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Pornstar Wenona Sexing It Up

Porn star with muscles picture

Hardcore hardbody Wenona is giving her pussy a good workout in this movie clip as she gives it all she’s got. We usually see her modeling for fetish websites or in the wrestling ring, so it was a bit of a surprise to see her doing hardcore at MilfHunter. Always one of my favorites as she has it all, good looks, a buff body and a no holds barred lifestyle. She says of herself, ‘I practice power flow yoga, and have a background in ashtanga yoga and gymnastics. I love everything water! I am scuba certified and free dive also. I have horseback riding experience, and I am a licensed skydiver as in over 500 jumps.’

Wenona’s Porn Picture Gallery

The Fine Art of Wenona

Nude Muscle Babe Picture

Some exquisite imagery of the multi-talented Wenona by photographer Mike Massee is on display today for your viewing pleasure. She is one of the most interesting muscle girls on the scene these days with that strong sculptered body coupled with her feminine beauty that keeps her busy in everything from adventures in the BDSM world, fetish photography, yoga, wrestling and all manner of sports. Mike has 153 excellent photographs of Wenona tee’d up for you and do check out his other pictures for a great look at what a master photographer this guy is.

Wenona Photographed by Mike Massee

Getting Medieval On Wenona

Female Fitness Fetish Picture

The buff and beautiful Wenona is back hanging out at the Hogtied set to get her fair share of abuse. This time we find the former Gymnast/Fitness model’s flexibility and toughness put to a brutal test as she is bound in splits and tied to the wall. The scene begins with Wenona slowly abused with some nipple torture before the foot caning and pussy flogging are meted out. Soon covered in a sheen of nervous sweat as her body’s natural defense mechanisms kick in she is finished off with a busy vibrator forcing her to cum over and over again.

Wenona’s Brutal Torture:  Pictures and Movies

Wenona “The Gymnast” vs Krissy “The Crippler” Lynn

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Fitness Diva Wenona is back for another sexy wrestling match at Ultimate Surrender, the Internet’s premier competitive female sexual wrestling league where the winner gets to fuck the loser any way she wants. Wenona is up against newcomer Krissy Lynn who like every wrestler before her that had an older brother and grew up a tomboy thinks she can win her first match against a top ten opponent. Krissy made a hell of a first showing, but learned that experience will win out over brute strength any day. More movies and pictures of this hot little match at the link below.

Wenona vs Krissy Lynn at Ultimate Surrender

Fitness Fox Wenona Visits Water World

Fitness Fetish Picture
Wet & Wild
One of our favorite bondage heroines is back for another round of hot, wet fun. Wenona is ordered to fuck herself near the beginning of scene one. While already in neck/wrist stocks and high heels, Wenona rises to the occasion. In scene 2, her mental resolve is tested in a well planned predicament bondage spread-eagle. Wet Dreams enters scene 3 while Wenona is totally screwed….down. After some self-bondage, negative gravity nipple weights are used against her during scene 4 in the Houdini tank. Your picture gallery and 6 free movies awaits you at the link…

Wenona’s Water Bondage

Strong Beauty

Female Fitness Model PictureWoman Fitness Model Picture
Girl Fitness Model PictureWoman Fetish Model Picture

Yvette Balla is a world champion bodybuilder from Hungary who started off as a fitness model but later found her place along with the big girls. Next up is International fitness model Tara Caballero, born in Baltimore on September 8, 1971 and is of German, French and Blackfoot Indian ancestry. Bottom row starts off with a gallery of muscle girl wallpapers and we end with fetish model Wenona showing us how she keeps those nipples in shape with a new take on lifting weights.

Supplementary Muscle Babes

Female Physique Model PictureFitness Fashion Model Picture
Female Muscle Model PictureFetish Model Picture

Topside we have two physique photographers featured starting off with the website of Brazilian Marcello Dezallez who has loaded up lots of hot muscle girls to enjoy (click on Postagens mais antigas for the next page). Photographer Kai York is from New York and his portfolio of fit women has a very fashionable look to it. Megan Avalon, aka Muscle Barbie starts off the bottom row with a nude gallery of her lifting the weights. And the delicious fetish model Wenona finishes us off by getting wired up with EMS pads and pulsating current from a cattle prod in a very electrifying performance.

