Nude Abs Workout

Nude Fitness Girl Catherine Holland Picture

Muscle bunny Catherine Holland is getting ready for upcoming competitions by working out the abs in these takes from one of her movies. She’s making a name for herself lately as a personal trainer with an ever expanding stable of clients entering competitions in figure, fitness, bikini and bodybuilding.

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  1. Bob...aka Mr Catherine Holland says

    If there was every any doubt why I have been Truly, Madly, Deeply Head over Heels in LOOOOOOOOOVE with this woman for some time – this should put an end to it. I’d say her abs look great but so does every other part of her delicious looking body.

    I just want to start at her feet and kiss my way up every inch of her body. She has some of the most beautiful pubes I have ever seen. Not sure if I wanna kiss those lips or the ones above her neck the most.

    You rarely see someone as feminine as her just love to be as naked as she is. I ADORE her laugh and smile – it makes my knees buckle. I have no doubt a night with her would be truly special. She looks like A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G GOES! I so wanna fuck her and blast a massive Creampie in her while kissing her and telling her how much I love her!!!

    If she wants to help people develop their muscles I have one muscle I want her to spend all her time working on – one that is my strongest and hardest one……at least with her around.

  2. says

    Is there ANY place I can watch this video besides here? Flash player doesn’t work on my android phone. Thanks! Looks like a hot one!

  3. V says

    Quoting Hank Hill, “BWAAAH!” TOTALLY drool-tastic (only paying her a due compliment. Not trying to move in on your lady or anything Bob, OK? 😉 )

  4. Fred Williams says

    Download the puffin free browser from the android store and watch her and bob do the wild thing All Night Long.

  5. Admin says

    @b0gart: does your android not play mp4 movies in general, or just this particular one?

  6. Bo-Bo says

    Bob, I certainly can’t fault you for having such a hard on for Cathy, she is definitely one fine little muscle babe for sure. Would be up for gettin’ some of that myself, but since you have dibs I’ll back off. I already have a muscle girl I have similar feelings for.

  7. Bob says

    V and Bo-Bo…..and others

    Gracias for not trying to squeeze in there and take my woman away from me. I’ve killed for less.

    I know we don’t see her 24/7/365 so without the camera on she could be a complete “Witch” but based on what we see here and in posts and all………….I am still shaking my head on disbelief over the fact she was married and her Hubby left her. That guys is the biggest Schmuck – EVER

    I frequently joke about it with many other women but here I am not………….Even though I have never met her if she showed up at my Front Door in a Wedding Dress and with someone to officiate the Ceremony and said I could Marry her right then and there on the spot – I’d do it and never regret it.

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