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Catherine Fitness

Naked Catherine Holland Picture

Someone made a nice little video compilation of some of Catherine Holland’s movies from her website and put it up on YouTube and it came out pretty good. I made a shorter video myself a while back of some of the same material but had the luxury of showing “raw footage” that YouTube wouldn’t allow. Check out the link below for a nude picture gallery of this delicious Cat showing off all those lovely muscles she sports.

Nude Catherine Fitness Pictures

Return of the She Beast

Female Bodybuilder Picture

Female Bodybuilder Picture

I came across some more video and a boat-load of pix on Pillow and thought I’d make one final chapter to complete the trilogy on this pioneering muscle girl. In the top video we find Pillow working it at at the annual Exotic World Reunion in Halendale, California as Link Protrudi & The Jaymen provide the beat. The video below is purported to be footage that was taken in the early to mid nineties at Glamourcon and the Famous Monsters convention at Universal. You can find my previous post on Pillow here and there for the other movies and a bit of bio on this one of a kind muscle girl .. I wonder what she’s up to now and has the She Beast been tamed?

Muscle Babe Pillow Pictures

DoubleShot of Muscle Girls

Female MMA Fighter PictureFitness Girl Jennifer Nicole Lee Picture

With her beauty and muscles Rin Nakai looks like she stepped right out of a Manga Action magazine cover to join us in the real world. She’s a Japanese female mixed martial artist and judoka who is ranked as the #3 featherweight (136-145 pounds) in the Unified Women’s Mixed Martial Arts Rankings and you can see her in action in this video here. Our next buff beauty is Jennifer Nicole Lee who is a fitness model, actress, motivational speaker, and author. She is best known for weighing 200 pounds and losing 80 pounds to go on and win Miss Bikini America. Her trademark motto is Strong is the New Skinny and its hard to disagree with the results looking at that foxy hardbody of hers.

Rin Nikai Pictures
Jennifer Nicole Lee Pictures

Muscle Babe Links

Female Bodybuilder Fetish PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture
Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

Your muscle girl surfari starts off with a hot little movie from Spike TV’s 1001 Ways To Die series, this one entitled Wet And Dry where female bodybuilder Lauren Powers stars as a narcissistic bodybuilder providing fetish sessions to horny guys and after things get a little out of control she dry drowns after making some bad decisions.  Your next stop is to a nice fitness girl picture portfolio of one Dieter Bruse, a professional photographer working nearby of Dusseldorf Germany. On the bottom row Mistress Treasure will take you to an image portfolio of photographer DJ Shy who provides creative services for bodybuilders including photography and music production. Our final girl is Russian world champ bench presser Victoria Sheludko (Виктория Шелудько) who I could not find much info on her but I did manage to rustle up a video and some photos to show off this very impressive muscle babe.

Muscle Girl Talk

Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture

Female Bodybuilder Picture

A few talks on tap today from a pair of our favorite muscle babes, Catherine Holland and KO (Kortney Olson). The first vid is from her Pillow Talk web series which Catherine describes as  ‘an intimate treat for your ears as I continue my discussion on what I love about my strong athletic physique… and a treat for your eyes with more posing, more skin, more shapely feminine muscle.’ In this sample clip you’ll learn why she is such a threat to Homeland Security and how she could one day yet rule the world. In the next clip KO has some dating advice for you on how you should approach a muscle girl and start a relationship.

Catherine Holland’s Website
Sexy KO Picture Gallery

Amazon Theater

Buff Hugger Picture
Lesbian Muscle Girls Picture

TV Segment Picture

We’ve got a triple feature of buff beauties for your viewing pleasure today starting off with a candid camera gag where a buff girl walks up to guys on the street and gives them a hug. Sad to say a lot of these guys reactions are pretty weak, if only one of us could of been in that situation eh?, oh well, at least the guy at the end gets it right. The next movie is a short clip of some hot lesbian action between Megan Abshire and her lover Nicole O’Neal making out. And if that gets you all worked up you’ll want to take notes from our last movie where Channel 13 News presents a segment on ‘What you need to know to score a relationship with a woman who’s just ripped.’

Amazon Babes

Skinny Female Bodybuilder Picture
Dirty Muscle Girls PictureRussian Muscle Woman PictureFemale Bodybuilder Movie Still Picture

An assortment of muscle babes on the menu as we start it off with the mesmerizing Dr. Euphoria who at first glance might throw you off a bit because of her very ectomorphic physique that I would imagine she worked very hard on to get the kind of gains she is showing here.  A very unique muscle girl to say the least who also has a good profile to read as well.  Lynn McCrossin and Gayle Moher are our dirty muscle girls on the next picture and they make for a nice gallery. The blonde with her back to us is Russian muscle minx Natalia Kitsenyuk who we find at the intersection of power and beauty. And finally a small movie clip I came across of some behind the scenes outtakes of the movie The Interplanetary Surplus Male and Amazon Women of Outer Space, which we covered previously here.

Muscle Girl Matinee

Female Bodybuilder Denise Rutkowski PictureFemale Bodybuilder Vidcap Picture

A double feature for you today and starting it off is the delicious Denise Rutkowski showing off that lean buff physique she had going back in the early 80’s before she bulked up to compete with the heavyweights in female bodybuilding competitions. You can catch my earlier movie clips of vintage Denise here and over here. All I can say about the next movie featuring Jackie the Muscle Mommy is ‘move over Rebecca Black’ your successor has arrived.

* Commentator EL has identified Muscle Mommy for us as Jayne Trcka, a national level bodybuilder who also appeared at the beginning of the Lady Gaga & Beyonce “Telephone” video along with FBB Lauren Powers. Jayne has appeared in several movies, television shows, musical videos and no doubt will shortly be appearing on American Idol once word gets around of her awesome vocal talents.

