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Mother’s Day Muscle Milfs

Muscle Milf PictureMuscle Milf Picture
Muscle Milf PictureMuscle Milf Picture

What better day to toss your way some muscle milfs who are keeping it tight and real. Clockwise from the top we have the gorgeous Tina White who is a Figure/Fitness Pro just turned 40 with a background in gymnastics and bodybuilding. Next up is Fit -n- Fab Deb, a professional personal trainer and life coach with some extensive modeling work in her background. On the second row we have the very foxy Val Wiseman who list actress, fitness model, and personal trainer on her resume. And our final girl is the multi-talented Dena Anne Weiner, a fitness coach/speaker, fitness model, actress as well as Fitness/Figure Pro. Happy Mother’s Day ladies…

Muscle Girl Tit Smother Session

I ask you, what brave mortal amongst you could stand up to the kind of terrifying torture and abject abuse this poor lad has gotten himself into? Seemingly dancing with death by asphyxiation and yet unable to pull himself out from the intoxicating pull of muscle girl ecstasy. Oh, the Humanity!

Mature Muscle Mama

Nude Mature Fitness Model Picture

Sexy Dena Anne is a pro figure/fitness competitor, model and actress who has won a good number of championships including the Ms. Fitness Universe, the Natural Fitness Olympia and the PRO AM International. She’s a 52 year old proud mother sporting a 34-25-32 hardbody figure that shows no signs of slowing down. Delicious!

Nude Mature Muscle Girl Pictures

Abby Marie Encore

Abby Marie Picture

Popular fitness model Abby Marie from Austin Texas has some new goodies for us as she is featured in some new photo-shoots at Aziani Iron. I just found out she is the proud mother of 2 and you can glean a few more details and pictures of this gorgeous muscle milf at her website. The picture gallery linked below shows Abby posing and flexing her ripped muscles before she starts to strip.

Abby Marie Pictures

A Couple Of Shout-Outs

Female Bodybuilder PicturePorn star muscle girl Picture

Shout-out to Kortney Olson, who emailed me the other day instructing me to take down all content from her old allnaturalko website as she is putting the nude modeling behind her and concentrating on Kamp Konfidence which she describes as ‘ a revolutionary program for at risk teen girls. Helping them not make the same mistakes as me with drugs and sexual assault‘. So while it was with a small degree of sadness to remove those lovely movies she made with Lyndsay Dejagger, I think she deserves all the props we can give her for going on to bigger things dearer to her heart to help others in need. The Mother Teresa of Muscle Girls if you will. And a shout-out to Brandi Love, who we have featured a number of times on this site before, has just been named the most searched for porn star across all platforms. Muscle girls be doin’ it!

Four Girls With Muscle

Nude Female Bodybuilder Monica Mowi PictureFitness Girl Gina Osterly PictureNude Fitness Girl Michele PictureFitness GirlMinna Pajulahti Picture

Someone wanted to see some Monica Mowi pictures so here are a few of this gorgeous Swedish Bodybuilder who also sports additional talents such as a nutrition/diet consultant, scientific journalist/reporter, fitness model, web designer/webmaster and videographer. On her right is the fit and fab figure competitor Gina Osterly who believe it or not is the mother of 3 and grandmother of
 1. Bottom row starts off with Michele who had a personal website showcasing that hot hardbody of hers but the website has since shut down and these are the only pictures I managed to save. Our last girl is IFBB Fitness Pro Minna Pajulahti from Finland who with her Elvish features looks like she would fit right in with Santa at the North Pole.

Muscle Girl Pictures:  Monica Mowi | Gina OsterlyMicheleMinna Pajulahti

Buff Beauties

Fitness Girl PictureFemale Fitness Picture
Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

The girl in the red bikini is WBFF Fitness Pro Athlete and competition coach Jeannette Jarnes who is a mother of 2 and just incredibly cute. Our next girl is Katie Chimes who along with being a fitness model is a chiropractor, personal trainer, and life coach. On the second row we start with the delicious Giusy Raffone who is from Naples, Italy where she is an IFBB National Athlete as well as a personal trainer. Since we have been featuring a couple of muscle girl websites going down lately I thought I’d toss in a gallery from Autumn Raby for the hat trick.

Olga Kurkulina

Female Bodybuilder Picture

A few more pictures of this stunning statuesque 6’2″ tall Ukrainian bodybuilder who just recently starred in the movie Kick-Ass 2 playing Katarina Dombrovski, a.k.a. Mother Russia, a bodybuilder and former KGB member who has joined The Mother Fucker’s evil army. I always thought movies and television should look more into using muscle girls in their story lines so hopefully Olga’s performance will open a few eyes.

