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Fetish Fitness Goddess Ashlee Chambers

Pornstar Muscle Girl Picture Picture

Ashlee Chambers is the provocative muscular porn star and fetish fitness babe, a true muscle tease! You may have seen her in adult XXX movies, XXX sports and XXX photo-shoots, and now she has her very own website. Quite the multi-talented lass, she has this to say: ‘My turn-ons include; High Heels, Leather outfits and Corsets, Spanking, Electronic Stimulation, (e stem,) Violet Wand, Device Bondage, cloths pins, cuffs, blind folds, chains, ball gags, and “Magic Wand.” The kinkier the better. I love cocks, from little dicks to Monster cocks! Facial Cum Shots, Cum Eating, Face Fucking, Handjobs, jerking you off, Cock Milking, genital / cock ball torture, (CBT,) Blowjobs, Sucking Cock, Glory Holes, Cock Control, teasing, servicing, POV, foot jobs. I am very bisexual and enjoy all types of girl/girl action. From licking pussy and finger banging, to pounding strap-on sex. I simply love sex with strangers, I have been a Swinger for years! I am also into wrestling and grappling with girls and guys. Pinning them down until they submit to my will. Being a contortionist and sexual athlete, I can get my body into all types of positions for kinky sex!’

Muscle Pornstar Ashlee Chambers Website

Red Stripe Returns

Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture

Here we are in mid July with triple digit temperatures beating us down like the dogs we are, but not to worry, the Big Red Machine is on the move chugging 40 ouncers, taking names and kicking ass.  Our one and only milfelicious muscle minx returns to us (previous post) with a fresh update of hot pictures featuring this buff beauty in a variety of situations. Born in 1971, little Miss Firecracker sports a 34c-27-32 hardbody physique, wears size 6 panties, has a weakness for chocolate and leather, and loves sex with the girl on top (but you knew that).  May the Stripe Be With You!

Red Stripe Picture Gallery II
Red Stripe’s Model Page

More Action Girls

Action Girl PictureAction Girl PictureAction Girl PictureAction Girl Picture

Gonzo adult filmaker and raconteur Scotty JX returns with a fresh episode of his Action Girls saga featuring fitness superstar Susana Spears along with a host of other hot babes who proceed to fire off large caliber weapons and make absolute mischief on anybody who gets in their way with their bouncing boobs and butts. As Penthouse Magazine says, “A Smash-Hit…This is the twisted vision of Scotty JX, a small-town computer geek turned soft-porn visionary who is combining every man’s loves of naked women and action movies into one irresistible package

Actiongirls Website

Three Muscle Girl Bruisers

Female Muscle Dominatrix PictureFitness Model/Fighter Picture
Nude Muscular Girl Picture
The Dominatrix  –  The Fighter  –  The Destroyer
The shredded blonde decked out in leather with the whip is Maire Brandon from California, a 47 years old mother of 5 whose many talents include ballet, artist, fitness & aerobics, fetish and BDSM, lingerie model and “LA’s only female fitness professional with over 25 years experience with a hardcore, kick-your-ass Domme approach to training”. Ahh yes, nothing like the the crack of a fine Corinthian leather whip snapping your ass as your fitness domme trainer commands you to get that last rep in unless you want to see her pull out her more brutal implements. And do indeed check her out at her ModelMayhem page as well for more pictures and profile. Our buff and beautiful fighter is Julia Budd who is the reigning Muay Thai kickboxing champion of both B.C. and Canada, titles she’s held since 2004 and 2005 respectively, and has made the jump into a career in mixed martial arts (MMA) now as well. Julia also works as a fitness model and has recently begun to branch out and explore stunt, commercial and acting work. Natasha the Destroyer has a cool little blog spot where she takes various implements like pots & pans, toy models and cell phones and rips them up with her bare hands. I really like that sexy back of hers and if you ever find yourself in Mexico City with a little bit of discretionary income to blow she says she is available for facesitting sessions, domination, and muscle worship (“guys don’t ask for sex please”).

