Hot Muscle Mom

Muscle Babe PictureMuscle Babe PictureMuscle Babe Picture

And what a Mother she is! This Texas muscle girl likes the webcams and has a fan club at iFriends where she says: ‘I will oil up for you, do a little strip tease, flex, show you how limber I am, and play with my “toys“! She also gets her kink on with submission sessions, semi-competitive, fantasy and sensual wrestling, boxing, lift and carry, muscle worship, foot worship, role play, webcam sessions and custom videos. Oh Mama Mia!

Hot Muscle Mom at iFriends


  1. says

    I thought she was a different lady.
    Anybody else NOTICE that all the fitness girls are starting to do all the risque stuff the MUSCLE INDUSTRY once gave FBBers hell over
    my how the double standard has grown

  2. Core says

    If I had a mom that sexy and hot…I’d accidentally stumble in on her while she was taking a shower, with a camera, lmao…

    She’s just sexier than hell.


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