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Boxing Girls

After watching the Pacquiao vs Marquez fight last night I felt like I got punched in the solar plexus by the judges’ decision. I love Manny and all but Juan Manuel Marquez put on a textbook counter punching clinic for the ages and I felt he should have won that match walking away. I’ll concede Pacman threw more punches and was the aggressor throughout the fight but man was I floored by that decision. Here’s a movie for the occasion and a picture gallery of some muscle girls laced up with the gloves on.

Boxing Girls Pictures

Female Topless Boxing

Catfight Boxing Picture
Fierce Fist Fighting Females
Lets go ringside as we find Christina and Cori in the sweet science of beating each others gourd to a pulp with the occasional tit punch or low blow showing up now and then. Cori is a former bodybuilder and was expected to dominate this encounter but the ring card alludes to ‘a big surprise as one woman was beaten into submission.’ Five free clips at the link for you to find out just who got who in this ringside showing of foxes who boxes…

Female Topless Boxing Movies

Four Muscular Girls

Nude Muscle Girl Karyn Bayres PictureNude Fitness Girl Marcia Goncalves Picture
Nude Fitness Model Belle PictureMuscle Dominatrix Dometria Picture

From Buenos Aires Argentina comes the muscular pornstar and erotic fitness model Karyn Bayres who makes me wonder just who else are we missing from below the equator like her. Next up is a nude picture gallery of fitness bikini competitor Marcia Goncalves who has won several championships in her native Brazil. The second row starts off with a gallery from a fitness model known as Belle and we finish up with Boss Lady Dometria who among many things does sessions, wrestles and has been boxing for 17 years, as well as kick boxing and doing Muay Thai and MMA for 10 years. She has 9 picture galleries at her website, some with Rene Campbell, well worth a look.

Muscle Beauty X

Sexy Female Bodybuilder Picture

This Blonde Bombshell is a national level NPC competitive bodybuilder with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Education with experience in boxing and Okinawan style karate. She says ‘I embrace bodybuilding as a lifestyle. I reveal the strength & determination I have within. My body is an art form and symbol of passion for my desires.’ She also does sessions providing semi-competitive and fantasy wrestling, muscle worship, lift and carry, light domination, role play, and strength challenges. If you want to see her nude you’ll have to visit her website to see what she has to offer.

Muscle Beauty X:  Picture Gallery  |  Website

Deidre Pagnanelli & Emery Miller

Fitness Girl Deidre Pagnanelli PictureFemale Bodybuilder Emery MillerPicture

Deidre Pagnanelli trains almost everyday and loves lifting weights, kick boxing, beach volleyball, running, playing catch (football) with her husband, skateboarding & riding bikes with her kids, jazz dance, and ballet.  She was a heptathlete in college and an NFL cheerleader and currently plays for the LFL (Legends Football League). IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Emery Miller is an incomparable combination of facial beauty, muscle shape and hardness who has quite an interesting biography.

Deidre Pagnanelli Pictures
Emery Miller Pictures

Nude Muscle Girl: Brandi Mae

Nude Muscle Girl Brandi Mae Picture

Brandi Mae is one Bodacious Female Bodybuilder with a natural eroticism and sex appeal that any other muscle girl would be jealous of. Born and raised in Texas; she has managed to quickly change the stereotypes and stigmas of how and what a female bodybuilder should encompass. She has a long history of competing both in Figure and Female bodybuilding not to mention many years of training in Boxing and Muay Thai. Always having a great balance of femininity and masculinity as she grew up being the “Pouty Lipped Tom Boy”. Naturally, sustaining her classic hour glass figure, Brandi Mae has managed to take her video vixen physique and fine tune it with muscularity and symmetry resulting into the angelic faced professional that she is today.

Nude Female Bodybuilder Brandi Mae Pictures

Sexy Muscle: Brandi Mae

Female Bodybuilder Picture

Brandi Mae is an exotic sight as she poses on stage for you in sexy stockings and high-heeled shoes, as well as a top hat and long black gloves. Born and raised in Dallas Texas, Brandi has a long history of competing both in Figure and Female bodybuilding not to mention many years of training in Boxing and Muay Thai. She does seem to ooze a natural eroticism and sex appeal that is more apparent than a lot of muscle girls we see these days so it will be interesting to follow her career and see where it leads her in the future. Hot picture gallery in the link below with Brandi Mae in the gym showing off all her lovely parts – muscular legs, strong pecs, beautiful glutes, bulging biceps and sexy abs.

Nude Muscle Girl Brandi Mae Pictures

Giantess Goddess Severa

Giantess PictureGiantess PictureGiantess Picture
Giantess PictureGiantess PictureGiantess Picture
Giantess PictureGiantess PictureGiantess Picture

Goddess Severa stands 6’5″ in her stocking feet (over 7 feet tall in heels) and has this to say for herself, ‘I embody all of the best qualities of a true Amazon Goddess and thanks to a combination of intelligence, beauty, height, athleticism and innate kinkiness, I am the Alpha Female of all your dreams. Stylistically, I combine seduction with manipulation, sweetness with cruelty and am adept at bringing out the submissive side of even the most reluctant. I’m an ex-professional athelete and model and am now a Dominatrix and wrestler with extensive training in boxing and a three stripe purple belt in ju-jitsu‘.

