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Pecpanther Lynn McCrossin Hogtied Into Submission

Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture

Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture
Inescapable Bondage and Forced Orgasm
Its not everyday you see a nationally-ranked female bodybuilder bound, gagged and helpless, but I guess all those muscles don’t mean anything when you are bound up with 4 strand German hemp! Heres how Hogtied descibes the action in this scene, ‘Once you get these muscle-bound hotties tied up and helpless, they are just like any other girl. Their pussies get wet, they struggle and fight but can not stop the sexual assault against their hard bodies. PecPanther is forced to cum and cum, until she actually begs for it to stop.’ It certainly is different from what we normally see, the sight of a muscled amazon beauty in a bdsm scene forced to cum. All in all pretty hot action here for you to enjoy with a picture gallery and 6 free movies.

Female Bodybuilder Lynn McCrossin Pictures and Movies

Vendetta Gets Hogtied

Inescapable bondage and forced orgasms Gagged, bound, and helpless they struggle against the ropes The best bondage on the net, where women cannot escape
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Beautiful/Sexy/Masochistic women/slaves (are) bound/spanked to please Bound, gagged and helpless - a slave"s dream The hottest, sexiest girls in hardcore bondage in the world

Gagged, bound, and helpless she struggles against the ropes
You may remember strong and stout Vendetta from an earlier post where she was featured in a wrestling match on Ultimate Surrender. Here she is now at Hogtied with quite a bit less freedom as she is tied up in restrictive bondage and forced to orgasm. Click on the link below for a free picture gallery, as well as six free movies of this captivating show.

Vendetta In Bondage at

Fetish Art: Female Bodybuilders In Bondage

Fetish Art Muscle Girl Picture Female Bodybuilder Picture
Fetish Art Muscle Girl Picture Female Bodybuilder Picture
Muscle Girls Tied Up & Restrained
I had the recent luck of stumbling onto a picture gallery the other day and discovered a talented artist I hadn’t known of before. The artist is Ciro Coco who often uses female bodybuilders and strong women in some of the themes in his portfolio. He was born in 1956 in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but grew up in Utrecht where he became facinated and influenced by two of my favorite fetish artists, Eric Stanton and Gene ‘Eneg’ Bilbrew. But clearly the most influential artist he pays homage to in style and execution is Robert Bishop with that graphic style of portrayal featuring women in difficult situations. Check out his website for more artwork and information of this accomplished artist.

Ciro Coco’s Website

Erotic Nude Yoga

Nude Yoga Girl Picture

Here’s a great website featuring Vivastra-kama yoga (nude erotic yoga), described as ‘a discipline to be practiced as a sequence of postures (asanas), in cooperation with and under the eye of a partner, who may be a teacher, a student, or, by preference, a lover.‘ Our beautiful yogini is the multi-talented Wenona who we usually find tied-up and bound suffering through some serious BDSM or on the wrestling mat pinning down her opponents.  There is a serious amount of nude yoga pictures here featuring every possible posistion you could imagine, all expertly imaged by fine-arts photographer Mitchel Evans.

Vivastra-Kama Nude Yoga

Getting Medieval On Wenona

Female Fitness Fetish Picture

The buff and beautiful Wenona is back hanging out at the Hogtied set to get her fair share of abuse. This time we find the former Gymnast/Fitness model’s flexibility and toughness put to a brutal test as she is bound in splits and tied to the wall. The scene begins with Wenona slowly abused with some nipple torture before the foot caning and pussy flogging are meted out. Soon covered in a sheen of nervous sweat as her body’s natural defense mechanisms kick in she is finished off with a busy vibrator forcing her to cum over and over again.

Wenona’s Brutal Torture:  Pictures and Movies

Buff Porn Star

Muscle Pornstar PictureMuscle Pornstar PictureMuscle Pornstar Picture
Muscle Pornstar PictureMuscle Pornstar PictureMuscle Pornstar Picture

Lisa Lipps is the Goddess Of Gazongas who burst (quite literally) onto the X-Rated Scene in 1992 with a starring role in the aptly named movie Booberella. Born in 1966 she grew up in Clearwater Florida and was a natural D cup before eventually fulfilling her destiny with those staggering enhanced jugs measuring out to 53EE. Maybe that explains those muscular arms she sports, all the better to help her carry that massive load around. The Internet Adult Film Database has this talented thespian listed as performing in over 70 movies as well as appearing on the Howard Stern Show and Jerry Springer. Hit the link below to see the gang over at Hogtied put her through the ropes and push her to the limit before forcing her to cum.

Lisa Lipps at Hogtied

Nude Fitness Girl In Bondage

Nude Fitness Girl Bondage Picture
Helpless As A Kitten Up A Tree
With one of the finest physiques around, you have seen Wenona pose for a number of muscle girl sites like Shemuscle, as well as modeling at various glamour, bdsm, fine art and advertising photo shoots. Here she is at bondage web site Hogtied in an interesting juxtaposition of muscles, rope and bondage as she is forced into submission and brought to inescapable orgasm.

Fitness Model Wenona Bondage Pictures and Movies

Utah Sweet: Racked, Roped And Rubbertized

Nude Bondage Muscle Girl Picture
Inescapable Bondage & Forced Orgasms
We covered fitness babe Utah Sweet with her twin-prop 40EEE’s earlier here, and now we find our girl in a bit of a spot after she decided to sign up and model at the kinky fetish site Hogtied. She looks like she was thoroughly abused to good effect in the dark arts of pain and submission leading her to the agony and the ecstasy.

Fitness Girl Utah Sweet Bondage Movies & Pictures

Fitness Model Shannon Kelly Forced To Orgasm

Fashion and fitness model Shannon Kelly is forced an orgasm
Gagged, bound, and helpless as she struggles against the ropes
You may remeber her  as "Blaze"  on UPN’s  PCW’s  ..the Bad Girls of Wrestling, or maybe in Planet Muscle,  Celebrity Sleuth, Hustlers Leg World, Taboo and many other places. Here she is now at fetish bondage site Hogtied getting her kink on as this hot hardbody redhead finds herself quite helpless, and horny. Check out the link below for 15 pictures and six free movies of some delicious fetish action!

Shannon Kelly Pictures & Movies at Hogtied