Denise Masino

Muscle Girl Denise Masino Picture

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Here’s a video clip of the Chairman of the Board herself, Denise Masino, as she reclines in her red leather chair, loosens up the tie, and takes a break from a busy day at the office to give us a few flexes and a smile to remind us why she is indeed the CEO of her muscle girl empire. With those solid guns of muscle and a perfectly proportioned body its nice to see she can do without the formality of pants and suit. I’ve always had the feeling this is one woman who can walk the walk and exude that confidence that seems to come so naturally to her. Check out the picture gallery below for a good example of Denise in her element..

Nude Muscle Girl Denise Masino Picture Gallery

The Highway Amazon

Here’s the trailer for the movie Highway Amazon, whose byline informs us, ‘this is the strange saga of Christine Fetzer, a female bodybuilder who travels the country wrestling men on beds in hotel rooms. Between ‘sessions,’ she discusses her unique method of earning a living and talks about her former career as an exotic dancer. After pulling down a couple of beers, she even spills the beans about bodybuilders and drugs!’ Some of you may know Christine Fetzer from the name she uses professionally, Christine Rocks, who is an American bodybuilder, model and wrestler. Here’s what Joe Bob’s Ultimate B Movie Guide had to say about the movie, ‘One mangled but intact body. Two breasts. Five drops blood. Thigh-crushing. Moaning. Leg-twisting. Bewtock- groping. Tummy-squatting. Neck-crunching. Roadside aerobics. One growth-hormone diatribe. Beach posing. Client-lifting. Stomach- punching. Hollywood Boulevard micro-skirt sequence. Gratuitous lap dance, sans lap. Black leather bikini Fu. Christine’s best line: “They wanna be overpowered–they wanna feel your strength– they love having their head squeezed.’ The movie is available at the Cult Films Site along with other movies of Christine, and there are a few more preview clips at the bottom.

Highway Amazon at Cult Films

Fetish Muscle Movies

Fetish Muscle Picture
Fitness World Champion and Playboy Star
Krisztina Sereny has slinked into her favorite leather fetish outfit  and opened up her toybox to play with her goodies as she puts on a hot little showing of her more edgier side. Krisztina isn’t shy about leaving the plain vanilla world behind and jumping into the deep end with gunplay, girl on girl, ropeplay, smoking, hospital, pee, hardcore, anal games and more extreme situations.

More Fetish Muscle Action Here

Goddess Heather Picture Gallery

Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture
Champion Bodybuilder and Lifestyle Dominatrix
Time for another look at the Goddess herself, who has been featured in all the popular fitness magazines including FLEX, Muscle Mag International, Ironman, and Muscle &  Fitness to name just a few. She is also a featured athlete in the books “The Women: Photographs Of The Top Female Bodybuilders” and “Modern Amazons”. The Goddess is a most interesting woman who makes her living flexing her muscles, playing dress-up, exercising her passion for sexual dominance and role play, and training submissives  and slaves as a lifestyle Domina. You better have your look, but don’t blame me if you show up back here with a leather collar around your neck inscribed with ‘Property Of Goddess Heather‘.

Goddess Heather Picture Gallery

Action Girls

Action GirlsAction GirlsAction GirlsAction Girls


Ass-Kicking Hotness = Fitness Babes, Exploding Fireballs, Gunfire & More!
Based in the future, the world as we know it has been destroyed. Menacing gangs ravage and loot the cities and towns searching for new members. Follow the Actiongirls each week in their ongoing story of survival, alone and outnumbered they must do what it takes to survive in this hostile world. Starring…. Erica Campbell, Veronica Zemanova, Sylvia Saint, Susana Spears, Lilian Tiger, Nancy Lane aka Peaches, Marketa Morgan, Jirina James, Adrianna Zarcova, Julie, Gabriella, and many more.

And what do the critics have to say about Action Girls?

Playboy Magazine says
“ is The Rolls-Royce of naked-girls-with-guns websites”

Penthouse Magazine says…
“A Smash-Hit… This is the twisted vision of Scotty JX, A small-town computer geek turned soft-porn visionary who is combining every man’s love of naked women and action movies into one irresistible package.”

Hustler Magazine says…
“Scotty JX is a genius… Action girls showcases breathtaking women who kick ass. “See the Actiongirls Swimming, Boxing, Bike Riding, Rollerblading and Exercising in the nude.” “What every man wishes would happen when going to the gym or taking the dog on a walk.”

Click On Little Miss Flamethrower and See For Yourself!
Action Girls