Goddess Severa’s Website

Hot Muscle Mom

Muscle Babe PictureMuscle Babe PictureMuscle Babe Picture

And what a Mother she is! This Texas muscle girl likes the webcams and has a fan club at iFriends where she says: ‘I will oil up for you, do a little strip tease, flex, show you how limber I am, and play with my “toys“! She also gets her kink on with submission sessions, semi-competitive, fantasy and sensual wrestling, boxing, lift and carry, muscle worship, foot worship, role play, webcam sessions and custom videos. Oh Mama Mia!

Hot Muscle Mom at iFriends

Nude Female Bodybuilder Sheila Bleck

Nude Female Bodybuilder Sheila Bleck Picture

Muscle girl Sheila Bleck has her pro card now and is rocking the IFBB circuit recently placing 2nd at the 2010 IFBB New York Pro getting edged out of 1st place by a single point to Cathy LeFrancois. Speaking of rocking, Sheila tells us “I’m a serious 80’s rocker. I grew up on Twisted Sister, Kiss, Dokken, Iron Maiden, and it stretches to Killswitch engage. I’ve also been known to dress up in my home, blare the music loud and play the air guitar as if I was still 10yrs old fantasizing that I was a rock star!” One thing you may not have known about Sheila is that she has an identical twin sister Sherry who used to be a female boxer for several years competing at welterweight and taught boxing up till a few years ago till she hung up the gloves and went back to weight training. See the similarity?

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Three Muscle Girl Bruisers

Female Muscle Dominatrix PictureFitness Model/Fighter Picture
Nude Muscular Girl Picture
The Dominatrix  –  The Fighter  –  The Destroyer
The shredded blonde decked out in leather with the whip is Maire Brandon from California, a 47 years old mother of 5 whose many talents include ballet, artist, fitness & aerobics, fetish and BDSM, lingerie model and “LA’s only female fitness professional with over 25 years experience with a hardcore, kick-your-ass Domme approach to training”. Ahh yes, nothing like the the crack of a fine Corinthian leather whip snapping your ass as your fitness domme trainer commands you to get that last rep in unless you want to see her pull out her more brutal implements. And do indeed check her out at her ModelMayhem page as well for more pictures and profile. Our buff and beautiful fighter is Julia Budd who is the reigning Muay Thai kickboxing champion of both B.C. and Canada, titles she’s held since 2004 and 2005 respectively, and has made the jump into a career in mixed martial arts (MMA) now as well. Julia also works as a fitness model and has recently begun to branch out and explore stunt, commercial and acting work. Natasha the Destroyer has a cool little blog spot where she takes various implements like pots & pans, toy models and cell phones and rips them up with her bare hands. I really like that sexy back of hers and if you ever find yourself in Mexico City with a little bit of discretionary income to blow she says she is available for facesitting sessions, domination, and muscle worship (“guys don’t ask for sex please”).

Tough Girls In Action

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Female bodybuilding superstar Michele Burdick doesn’t take lightly to veteran fitness hardbody Heather for ruining her clothes in this wrestling match and decides a good bodyslam is in order along with a head scissors lock to rectify the situation. Michele looks to have a nice spunky attitude about her and I bet it would be a total blast to jump on the mat with her and have a session. This movie is from the Tough Girls website that features totally ripped and nude female muscle girls doing girl on girl, girl on boy, topless boxing, submission holds and all assorted mayhem of action and fun.

More Sexy Tough Girls Here

NPC Figure Athlete Catherine Boshern

NPC figure athlete Catherine Boshern Picture NPC figure athlete Catherine Boshern Picture
How Sweet Is That?
I hadn’t seen Catherine around our favorite haunts for a while and was pleased to see her show up for a new photo shoot at Images of Venus wearing a red thong bikini and boxing gloves. I’m beginning to wonder which name to call her these days, as we met her originally as Catherine Boshuizen, and then she became Catherine Holland when she got married, and now we find her here as Catherine Boshern.  With a rocking hot body like this girl has I may just have to go with ‘The Bosh‘ and be done with it.

Nude Catherine Picture Gallery

Actiongirls Are Fit Girls

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If your an Actiongirl you better be a fit girl who can deal with a futuristic world where menacing gangs ravage and loot the cities and towns searching for new victims and prey. Flamethrowers, machine guns, grenade launchers and automatic rifles are a heavy load on these girls physiques so they stay in shape keeping those taut bodies in tip top condition. Here’s a movie showing them swimming, exercising, biking, boxing and going through all the motions to stay on top of their game.

More Action Here at Actiongirls…

Boxer Girl

Gonna Bust You Up
Looks like we are at the far end of the sexy muscle girls spectrum here with this lean & lanky bruiser, but she is a fit one with a certain charm in her movements and beauty – a real rough tough cream puff. addendum: a commenter thought the boxer is Susana Spears – and after looking at a video of Susana in a boxing video I think that is indeed her. Punch up the link below and watch movie #3 to see her in the ring with another boxer.
Susana Spears Boxing Match Movie
Susana Spears Boxing Match Movie

Nude Oil Wrestling
Slip Sliding Away
Well I was going to post a video of the Trish Stratus vs. Stacy Keibler Championship Bra & Panty Wrestling Match but thought why not go for a little more titillation. This video is from DWW which stands for Danube Women Wrestling. As they state on their site, ‘Step into the world of female combat. Featuring genuine, competitive female wrestling (submissions-only, submissions-and-pins and Olympic-style), oil wrestling, erotic wrestling, mixed wrestling and catfights, as well as hard-hitting female boxing. And the ultimate: extreme fighting, woman on woman!’

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