

Continuing on the theme of the previous blog post, consider one Melissa Dettwiller. She starts out by pulling into the jug shop to get her bolt-on boobs installed, dyes her hair blonde, changes her name to Trish and has a serviceable career in the adult entertainment industry. But still she’s just another face in a crowd of teeming starlets vying to make a go of it in a challenging competition. Later in life she hits the gym, starts lifting weights and builds up her body to that gorgeous muscular physique that we all know her by now. And what happens?. She rises to the top of the muscle girl modeling world, becomes a renown star and commands way more money, power and respect. Just saying…

Melissa Dettwiller:   Then
Melissa Dettwiller:   Now


Mature Muscle MILF Pornstar

Female Bodybuilder Pornstar Picture

Her name is Kazanna and she’s a testament for girls working in the adult entertainment industry to keep their bodies fit and strong to add years to their career and earnings power. She looks like she might be in her early 40′s and could ride the Jizzim Trail for another decade or so right into the Grannys I Want To Fuck category.

Kazanna Picture Gallery
Kazanna Movies:   Set 1   |   Set 2


Aziani Iron

Nude Female Bodybuilders Picture

Looks like muscle girls are gaining more ground in popularity as we find a major player in the porn industry opening up this new website featuring “the Worlds Sexiest Female Bodybuilders and Fitness Models” getting naughty and naked for you. Buzz Aziani is the man behind it and he says “I have decided to expand my photography / videography skills to shooting the most beautiful, sexy women of the fitness world. This new site will be dedicated to showcasing sexy female bodybuilders and fitness competitors. Everyone has a little special fantasy or fetish that needs fulfilled. We have decided to create some special categories that we want to specialize in. Our current special categories are Big Clits, Muscle Worship, Masturbation and Clit Pumping” So here’s an introductory picture gallery with the actual picture sizes the members get. Names are in the mouse-overs and more models are on the way…

Aziani Iron Picture Gallery
Aziani Iron Website


April Hunter

Wrestler April Hunter Picture

A few more pix from the self-described “Nerd With Boobs” who says “If you want to see the girl next door – go next door.”  April is a Pro Wrestler, writer, Playboy & fetish model, fitness expert, NPC figure and fitness competitor, photographer and entrepreneur.

Wrestler Muscle Girl April Hunter Nude Pictures


Lets Meet Some New Girls

Female Bodybuilder Nathalie Falk PictureFemale Bodybuilder Estefania Saura Moya Picture
Muscle Girl Yvette Shaw PictureFemale Bodybuilder Ginevra Auletta Picture

I’ve got four fresh faces for your viewing pleasure today that all combine sexiness with muscularity. Starting at the top and working clockwise we begin with bodybuilder Nathalie Falk from Münster, Germany where she runs a small gym when she’s not competing. Next up is Estefania Saura Moya who is an IFBB bodybuilder from Spain who also works as a fitness instructor and personal trainer, as well as a photographic model. The lady in red below her is Ginerva Auletta from Italy who has competed and won in several IFBB body fitness competitions in Europe. Our final muscle girl is Yvette Shaw from the United Kingdom who is one multi-talented lady: certified personal trainer, certified nutrition specialist, published Author, certified make-up artist, actress, Professional International Natural Body Builder and Muscle Model, social media and network marketing entrepreneur and mentor .. a virtual Renaissance muscle girl.


Natalia Romashko

Female Bodybuilder Picture

Here’s an absolutely gorgeous muscle girl from the Ukraine. Natalia is a Ukrainian silver medalist in weightlifting as well as a bronze medalist in Ukrainian powerlifting.

Natalia Romashko Pictures


Poolside Pussy Party

Bob was looking for a ‘competition-ready fbb to really get drilled, submissive like‘ so lets see if French professional female bodybuilder Francesca Petitjean is up to task. We find the multiple winner of the WABBA World Championships at the swimming pool getting a total sex workout including some heavy pussy play along with getting bent over and getting drilled before she finally finishes off her man and gets her just reward.

FBB Pornstar Francesca Petitjean Lesbian Sex Clips


Muscle Girl Pornstar Medley

Devon Michaels PictureCheyenne Wolf Picture
Jewels Jade PictureDevon Michaels Picture

Just a few looks at some hardbody beauties in the biz. Devon Michaels is on the beach, the blonde is an escort from the Toronto area you might find interesting, Jewels Jade is on top of the situation as well as Brandi Love riding the Jizzim Trail.


Art Bomb

Muscle Girl Art PictureGiantess Muscle Girl Art Picture
Muscle Girl Art PictureMuscle Girl Art Picture
Muscle Girl Art PictureMuscle Girl Art Picture
Muscle Girl Art Picture

Looks like it’s that time to expose yourself to art. Top row we start off with a link to the Kinky Rocket website, purveyors of fine fetish art including Female Muscle Growth comics and other goodies. Next up is a link to Giantess Fan which is a collective of writers and artist creating high-quality Giantess comics (sample comic). On the second row we link to Brazilian artist  ~sgcaio who really has a nice graphic technique to his work that punches out the art dynamically. Next up is the Neo-Queendom blog with a gob of good Japanese muscle girl art, just hit Next at the bottom of the pages and keep on chugging.  Third row starts off with a gallery link to professional artist Lyman Dally who some of you will know as creator of Quadra-Blu. Do you have a thing for furry muscle girls? The next link will take you to a collection of 730 of them purring and flexing. And the final picture is to an epic art panel that shows a scene of the Amazons of the Hellenic Age fighting off the hordes.



Female Bodybuilder Picture

There’s always a Caturday before Super Sunday and lucky for us our felicitous feline is the ripped and rockin’ IFBB Figure Pro competitor Catherine “Cat” Holland. Sporting a gorgeous hardbody physique with all the feminine beauty you could ask for I’ve got two picture galleries tee’d up for you .. one is PG-Rated from various sources, and the other gallery is R-Rated for those of you who need a better examination of Cat’s sexy physique without those annoying clothes in the way. All that and not a hairball in sight!

Catherine Holland PG-Rated Pictures
Catherine Holland R-Rated Pictures


Encore Rutkowski

Female Bodybuilder Picture

I found another vintage clip of Denise Rutkowski in the buff looking hot and working out in the gym. Even though one of the audio channels is missing and the video resolution leaves something to be desired I thought she still deserved a showing just because she was one of the first female bodybuilders to put the sexy in front of muscle girls. Tossed a few pix into the mix as well…

Denise Rutkowski Movie & Pictures


The Lady Gaga of Female Bodybuilding

Here’s the magical Genie on stage at a recent competition showing off that gorgeous muscular body in all its glory. Of course when she took off her competition suit and started ungulating on the floor the judges threw up their hands and awarded her first place! In real life she is a lightweight bodybuilder who began competing in bodybuilding around 2000 and then switched over to figure in 2005 and 2006. She came to the realization she wasn’t going to make it in figure and lucky for us this buff beauty switched back to bodybuilding in 2009 .

(if your seeing a black panel click on blog title to see movie)

Nude Female Bodybuilder Genie Pictures