Giantess Goddess Severa

Giantess PictureGiantess PictureGiantess Picture
Giantess PictureGiantess PictureGiantess Picture
Giantess PictureGiantess PictureGiantess Picture

Goddess Severa stands 6’5″ in her stocking feet (over 7 feet tall in heels) and has this to say for herself, ‘I embody all of the best qualities of a true Amazon Goddess and thanks to a combination of intelligence, beauty, height, athleticism and innate kinkiness, I am the Alpha Female of all your dreams. Stylistically, I combine seduction with manipulation, sweetness with cruelty and am adept at bringing out the submissive side of even the most reluctant. I’m an ex-professional athelete and model and am now a Dominatrix and wrestler with extensive training in boxing and a three stripe purple belt in ju-jitsu‘.

Goddess Severa’s Website

Smexy Muscle Girl Ava Cowan

Female Bodybuilder Picture

I came across this picture of Ava today and realized I have never made even one mention over the years of this absolutely gorgeous IFBB Figure competitor who is also an actress, model, booking agent, fitness spokesperson and personal trainer. I’m sure most of you have seen Ava before as she has been on the cover of what seems like every fitness and muscle magazine out there and all it takes is one look to know why. For me personally the most visually appealing aspect of a sexy muscle girl, and for all women for that matter, is the face, and I think you’ll have to agree she has one of the most beautiful faces around .. combine that sexy kisser with a foxy hardbody like she sports and it’s Lights Out. Sorry to have to bury you with a lot of pictures and links but hey we’re making up for lost time here. Click on the picture above to see a short video of her modeling for a photo shoot and do enjoy the links below featuring this one of a kind smexy muscle girl.  FYI: Smexy means smart and sexy…

Ava Cowan Website
Ava’s MySpace Photos

Assorted Picture GalleriesOne –  TwoThree

Four More Muscle Girls

Kate McCracken PictureBernadett Matassa Picture
Unknown Muscle Girl PictureFemale Bodybuilder Geraldine Morgan Picture

Going global on you today starting at the top left with the stunning beauty of Australian Kate McCracken who is a sports model as well as the host for the long time running TV series Aerobics Oz Style. Next is native Hungarian Bernadett Matassa who won the European Power Lifting Champion in her class and now resides in Florida. I’m afraid I don’t know who our blonde cutie is in the pink bra and panties but if you know who she is toss it in a comment for us. And last we have the unstoppable force that is Chilean muscle girl Geraldine Morgan in a video of her working it out to the max…the girl is a super-freak.

Vid Dump

Marina Orlova Picture Mandy Blank Picture
Muscle Girl Photograph SuperIronfreak Picture
Logorama Picture

Hey it looks like it’s time for a weekend video dump .. a small diversionary journey if you will to some obscure destinations you may have missed. At the top we start with the Word for the Day brought to you by the lovely Marina Orlova, known to her millions of fans around the world as the sexy master of language presenting  her internet show Hot For Words, and who just happens to have two degrees in philology which is the study of linguistics and origins of words. Next up is a clip from the TV show Spin City where Charlie Sheen meets up with the beautiful flexing  female bodybuilder Mandy Blank in a funny scene. On the 2nd row we start with a local television newscast segment from 2002 whose theme is ‘What you need to know to score a relationship with a woman who is just ripped.’ Following that for your amusement is the female-to-male transsexual bodybuilder Kyle The Super Hard Kore IronFreak who is going all the way with her sex change and already taking testosterone to complete her/his journey. UffDa!  And last, but not least we have an off-topic movie that blew me away starring  a Ronald McDonald gone Bad Ass in the 2009 Academy Award winner for Best Animated Short Film: Logorama. Enjoy!

Heidi Vuorela

Tattoo Muscle Girl Picture Tattoo Muscle Girl Picture Tattoo Muscle Girl Picture Tattoo Muscle Girl Picture Tattoo Muscle Girl Picture
Tattoo Muscle Girl Picture

As someone said last week in a comment, ‘tattoo’d musclebound girls is where it’s at!’ And it looks like Swedish fitness competitor Heidi Vuorela makes a pretty good case he might be on to something. Take one gorgeous Swedish blonde, layer her physique in muscles and adorn her body in artistic ink and you got one bad-ass babe for the new millennium. She has a blog in Swedish covering what she’s up to with lots of pictures and videos for your further exploration and I included a link to a google English translated version as well, as surfing in Swedish can get you in lost in a blink if its not in your head.

Heidi Vuorela’s BlogEnglish Translated

Muscle Girl Nipple Slip

Nude Mindi O'Brien
Don’t blink or you’ll miss it
Just a short nipple slip getting by the totally gorgeous Canadian fitness champ Mindi O’Brien. A peek I thought we would never get to see, and absolutely priceless when she lets out a laugh at the end. I’m sure we all have a list of muscle girls who have not posed nude we would like to see in the buff. For me it would have to be Jodi Miller, Tara Scotti, Denise Horshor, Valentina Chepiga, Christine Roth, Barbara Fletcher, Vicki Nixon, Nicole Ball, Shawn Tan, Iris Kyle, Elena Seiple, Cindy Phillips .. Aye yi yi I could go on for a while on that list!

DiyMuscle Babes

Here’s a hot little compilation video from diymuscle showing off a few of their new muscle models as well as some of the old favorites from their ever growing roster.  Coming on strong adding the likes of Alina Popa, Diana Dennis, Debi Laszewski, Collete Nelson and more.

More Hot Muscle Girls at DIYMUSCLE