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Three Muscle Foxes

Female Bodybuilder PictureMuscular Girl PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

NPC National Bodybuilder Dana Capobianco starts us off with a hot picture gallery followed by a set from an amateur muscle girl who is still working on gaining some mass. And we end with IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Tina Chandler who has no problem adding muscle to her sexy physique.

Fitness Foxes

Fitness Fox PictureFitness Fox Picture

Fitness Fox PictureFitness Fox Picture

Four foxes on display for your pleasure featuring Deborah Denio, Cynthia Daniels, Patricia Beckman and April Hunter. Deborah has been a lifelong athlete who has competed on the national level as a ranked collegiate tennis player, as well as a trained gymnast, dancer and now professional IFBB figure competitor.  Cynthia is one of the all time great physique competitors. 5 foot 10, full of muscle, she is the mother of 5 and comes from the Bay Area.  Patricia Beckman won 12 consecutive pro contests without a loss and showed up for her photo shoot here at 7% bodyfat, 18 weeks before her next contest. And of course April you know as a professional fitness and glamour model appearing in many publications, from MuscleMag International to Playboy Magazine and now competes as a NPC Fitness Competitor as well as becoming a writer, photographer and entrepreneur.

Fitness Foxes Four

Ms Fitness Girl PictureFitness Girl Jackie Haas Picture
Fitness Girl Elena Kavva PictureAnnalisa Potz Picture

Four buff beauties presented for your discerning eye. Starting at the top and moving clockwise we begin with Fern Assard a stunning fitness model and NPC figure competitor who unbelievably just happens to be the 41 year old mother of four. Jackie Haas who you may remember from her earlier days as WWE Wrestling Diva Jackie Gayda, is the famed master of the Flipping Neckbreaker move. She has since married pro wrestler Charlie Haas and still working at it in the pro wrestling world. In the orange bikini is the famed Italian NPC champion Annalisa Potz. I don’t have much information on her but that shredded hardbody says it all for me. And finally we have Greek Figure Champion Elena Kavva who started off with martial arts and was  involved with martial arts championships before deciding to start competing in body-building and figure competitions and eventually coming in 2nd place in 2006 at the WABBA World championships.  Just click on your girl and your good to go…

Fitness Exposure

Zsuzsanna Toldi Picture
Melinda Szabo Picture
Fitness Girl 2 PictureFitness Girl 3 PictureFitness Girl 4 PictureFitness Girl 1 Picture

I’ve covered Hungarian Fitness Photographer Zoltan Vegh’s work before and now that he’s got his website up chock full of awesome pictures and videos of some of Hungary’s hottest hardbodies I thought it would be good to give you a small taste of what he has featured over there. And do check out his YouTube channel as well with 190 sizzling videos also. I’m telling you these Hungarian fitness models could give Finland a run for the money on who has the most beauiful fitness foxes per capita…

Fitness Exposure

Muscle Mayhem II

muscle model Vega Valentine pictureFemale Fitness PictureFemale model Laura London Picture
muscle model Wendy Willis pictureNude Female muscle model pictureTyler Stevens muscle model picture
muscle model Courtney Desha picturemuscle model Michelle Lewin pictureFemale muscle model Sherri Gulley Picture
Female muscle model Picturemuscle model Samantha Steele picturemuscle model Wenona picture

Serving up another batch of hot muscle girls from the Model Mayhem website featuring a good variety of hardbody hotties covering everything from toned fitness foxes to muscular female bodybuilders. Just click on the pictures to visit the individual galleries and do click on the profile pages to learn more in depth about the girls and the photographers. Upper right corner: Toggle Worksafe Mode: Off  (mature adults only please).

Muscle Melody

Muscle Girls Music Picture
Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Dina Al-Sabah Picture
Female Bodybuilder PictureFemale Bodybuilder Picture

Hey check out this music video by Montreal DJ/Remixer Kaytranada featuring three muscle girls going through the motions to the beats, how often do we get to see that? The blonde below is “The Gym Diva” who along with being a fitness model is also a bikini competitor & certified personal trainer. On her right is the renown figure competitor Dina Al-Sabah who along with creating that delicious body of hers also holds a degree in Electrical Engineering, a Master’s in Telecommunications and Computers, as well as an MBA! Bottom row starts off with a picture gallery from World Class Professional Bodybuilding Champion Skadi Frei and our last entry is Celeste Bonin modeling at FitFoxes which is photographer Dan Ray’s newest online adventure.

2 Muscle Sweeties

Female Muscle Natalie Barnett PictureFitness Girl Vanessa Tib Picture

A pair of fitness foxes for your discerning eyes today: We start off with Kentucky girl Natalie Barnett who started out in high school running track and cross country and later in college started lifting weights and has gone on to become a certified personal trainer and a competitive bodybuilder. Next up is Vanessa Tib who was raised in the Dominican Republic and now makes her home in the Big Apple. She recently was quoted as saying ‘Many of my friends suggested that I do a professional photo shoot, one of these people being fitness icon Jamie Eason. I had my first fitness shoot in May of 2010. As a result of that photo shoot I was published for the first time in the Aug/Sept 2010 issue of Planet Muscle magazine and was on the cover of Natural Muscle Magazine for the month of August 2010. Since then I’ve had multiple features in Planet Muscle Magazine, published a fitness article in Fitness X Magazine, featured in Fitness Girls Magazine, World Physique Magazine – Swimsuit Edition.’

Natalie Barnett Pictures
Vanessa Tib Pictures

Jamie Eason Fox Hunt

Jamie Eason Picture
Release The Hounds!
One of the hottest fitness foxes around was featured in a nice photo shoot over at Hollywood Tuna recently and she is looking in fine form as usual and about as buff as I’ve ever seen her. Not one to be content with just being another pretty covergirl this former NFL Cheerleader and winner of the World’s Fittest Model competition has developed her own line of swimwear, writes lifestyle and health columns for magazines, as well as being spokesperson for a leading bodybuilding site.  Will we ever see Jamie Eason nude? I really don’t see it happening, she just seems to have an aura about her saying that’s one line that won’t be crossed. Lucky for us she walks right up to the edge of nudity in a lot of her modeling work as you will see in the bottom link below.

Jamie Eason at Hollywood Tuna
Near Nude Jamie Eason Pictures

Female Nude Wrestling Match

Nude Female Wrestlers Picture
Ariel X ‘The Assassin’  vs  Karrlie Dawn ‘The Anvil’
Here we are already into the start of Season Six of Ultimate Surrender, where competitive female wrestlers get it on grappling and groping, scissoring and headlocking each other till we find a winner who gets to sexually dominate the loser. This picture gallery and six movies is from the recent November 4 match between these two fighting foxes where the eventual winner goes on to finger fuck and drive a huge dildo home as she fucks the helpless loser on the mat.

Female Nude Wrestling Match Pictures & Movies

Female Topless Boxing

Catfight Boxing Picture
Fierce Fist Fighting Females
Lets go ringside as we find Christina and Cori in the sweet science of beating each others gourd to a pulp with the occasional tit punch or low blow showing up now and then. Cori is a former bodybuilder and was expected to dominate this encounter but the ring card alludes to ‘a big surprise as one woman was beaten into submission.’ Five free clips at the link for you to find out just who got who in this ringside showing of foxes who boxes…

Female Topless Boxing Movies