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Olympic Swimmer Amanda Beard In Playboy

Amanda Beard Nude Picture Amanda Beard Nude Picture Amanda Beard Nude Picture
The Current Olympic Champion in the Breaststroke
She’s billed on the cover of the June Playboy issue as “the world’s sexiest athlete nude” and after looking over her sizzling photo shoot spread you just might have to agree. Beard was only 14 years old when she won her first Olympic gold, in 1996, swimming a leg in the women’s medley relay. She also won individual silver medals in the 100m and 200m breaststroke that year. In 2000, she was a bronze medalist in the 200m breaststroke race at the Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. What a Dish!

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Muscle Girl Muscle Boy

Nude Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder Picture
Nude Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder Picture
Nude Female Bodybuilder PictureNude Female Bodybuilder Picture

Bodybuilder Amanda Folstad and her lucky guy are back with a few more peeks of their erotic escapades at Land of Venus. And to think this hot muscle girl only wanted to compete in figure competitions when she first started out. Here she is in her own words describing the journey to bodybuilding, ‘I started in figure and right off the bat with my first show, was told I was just too muscular and too lean for Figure…So I tried Figure again, and tried to come in softer for my next show, however, that didn’t help me either, and along with not helping me place better, I actually placed exactly the same as my first show, and at the same time, was not happy with how I came in. I liked being leaner and bigger…so after having everyone I talked to in the business tell me I should really give bodybuilding a try, I decided why not, let’s see where it will take me, and I’m so glad that I did!‘ Amanda every guy drooling over that rock hard body of yours is glad you did too!

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Muscle Boy & Girl

Muscle Boy & Girl Picture
Here’s a small glimpse of what’s coming down the pike to us soon from Land of Venus. Sexy bodybuilder Amanda and her muscle boy look like they were made for each other and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this scene in the near future.

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Natalia Gorbachev For Real Men

Nude Female Bodybuilder Picture

Well the previous post on Ms. Gorbachev and her partner Andrey Krutogolov received some comments from people who were “creeped” out by Andrey being in the mix, which has left me a bit puzzled to say the least as I have featured more than a few post with guys in various explicit situations with muscle girls without one comment to the contrary, see here and over here for example. Not sure what it is about this one guy that brought out that kind of reaction, but not to worry, here is Natalia in all her glory by herself for your unencumbered enjoyment!

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