Muscle Mayhem II

muscle model Vega Valentine pictureFemale Fitness PictureFemale model Laura London Picture
muscle model Wendy Willis pictureNude Female muscle model pictureTyler Stevens muscle model picture
muscle model Courtney Desha picturemuscle model Michelle Lewin pictureFemale muscle model Sherri Gulley Picture
Female muscle model Picturemuscle model Samantha Steele picturemuscle model Wenona picture

Serving up another batch of hot muscle girls from the Model Mayhem website featuring a good variety of hardbody hotties covering everything from toned fitness foxes to muscular female bodybuilders. Just click on the pictures to visit the individual galleries and do click on the profile pages to learn more in depth about the girls and the photographers. Upper right corner: Toggle Worksafe Mode: Off  (mature adults only please).

Triple Shot

Female Bodybuilder Cristiana Casoni PictureFemale Bodybuilder picture
Muscle Girl Model Picture

Your first shot is a picture gallery of Italian Pro Fitness Competitor Cristiana Casoni who I previously covered back in 2008 but her picture gallery was deleted so here’s a refresh with new content added. If Carla Bruni was ever a bodybuilder, this is how I picture her looking. The second shot is a gallery of miscellaneous muscle minxes, most of which I have no clue who they are, but still a nice batch to look over. And finally a wee dram of Wenona to finish off the libations in style. Salud!

Cristiana Casoni Gallery
Miscellaneous Muscle Minxes
Muscle Model Wenona

A Fistful of Muscle Girls

Fitness Model PictureFitness Model Picture
Fitness Model PictureFitness Model Picture
Buff Beauty PictureFBB Picture

Here’s your six-pack of hardbody hotties delivered fresh to your doorstep. Top-side we start off with foxy fitness model Ranný Kramer who comes to us from Reykjavík, Iceland.  Our slim redhead is Maria Tskiria-Dokuchaeva from Saint Petersburg Russia where she is a Bikini Fitness Model. She sports a very lithe physique I’ll grant you but she is very toned and fit as you can see from this clip and these other pictures. Little Miss Schoolgirl on the 2nd row is UK Female Bodybuilder Linda Gartside who has won Miss Britain 2011 (NABBA) and Miss UK 2010 (NABBA). The torso picture is from the Fine Art Figure Nudes portfolio of photographer Mike Massee who we covered previously here. On the bottom row we start with the captivating Alesya Muscledoll from Budapest where she is a Bodybuilder/Personal Trainer. Our final girl is the former British glamour/tabloid model turned muscle girl Jodie Marsh where we have a fresh batch of pictures to go along with the previous set.

Jerk Off Instructions

Fetish Girl Wenona Picture

A tip of the hat to commentator Bob who in a previous post pointed us to these educational movies where the girls encourage the boys to beat their meat. And who better a teacher than the muscle chanteuse herself .. Wenona. She coaches you to stroke on cue 1, 2, 3, 4! It takes practice to work out your dick muscle, but she is asking you to pull 20 reps and she even counts it out for you! In the second movie Wenona goes Yoga on us and puts on a display of sexy contortions all the while rubbing her pussy and telling you she wants you to blow your load all over her. Her yoga workout is nearly done, so she gives you ten seconds to finish yourself off today…


muscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picture
muscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picture
muscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picturemuscle girl Picture

Cleaning out some old links I had that never made it into a post, and I thought I’d deal them out down and dirty in hopes you might find one or two worth a click. The names are in the mouse-over…

Erotic Nude Yoga

Nude Yoga Girl Picture

Here’s a great website featuring Vivastra-kama yoga (nude erotic yoga), described as ‘a discipline to be practiced as a sequence of postures (asanas), in cooperation with and under the eye of a partner, who may be a teacher, a student, or, by preference, a lover.‘ Our beautiful yogini is the multi-talented Wenona who we usually find tied-up and bound suffering through some serious BDSM or on the wrestling mat pinning down her opponents.  There is a serious amount of nude yoga pictures here featuring every possible posistion you could imagine, all expertly imaged by fine-arts photographer Mitchel Evans.

Vivastra-Kama Nude Yoga

Nude Fitness Girl In Bondage

Nude Fitness Girl Bondage Picture
Helpless As A Kitten Up A Tree
With one of the finest physiques around, you have seen Wenona pose for a number of muscle girl sites like Shemuscle, as well as modeling at various glamour, bdsm, fine art and advertising photo shoots. Here she is at bondage web site Hogtied in an interesting juxtaposition of muscles, rope and bondage as she is forced into submission and brought to inescapable orgasm.

Fitness Model Wenona Bondage Pictures and Movies