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Sexy Female Bodybuilder Angela Salvagno

Nude Female Bodybuilder Angela Salvagno Picture

Nothing like a super sexy muscle girl in her prime displaying a massive muscled body that exceeds all expectations. This native California Amazon grew up as a skinny little girl, but was very athletic and excelled at many sports including gymnastics, baseball and earned a black belt in Taekwondo. She started weight training at the age of 16 and competed in her first show a few years later. Her most notable accomplishment to date is winning the light-heavyweight class and the overall at the 2009 NPC USA Championship earning her IFBB Pro status. I’ve got a hot little movie and pictures of Angie in the buff just the way you like her at the link below.

Nude Female Bodybuilder Angela Salvagno Movie & Pictures

Muscle Girl Angela Salvagno

Angela Salvagno NudeSexy Bodybuilder Angela Salvagno Nude
Sexy And Strong, A Contender Rises

Hard to imagine but Angela grew up as a skinny, petite little girl, she was always athletic and started gymnastics at the early age of six. She got started in bodybuilding at the age of sixteen after watching the gains her brother had made working out. And look where its taken her, she started competing in the middle weight division, and has marched on to now competing with the big girls in the heavy weights scoring several first place trophies. Truly a gorgeous muscle girl showing how the female physique can arrive at the intersection of strength and beauty.

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A Couple Of Updates

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Pornstar Muscle Girl Picture

Fresh off the presses as they say: The beautiful muscle babe Angela Salvagno looks so sexy while posing in her skimpy lingerie. She flexes her big strong biceps, chest, quads, hamstrings and calves. She turns around and flexes her ripped up muscular back, toned triceps and hard ass. If you love the vascular, you are going to love this photo set of Angela, they are huge and really pop! Angela pulls aside her bottoms and plays with her big pussy lips and swollen clit. She slowly pulls off her lingerie and starts to flex her entire body totally naked from top to bottom. And Jewels Jade is saying ‘I’m flexing my muscles in my gym clothes is sexy! I love showing off all my hard work to you! All that sexy muscle is a turn on ! Don’t you want to stick your dick on all my muscles and give me a big load on my abs? I love having my muscles covered in hot cum!

Nude Female Bodybuilder Measuring Her Big Clit

Sexy IFBB professional female bodybuilder Angela Salvagno decides to employ the scientific method with a ruler and battery powered dildo to determine with irreducible results the effect of electro-mechanical stimulation on the size and girth of  the clitoris, the only sex organ, in both sexes, that is designed purely for sexual pleasure.

Nude Melissa Dettwiller & Angela Salvagno Lesbian Sex Gallery

Muscle Girl Wallpapers

Female Bodybuilder Wallpaper Picture Female Bodybuilder Wallpaper Picture
Female Bodybuilder Wallpaper Picture Female Bodybuilder Wallpaper Picture
Female Bodybuilder Wallpaper Picture Female Bodybuilder Wallpaper Picture

Here’s six sexy muscle girls done up wallpaper style for your viewing pleasure. We have Britt Miller and Beate Dreabing on the top row, followed by Jennifer McVicar and Angie Salvagno in the middle, and bringing up the bottom is Amy Neal and Jodi Lee Miller.

Land Of Venus Picture Gallery

Land Of Venus Picture Gallery
Medley Of Buff Beautiful Babes
Here are some new pics from Land Of Venus that are not in their gallery offerings, or are relatively new, so you probably have not seen these before.  A lot of familiar muscle babe names to be found here: Michele Lee, Christina Marie, Marika Johansson, Nikki Warner, Melissa Dettewiler, Catherine Boshuizen, Angela Salvagno and Jeska Vardinski.

Land Of Venus Picture Gallery

New Updates at Land of Venus

Sexy Muscle Girl Picture Sexy Muscle Girl Picture Sexy Muscle Girl Picture
Sexy Muscle Girl Picture Sexy Muscle Girl Picture Sexy Muscle Girl Picture
More Goodness From Las Vegas
Heres a small sampler of the fresh updates from Land of Venus of some of our favorites. A new picture gallery of Angela Salvagno added along with 3 new videos to the hardcore video section. And new galleries for the stunningly beautiful Christina Marie, as well as rock solid muscle girl Sheila Bleck.

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