Olga Kurkulina Nude Pictures

Dina & Fern

Fitness girl PictureFitness Girl Picture

Dina Ali Fahad Al-Salim Al-Sabah is a professional figure competitor from Kuwait. She stands out from the rest of the Figure competitors for being the only female Arab athlete to achieve pro card status as of 2006; as well as the first female Arab athlete to ever stand on the Olympia stage. Fern Assard is a stunning fitness model and NPC figure competitor who unbelievably just happens to be the 44 year old mother of four. She started training at age 37 after a life of poor eating, periods of anorexia, low self esteem & situational depression… and boy howdy look at her now!

Dina Al-Sabah Pictures
Fern Assard Photographs

Fitness Foxes

Fitness Fox PictureFitness Fox Picture

Fitness Fox PictureFitness Fox Picture

Four foxes on display for your pleasure featuring Deborah Denio, Cynthia Daniels, Patricia Beckman and April Hunter. Deborah has been a lifelong athlete who has competed on the national level as a ranked collegiate tennis player, as well as a trained gymnast, dancer and now professional IFBB figure competitor.  Cynthia is one of the all time great physique competitors. 5 foot 10, full of muscle, she is the mother of 5 and comes from the Bay Area.  Patricia Beckman won 12 consecutive pro contests without a loss and showed up for her photo shoot here at 7% bodyfat, 18 weeks before her next contest. And of course April you know as a professional fitness and glamour model appearing in many publications, from MuscleMag International to Playboy Magazine and now competes as a NPC Fitness Competitor as well as becoming a writer, photographer and entrepreneur.

Pornstar Terri Wylder

Nude Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder Picture
Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture

Three more offerings from this skankalicious muscled pornstar who tells us “I’m 50, a grandmother of 4, a gym teacher at a junior college and I DO take care of my body! I have nice firm tits, a tight ass and my legs are long and lean! The guys that fuck me know three things…I love sucking cock, I love cum and I have one of the largest clits they have ever seen!!”

Muscle Girl CSI

Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture

Here are some scenes from the movie Kat’s Investigation where National level female bodybuilder Kathy Connors stars as Inspector Kat who when confronted with a foolish perp who refuses to co-operate must resort to erotic domination using all means necessary to succeed. Violent smotherings, wrenching scissoring and suffocating facesittings are all meted out in brutal fashion to break his will and get what she wants. The movie is from the Athena2 website which offers tons of muscle girl movies and scenes along similar themes and more.

More Action Here at the Athena2 Website

Terri Wylder Twofer

Muscle Pornstar Picture

Yes we’re serving up sloppy seconds today with this 52 year old grandmother of 4 who doesn’t look like she’s slowing down one bit these days.  Terri teaches gym at a junior college and says “ I DO take care of my body! I have nice firm tits, a tight ass and my legs are long and lean! The guys that fuck me know three things…I love sucking cock, I love cum and I have one of the largest clits they have ever seen!!” You may remember Terri from a previous post featuring her in this movie clip.

Terri Wylder Gallery One
Terri Wylder Gallery Two

Hot Muscle Mom

Muscle Babe PictureMuscle Babe PictureMuscle Babe Picture

And what a Mother she is! This Texas muscle girl likes the webcams and has a fan club at iFriends where she says: ‘I will oil up for you, do a little strip tease, flex, show you how limber I am, and play with my “toys“! She also gets her kink on with submission sessions, semi-competitive, fantasy and sensual wrestling, boxing, lift and carry, muscle worship, foot worship, role play, webcam sessions and custom videos. Oh Mama Mia!

Hot Muscle Mom at iFriends

Pornstar Muscle Milf Terri Wylder

Muscle Milf Picture

Terri is olde skool skankalicious and here’s what she has to say for herself, ‘Hi! I’m Terri Wylder and I want to tell you all about me! First of all, I’m 50, a grandmother of 4, a gym teacher at a junior college and I DO take care of my body! I have nice firm tits, a tight ass and my legs are long and lean! The guys that fuck me know three things…I love sucking cock, I love cum and I have one of the largest clits they have ever seen!! I’m bi and love to eat ass and pussy and I’m also a Dominatrix and I like to make guys and girls do want I tell them and WHEN I tell them to do it.’

Terri Wylder’s Website